Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My BF as Portgas D Ace~One Piece 火拳のエース & Band Performance

Yuuhuuu...another random post.
8.8.2011 My BF cosplayed as Portgas D Ace from One Piece and also performed as vocalist for his band @ Rock House, he was invited by owner of Ohayou-rock house and here's the list of performed song:
1. Redemption [ Gackt ] OST. Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus.
2. Haruka Kanata [ Asian Kung-Fu Generation ] OST. Naruto
3. One Day [ The Rootless ] Opening One Piece-newest
4. Sadistic Desire [ X - Japan ]

At first, I really wanted to join a cospa  competition too, but I don't have time to prepare it. I've been planning to make Nefelpitou costumes from hunter x hunter, I love 'her' a lot~nyan <3

And yeaaah, 火拳のエース Fire Fist Ace-san without a log pose and elbow pad! hahaha...

Well, it's not me who edited it, it was my BF!~haha...Hiken no ace in action. I'm no good at digi-imaging,,nope nope~
So I just helped him shoot the video of his performance and drew Ace's whitebeard tatto on the back.I used Postila (Japanese POSCA-like marker) and it did well~
 And oooh, I'm just very very sad cuz' Ace-san is already dead T____T I'm a big fan of him...*soooob
credit to Miho-san
ちなみにエース...ルフィのお兄さんです。 メラメラの実の能力者で...

so Ladies, do you love ONE PIECE?~ hehehe

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