Friday, March 8, 2013

Wishtrend Giveaway Winners + Random

Hullo~! I just got back from a job interview in the hot central Jakarta, guess who's super exhausted!! Hoh~~~ But I feel happy nonetheless ^-^ And so, today, I will announce the three lucky winners who are lucky enough to get free fullsize Rojukiss BB Cream from Wishtrend! Hehe :)

Anyhoo, here's the result! The winners are:


*Please check your mail box and confirm by replying my mail. If the winner fail to confirm my mail within 3x24 hours, new winners will be picked from the list.

For those who already participated but haven't got a chance to win, don't be sad, and no worries, because I'll be hosting a NEW COSMETICS giveaway pretty soon! So be sure to watch out ^-^

By the way...
I'm soooo happy to read all your constructive comments on my post HERE. Maaan, you've been a BIG help. I do really really appreciate every each of the comment and I enjoy reading it!

The most requested post is: Make-up tutorial/inspi (ulljang style). As you might already now, I'm a selft taught... well, in terms of make-up artistry! I do like make-up artistry a lot but I haven't had a proper chance to really enroll myself to a Make-up School, so maybe later, ahahaha... So yeah, I wouldn't really make an awesome tutorial or whatsoever. You know, I'm not an expert, but I will try my best, I promise ^-^

Thanks for mentioning things that you like and what you dislike from my blog. I've been getting a number of request to enlarge the font (set to 11px trebuchet atm) and I have to tell you this, I have a BIIIG addiction to smoothed-clear type 11px trebuchet ms on 1024x768 screen O______O. It's a LOVE!♥ been thinking to switch it to Verdana, or Pt sans, but well... TT^TT I need time to revamp.

And then, got a number of req. to post about HAUL too. So yeah, HAUL! There's one simple reason why I rarely write and share about it (maybe like one or two post in a year? LOL ^^;;) That's simply bcuz I'm being a slacker! LOL~!*slap* Just kiddin', don't hit me. The true reason: I rarely buy make-up stuff (could you believe me?). Often times, I received one or several items from certain company, but that's just it. You know me (friends irl) I rarely wear make-up on my daily basis. Nyah Nyah... But things will changed, now as I have a new addiction in make-up artistry, I hope I can get a decent job and spend some of my earned coins to buy high end make-up. I've been eyeing Make-up forever as for now ^-^ So yeah...

Nah, about cosplay. I'm no longer a cosplayer, but I do LOVE Lolita style! esp. gosurori and classic lolita. So I will make a post about it just sometimes. And game? I only play DotA as for now ^-^

Dang, it's 03.02am now, and I haven't slept for 2 days! Anyhoo, I NEED to write this post, NOW, because I want to be more dedicated to my readers! Ehehe, without you my blog is nothing.

So yeaaaah, that's all for the rambling, I won't bore you anymore with my random rambling, LOL.
kk~ I'll be back with MORE GIVEAWAY (a cosmetic+circle lens giveaway) soon! See you dearies and good nyt! I'll leave you with a sweet cotton candy to make your day~ BAI

Cotton candy~

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Days at the Hospital + Random ♥

Hello lovelies...
so yeah, I'm officially back :) (at last~~~~) I spent a whole three days at St. Borromeus hospital. It's like 3.00am here, but I feel like blogging first, I know it's bad for me but I can't wait. I hafta tell you the reason why I haven't been able to pick the giveaway winner, and reviewing any circle lens I've mentioned earlier TT^TT

After the severe gastritis caused by clindamycin, my BF told me I NEED to see a doctor (in this case, a gynaecolog) because of my super severe menorrhagia (and other things that I'm not gonna mention... yet). And 'not' surprisingly, my hemoglobin level falls below 8g/dl (7.3 exactly) and that's very very low already.

So what I need is: blood transfusion~~~  (I know right ~__~)
It felt so freaking hurt when the intravenous line entered blood vessels. I received three HUGE fresh blood in plastic bag because my HB was only 7. Holy moly the nurse said that it was so chronic that my body doesn't seem to feel pain.

