Saturday, January 1, 2011

Part Of My Life

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( ^-^)_旦~  Sequel post about my third anniversary, a rather late one (^__^*)ゞ. My super lovely BF made this song (two months ago) to celebrate our anniversary. He just made the video clip yesterday, slideshow of pictures - mostly our selcas~

titled 'Parte Della Vita', a soft, easy listening music and well composed~in my opinion~ I'll be happy if you want to drop here and listen to the music ♥ (even if you are listening for a few secs I'd really appreciate it~) (≧∇≦)/

Here here♥:

He is really nice, isn't he? never imagined him to be such a romantic person before! ha3 (σ・∀・)σ
This is, in my opinion, a rather 'emo' accoustic guitar instrument. Rondo typical music mixed with a 'lil classical tone~ Every rhythm is full of feelings ♡

 Well, enjoy the music, hope u like it~ (^ε^)♪

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