Wednesday, February 16, 2011

설날 & Valentine Day

Waiii...sorry for not updating for a loooong time. Been really busy these days, I'm making 'something' that I'd like to show you later on~ u may wanted to try it your own's really interesting...believe me! ehehehe...

and I have to say a delayed " HAPPY VALENTINE" to all of you lovelies. Sorry2 for super delayed post *sob, My val's day is not that special...Because at 14th my BF got a work to do, but no worries. I'm happy enough because the day before we went to a seollal party together ( a super delayed party too) hehehe~

My bf gave me this, a cute winged Kit-Kat, I eat all of it in one day :3

We played Tu ho, 투호. It's a simple traditional game~just stand on a line and throw the stick to the barrel.  I'm really excited about it! ahahaha....  it's really difficult! I couldn't throw all of the sticks accurately to the barrel. 

sorry for blurred pic >.<

 well yeaaah.... that's just all. sorry for my super short post =P. I hope u were having a nice and lovely valentine too~~~
I'll be back with my beauty review for Acnes Tea tree oil clay mask, and nivea pinkish boost! See ya~

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