^3 hours before my first transfusion. I looked kinda healthy, my BF took the pic while I was eating my super late midnight 'meal'. I felt all cozy and comfy on the bed. hohoho....

I've got to tell you that while taking the pic above, I was wincing over the excruciating pain!!! I can't even sleep on my first day at the hospital til a nurse put a layer of cotton cloth soaked in alcohol into my arm to lessen the pain. day 1st: sleep in pain.

 fresh blood~!

I had the second bag in the morning. daaang~~~ but the second isn't as bad as the first. My left arms felt super stiff and stuffy already. So yea... It was just too hurt to make even a single twitch. I can't feel anything, even the pain >.<

Harvey, My sleeping boyfriend,  heheheh... I feel bad bcuz he had to sleep on the sofa for three days in a row ;^; he didn't get enough sleep (I bet) and he's always there fo meh! Nyiaoooo.... so romantic! Just looking on him like this made me feel better ^-^

Later that evening, the most unwanted problem occurred! The blood got stucked so the nurse had to translocate the infusion pump to my right arm. Great, now I can slowly start to move my left stiff left arm but once agaaaain, I hate the weird feeling when the intravenous line enters my vessels!!! Kyaah.. the needle itself was the BIGGEST in size.

Spending my time watching HBO, heheh... so boring T__T 
I got LOTS of injection too + severe allergic rash caused by brown colored band aid on my left arm. daaamn I know it would take at least one month for this ugly and funny looking rash to heal. (funny cuz the shape is a perfect rectangle, just like the band aid) ~____~

Last day @hospital. before I leave, I managed to camwhore a little, no make-up, no circle lens, severe dark circles. Mwahahaha. I looked so pale and sick. But the nurse told me that my HB is OK now, it's 10 ^-^ so the doctor told me that I can leave the hospital soon.

I sleepover at my BF place on the first day after leaving the hospital cuz I need someone to be with me, just one more day ;^;

and finally, I'm home now! Unfortunately, my bed room was a total mess when I got back so I had to clean it up. Geeee.... I really need a maid to help me doing house chores! >.<

Anyhoo.... before the doctor told me to stay at the hospital, I received my long awaited December haul ^-^

Secret Key snail gel cream, face it concealer - The Face Shop, Lioele Magic Lip Treatment, Etude House drawing eyebrow AD refill, Etude House face color corset shading, NYX lip cream in antwerp, innisfree Jeju Volcanic clay mask. And three pairs of circle lens on the pic which I'm going to review soon, I promise, soon T____T

I'll leave you with a picture of my cats. hehe...
 chiko-the papa cat

 this one is NYENYE. lol...

Nyenye and bucil (read: bu-cheel) lmao!

Sorry for the crappy cellphone-cam pic T___T Now, lemme have a rest, huhuhu.. I'm going to pick the winner of "loveshoppingholics circle lens giveaway" soon, hopefully~ so yea... thanks for reading and byebye~ ^-^

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lovely Gyaru Make-up Tutorial ~ Lioele Korea

Gyaru make-up is something that I've always been eyeing for quite some time now. I like Tsubasa Masuwaka (gyaru) and 青木美沙子 Aoki Misako (actually she's a lolita model with gyaruish make-up), they inspired me alot ♥, I haven't 'really' tried the complete style on myself, by this... I'm talking about hairstyle, make-up, and fashion. Nah, I've yet to try! Cuz the style is a total contrary to my regular plain style. But, I'm still curious and learning how to pull of a decent gyaru look. I know it could be time consuming but I'm willing to learn, slowly but sure~ heheh.

