Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ulzzang Photoshop Tutorial~Overall

Hello my readers^^ Do you know that nowadays ulzzang (얼짱) girl have become very popular and became celeb idol by only posting their pic on web? for those who wonder what ullzang is, it means "best face" in Korean. But actually most of their photo make a fool of us! Big eyes, small cute nose, Pinky small lips, and off course flawless skin that we always want!

Okay, then who the culprit behind it? it's Adobe Photoshop CS (newest is CS5). Most of korean ulzzangphotoshopped their pic. There's a lot of  'photo enhance' program like "cyworld" which is very popular in Korea, then "Photoscape" that just like Photoshop easier program.

Here I will give you simple 'overall' Adobe Photoshop editing to boost your cuteness and get an ulzzang look~ 


(This is NOT me-I am not awfully photoshopped my pic like his, lol. Pic credits to Deviantart)

What I done to this pic for obtain flawless skin:
- Image> adjustment> levels. Adjust Level, make it lighter.
- Image> adjustment> curves. Set the upper line to be slightly higher to get fairer skin.
- Image> adjustment> Color balance. Adjust the color balance by dragging the button untill you get the tones you want. Since there is no fixed amount of how much do we have to control them. Just analyze your pic, if it got a lot of yellow overbalance, then decrease the yellow amount by dragging the "yellow-green" button closer to green.
-After you get the perfect tone. Start with 'dodge and burn' tools. Dodge darker parts like undereye circles to make it lighter, and burn the eyeball, upper eye line, and any area you want to define them.

Large dolly eyes, give it fake eyelashes, and smaller nose:
-Filter> liquify. use bloat tool to eyeball to make it larger and get a dolly eyes. Use pucker tool to make the nose look smaller.

and Taraaaa~ you'll get ullzang look photo without touching a make-up^^
Happy trying and if you have any question you can post a comment here.
-Fake eyelases is taken from another picture that got nice eyelashes. (I'll explain it in my future post)

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