Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mini Haul: All Cute Stuff~

Hi lovelies I'm back with another random post >.< heheheh. I was going out with my BF yesterday and bought some cute stuffs :3 won't be reviewing anything on this post, what's to review about this anyway... =p
Well, I found an extra CUTE Hello Kitty hand bag at Hello Kitty Castle! omg, this is just too cute! I fall in love at the first sight, Cost me USD $33, and I spent 4 hours *thinking* whether I should buy this or not! hahaha

front <3

back <3

I don't really like this part :p

and oooh~ this is the cutest part, a peachy pink ribbon zip grip, could it be any cuter? <3 ~~~~~  The inner part is made of satin-like fabric with 'Hello Kitty' printed on it.

And I bought Anna sui's mirror set too, with a comb. It's black! I want it in pink T_____T But yeah, black is not that bad :p, I put it in my make up puch (oh, I think I should buy a new  pouch too, mine is starting to deteriorate, huhuhu)


Nyaah~ what else ya...OOOH! an usamimi headband and hairband, ahaha...I knew it >.< it has been a CRAZE in Japan for a loooooooong time ago! But this time I really got my very very first usamimi headband, hahaha, I'll make a post about usamimi band later, feel like I want to get it customized <3
And so... this is my usamimi, denim frabic with white polkadot pattern.
with a cute tag~

The other one I bought is usamimi hairband, I love the color, so pale and pinkish! I'd be cute with a hair high bun! hehehe...

look how cute the pattern is!~~~♥
 I believe that usamimi the cutest hair accessories that I've ever seen! But I feel unsure about wearing it though, I'm not confident enought, it's ok with the hairband. But what about the headband? I think it would suit curly hair better than straight hair, isn't it? what do you think? Should I get my hair curled up before wearing the headband?

Mini Haul-february
And this is my mini haul, I've mentioned some of them on my previous post. I'm gonna post about it too. I bought a 'magic' microfiber facial towel too, it's a great product! But I forgot to take a pic of it, I'm gonna post about it too!

Well, thanks for reading and enjoying my spam spam pics, hehehe  :3 I do hope u enjoyed it, see ya in next post and any suggestion of what should I review first?

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