So tonight (oh, it's like 12:19 here now ^^ okay, early morning), I found something on Lioele's official site, a GYARU make-up tutorial! I'm just going to share and translate it a little. I've never ever expected to see something like this on Lioele, boo me I've been always a tardy-non-up-to-date-type person ;^; And this one is a tad bit different than the usual gyaru make-up tutorial that I usually find on Japanese magazine. Idk what makes them looks slightly different, I reckon it's because the way they put falsies? However, this Korean Gyaru style is so interesting. They called it GAAROO, sounds cute to me.

So yea, here's the Korean version of Gyaru (Gaaroo) ^-^ What do you think?

1. Prepare your skin by cleansing your face first, and then apply Lioele Skin Fix make-up base, followed by 3D Skin Fix foundation (on the description, it's recommended to use shade #23 to contour the face, apply it to the edge of your face) and Lioele Dollish Moisture Pact to minimze oil secretion.

2. Fill eyebrows with Lioele Mix Eyebrow Cake, choosing the shade that is closest to your hair color, put a little bit concealer or BB cream to your brow to even it out beforehands.

3. Apply Lioele Dollish eyeshadow (a+b) from the inner corner to half of your eyelids.
4. Apply the brown color to the corner of your eyes, blend well.
5. Use the darkest color (c) to accentuate the outer corner of your eyes, apply it to your lower eye area.
6. Apply  Lioele Real color eyeshadow and  Lioele Air Chiffon eyeshadow to your lower eyeline to brighten the whole look.
 (for this part, any tipes of eyeshadow with frosty finish will do)

7. Apply Lioele All in one gel eyeliner as close as possible to your lash line.
8. Use  Lioele Waterproof eyeliner pencil on your lower eyeliner, be sure to make a distance (about 2mm from the lower lash line). This will make your eyes look bigger and dolly.
9. Merge two fake eyelashes together, then put it neatly on your eyes.
10. Put on separate lower fake eyelashes.

(For falsies, you may want to trim it first to match your eyes)

11. Use Lioele Brush Pen Eyeline to fill in the lower eyeline.
12. Apply Lioele Dollish Mascara to eyelashes.

12. For blusher, smile and apply Lioele Crystal Muse Blusher (pink tone) to the temple of your cheek, make a round shape, followed by Lioele Carry me blusher (coral tone) to your cheek bone.
13. Contour your nose naturally by applying shading on the upper side of the nose.

14. It's time for highlighter! Using a non-pearl product, highlight your face on this area: cheek (below the eyes), nose, T-zone, and forehead.
15. Apply Lioele Lip color stick to your lips.

So that's all for the Lovely Gyaru (Gaaroo) Make-up tutorial from Lioele~!♥

I can't say my translations were impeccable, I hope you won't mind ^-^

Lioele Skinfix Makeup Base (30ml)
Lioele 3D SkinFix Foundation (30ml) #21 Pure Ivory
Lioele Dollish Moisture Pact SPF30 PA+++ (12g) #21 Natural Beige


Lioele Mix Eyebrow Cake ( #1 Brown/Dark Brown )


Lioele Air Chiffon Shadow (#1 Floral White)
Lioele Real Color Eyeshadow (#6 Pure Ivory)
Lioele Dollish Triple Eyeshadow (#9 Maple Brown)
Lioele All in One Gel Eyeliner ( Black )
Lioele Waterproof Auto Eyeliner Pencil ( #1 Black )
Lioele Real Brush Pen Eyeliner
Lioele Dollish Mascara


Lioele Crystal Muse Blusher
Lioele Carry me blusher
Lioele Lip Color stick ( #3 Strawberry ) 

I'm just mentioning the product that is used by the model as a reference. Of course you don't have to use every product from Lioele. You can use your favorite product instead.
Now I'll leave you with a casual picture of Tsubasa Masuwaka and Aoki Misako in gyaru style!
So yea, I hope you like the post and hope it helps! If you want me to post more about make-up tutorial & translation (I got a lot from Lioele and ulzzang pony ->her old make-up tuto) please do let me know. Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon.

