Friday, December 10, 2010

Birthday Haul ~♡

A super late post...hahaha..sorry >_____________<~
But I was having a really good day together with my BF, celebrating my B'day (oh damn...I'm 23 yrs old now) (´Д`;)ヾ I was shocked to find out new fine lines on my under-eye skin. gyaaah...I haaate  (/ω\)

Well, this photo was taken at the morning on my birthday =D
Me and my Bf planning to have a lunch at myeong-ga, to try on my favorite dishes....doenjang ~ hohoho
I ordered TOO MUCH dishes and there was so much left-over >.< oh my...

김치 찌개
I don't really like the jigae. It tastes weird... But the stock is still better than my cook. Mine is always2 turn out to be a kimchi gook. I'll enter cooking class as soon as possible (a must!~) |ヽ(*゜▽゜*)ノミ|Ю
Doenjang tastes so much just like a (more fermented) miso in Japan. But with a mix of chinese Jiang. Later I found out that the making process of korean doenjang, chinese jiang, and japanese miso are quite the same.

And, oh~ I'll show you my B'day haul, not much. But I really2 happy  ъ(`ー゜) ┐
Gifts from my BF, well.... a super cute bottle opener that I would never ever use it as a bottle opener!
I think I'll just let it stay at my favorite display desk. It's just super super super cuuuuute >.< oh my. I've told him a lot of times that a Cat's Paw is the CUTEST part!
 He bougt a book for me too. it's about three kingdom. I said to him one day earlier that I really-really like Sun Tzu because I read 'shanao yoshitsune' books and found there are a lot of clever and brainy war tactics.
Sun tzu is my idol! The book was made by a Kim Wo Il and illustrared by Jeong Youn Cheol... Here, take a look~~~ all the illustration is nicely made ♡

My auntie gave me this too, cute and simple pink monol wristwatch. It's been quite popular these days~
 My dad bought a large sized tiramisu cake for me too ^^ I was soo happy.
And,  last thing that makes me super duper happy is... When I dropped by @ Kr isntitute "YAS", I found a bracelet which is looks like just my old bracelet ( I lost my old bracelet at a Mall, though I really2 loved it).
This one is a cute version of my old bracelet. The material is different, But I don't care... I bought it for sure! (my BF paid the bill~thanks~~~)  ♡♡♡

That would be all for now. See ya gurls (*°∀°)=3

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