Thursday, August 26, 2010

Photo On: Korean photo editor

Hi there sweeties~ ♡
It's just one day passed after my lastest post but I can't wait to share something cute with you again xD~
So have you ever seen Korean ulzzang photos which is full of cute templates? Actually they got a program named Photo On editor or Cyworld photo editor which allows you to add extra cuteness to your pic with  templates and you can do minor editing to the photo itself. This program is similar to Photoscape, but off course this one is much more cuter~ ♡ This photo editor is provided by cyworld. Most of korean ulzzang got cyworld account and updated tons of photos to their cyworld account.

So it's me! edited using cyword photo on editor =D mwahaha, camwhore mode *on* welcome to my vanity section!

There's sooo many many cute templates on this program. Like hat, glasses, flowers, crown, etc. nbut eww... pardon me, I'm just too lazy to screenshoot all of 'em. but I guess you're going to like this cutie templates. They're AH SO CUTE! especially the pinky blushers.
If you curious about this I suggest you go on guide to cyworld link to test the program. This photo editing program really cute~absolute love love LOVE. This program allows you to style and frame your pictures too! the simple rounded frame is definitely my favorite <3

Simply drag your pictures to the lower section of the program. Select the pic, then click the number 1 orange icon on the upper part> start editing!
However, cyword / photo on korean photo editor is not the only program to edit your photoc. yeah, naver blog, if you have the account, they also have a program which allows you to edit pictures and they also providing you with a cute template collection.

That would be all for korean photo editor things, Thanks for reading, have a nice day and stay pretty~♡ love you all.
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p.s: edited and replaced the pic on this post =p

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