Love always~

Monday, January 7, 2013

Gabalmoa ~ Korean Wig Shop

You might already know that I've been addicted to wig lately! It is said that once you've tried a good one, it's hard to stop. That's obviously true, but in a good way~ I'm liking my recent selca with wig, cuz apparently (and in my honest opinion) some style just makes me look younger and decent! Especially for someone with thin hair like me. I NEED a wig

So today's post will be about
while lurking on the internet yesterday, I stumbled upon the site, and I immediately fall in love with their collection ^-^ The picture above is one of my favorite wig from gabalmoa because the style is so ulzzang. Korean wig iz the best~♥

Gabalmoa is a fashion wig online store based in Korea. They sell full wig, hair piece, human hair wig, bangs, extensions, cosplay wig, and wig accessories. Below are some of their wig collection. I took a screenshoot from their site.

Some of the style are really lolita (sweet/deco lolita), with the clip in twin ponytails.

Here I'll show you some of my favorite wig (and also my wishlist^-^) from Gabalmoa~

Upstyle bun hair piece! I really like the before after picture, the girl look younger and naturally beautiful with the high bun hairstyle :)
These are what I'd consider as an ulzzang wig, hehehe... so Koreany! I often see this kind of hairstyle on so many ulzzang selcas, and I know I've fallen in love with the style The waves look so natural with cute sideswept bangs.

I also like simple styled wig like picture above. It doesn't look like a wig, ryte? So real! And I believe the maintenance and care would be hassle-less for medium length wig with no curls/waves. Usually, I'd spend over 1 hour to care and detangling a wavy wig. That's why I've been thinking about getting myself a wig that is easier to be taken care of.

And, found some gyaru-ish wig! The color is khaki brown, looks kinda ashy, and it's beautiful! Though I'd never pull off such a look, but I adore the style!

Oh, gabalmoa also sells beauty and wig accessories like wig comb, wig stand, clips, and such things. You'll need them to style your wig before wearing it :)

Cute banner of Gabalmoa! hehe..if you're interested in getting yourself a wig from their collection, don't forget to visit their online shop~~~ 
One of the reason why I like Korean wigs (and Korean wig store) is because they provide thorough and super detailed description about the wigs. The photos tends to be more accurate too (mostly photo doesn't do much justice, especially when dealing with a wig. lol)

I'm very keen to start wearing a wig, as a fashion, and wise! Hyehehe...
I have no problem with my natural hair, they're fine, but too thin ;^; I know I won't look good with those thin hair, esp when I need to frequently take selcas for blogging purpose. (you know~) We all want to look good and better in photos, especially when we're going to publish it online >.<~

Not only that, to me... buying a wig is like an investment. I don't need to pay a hairdresser (which usually cost almost half a price of good quality wig!), and I don't have to style my hair with hot iron tongs before attending any special event like wedding reception and such. Time and money saver!

So readers, please bear with my new addiction, WIGS! hehehe...
I'm planning on making a future post about wigs, like... how to detangle a wig, wig care and maintenance, and also how to style and wear a wig like a model doing it! (will be posting circle lens review too~)

That's all about gabalmoa and wigs! Thank you for reading and please let me know what do you think of WIG AS FASHION, do you agree?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Review: KOJI Dolly Wink Eyelashes No.1 Dolly Sweet

Hellooow, it's Saturday and I hope everyone is having a great weekend~ I'm still in the office now (In case you are wondering, I'm working as a graphic designer in a shopping mall),  it's time to go home though, but one review wouldn't hurt ^-^ This review is sponsored by ARTIE STYLE, you might be aware that couple weeks ago, ARTIE sent me a Dolly Wink package. And Today, I'll be reviewing the -very- famous Dolly Wink false/fake eyelashes. Sorry for the lateness though >.<~~~

Since everyone is raving about it already, I won't bother introducing it again. Please check ARTIE, if you're planning to buy Dolly Wink (or other japanese beauty or skincare product).
Price: USD $ 17.99
Quantity: 2 pairs.

