Sunday, August 22, 2010

Angeling Papercraft - ペーパークラ

Hello lovely readers, got some spare time? then you can try making this cute papercraft^^. You can place them on your desk, dressing table, or near your computer. It really adorable and the making process is really easy.
What is papercraft?
Papercraft (ペーパークラ) is a hobby where computer images are printed, cut into pieces, and glued into a 3-dimensional model.It's really popular in Japan.
How are they made?
The images are made by unfolding a 3D computer graphic into 2D using Pepakura, a program designed specifically for papercraft. These 3D images are either made by graphic softwares, or taken indirectly from the video game. A few models are hand drawn using trial and error. (taken from papercraftmuseum)

What you need:
- Glue
- Scissor and cutter
- Ruler
- Cutting mat
- and patience =D

First you have to print the pattern in A4 sized paper. It can be ordinary white paper ( suggested is more than 80gr paper), Matt printing paper, or any kind of paper you like. Be sure that the paper you choose is flexible enough to be fold. Here is the pattern for angeling papercraft (left click first to get actual size):
Next step:
- Cut all the 'outline' line (including wings and angel-ring, don't forget to make a hole for the angel-ring).
- Fold the 'dotted line' and form it like a boxes, glue the white part of the angeling body. and you're done with the body.
- Attach wing by simply glue it to the body.
- Last, tuck the angel-ring stick on the rear body. finished.

Happy trying, you can keep it for yourself or give it to your mates or friend, they will surely love it! for question feel free to ask me by comment. Thanks for reading~  Love you all♥

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