Extra zoomed in~!
Dolly Wink Falses No.1
Daiso lower lashes No.5
Mac fluidline eyeliner gel in blacktrack.

My comment:
It does live up to the hype! 1_02.gif (19×19)
Gives dramatic dolly look, I'd say dramatic because this falsies is much much longer than any falsies I've ever tried before. However, it looks more natural from afar, but upclose? SUPER EXTRA dramatic (because of its thickness, combined with my natural eyes feature), so that when my friend saw me with this falsies on, she was like "OMG What happened to your eyes!" LOLZ... I tried it on briefly, and it's so lightweight, like I didn't put anything on. The elastic band is super JELLY~~~~ it doesn't prick or hurt me on the eyelids.

Now for the downside, it's a little bit pricey, though, you pay for the quality3_09.gif (19×19), I can assure you that Dolly Wink is one of the best falsies in the world (no exaggerating here=p) And upclose, the clear band is visible although I'm wearing black eyeliner. (note: sorry for the messy photo, I took in in the office, lulz), but perhaps I'm applying it poorly anyway~~it's only my fourth time applying falsies1_48.gif (19×19), hurhurhur...

This is a very delicate eyelashes, just be sure to take a good care of them and they will serve you well, with its amazing durability it can be reused for more than 5 times (according to DW site). So yea, it's worth the price!

- High durability, can be reused 5 times or even more.
- Lightweight, and comfortable to wear.
- Pretty and unique shape.
- Easy to apply.
- Glue included (it's the best falsies glue ever! imo)

- Pricey
- Visible clear band.

It looks pretty natural from afar :3~ 1_02.gif (19×19)
And sooo... I've been wanting to try new Dolly Wink product, Otona Kawaii, a little bit confused with the tagline though, otona kawaii, I mean... how can 'Otona' be so 'kawaii'? haha... Everyone is raving about it~!
Last note, I can't help myself tweaking the layout again LOLOLZ. I knew that I can't live with the pinkyness !!! Mwahaha... See ya, I'll be back pretty soon~

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

PETIT BIJOU Peach Touch Allover Spray

Good daaays my lovely readers, I'm popped here to do a quick post, a review (againnn...soweeeh >.<~~) of Etude House ~ eSpoir PINK Petit Bijou Peach Touch All Over Spray. Sorry for the boringness>ㅁ<, I've been super busy lately, overpiled with work and haven't got the time to prepare anything fweeee...~ So here we go!

About the product:

Produt Name: PETIT BIJOU Peach Touch All Over Spray (PEACH TOUCH)
Volume: 150ml / 5.07 fl. oz.
Wonderful scent "Soft Fruity Floral"
Price: USD $ 8.00

"So Lovely Allover Spray is designed to be used as a perfume for your body, your room & fabric, or your shoes & bags."
Designed by eSpoir Pink

My Comment
I bought this awhile back, you might be aware that I'm a total Petit Bijou maniac! lolz, though, I'm not enormously fond of fragrance. It's not an eau de toilette, so its fragrance is softer, milder, and nose-friendly! It smells like a mix of fruits and florals, sweet, with a touch of freshness. The nozzle looks like a plant watering spray, which-in my case- it squirts nicely. I've never got any problem with the nozzle though. Also, this is my very first body mist I've ever bought! hahaha... I seriously hate parfumes that stings too much. But Petit Bijou lines is truly different, recenty, I also bought a bottle eau de toilette, just because Etude House is having year end sales event! Mwahahaha~! I'll be reviewing it later ^ㅅ^

★What I like:
- Cheap.
- Multifunctions, can be used as a parfume for shoes, bag, plushie, and even as a room freshener!! etc.
- Light, mild fragrance.
- Cute packaging (as always~♡)

- Perfume not long lasting.

Overall rating: Photobucket

Here's how it smells, in jpeg picture of course, lolz...: Thanks for reading and bye-bye >.< I'll be back with a better post. Nightiiie~~~☆