Thursday, April 28, 2011

Haul: Pink Make-up Bag, Make-up Brushes Set, & Eyeliner Gel!

Hohoho...a 'lil bit of sweetness during my recovery period ^o^
My recent purchase:
-Medium size make up bag with pink-brown polkadot pattern
-Make-up brushes set
-Mac fluidline eyeliner gel in blacktrack
-skinfood choco jam eyeliner gel in #1 black
-skinfood choco jam eyeliner gel in #2 choco dip mocha

and yes~ 3 jars of eyeliner gel awaits >.<~ I'll be reviewing three of them on upcoming post, just be patient. I swear MAC fluidline is one of my best beauty find. Though is quite priceyTT^TT but well, the good news is I don't have to pay the price because it's a GIFT. hohohoho~~~ super happy(≧▽≦)ゞ

about my new make up bag, I bought it cuz my current cosme pouch is all worn out! got it as a prize from Cawaii magz on 2006 actually (。・x・)ゞ  thanks to my ex-cosme-pouch for all your hardwork all these years ・°・(*ノД`*)・°・

What I like is, it's cheap (compared to other cosme pouch like Skinfood's or etude's) only USD $3.00 ♡, and it can hold a lot of stuff, two times bigger than my current pouch=p, plus, it got mirror attached inside the bag and there's even a make-up brush holder too |ヽ(*゜▽゜*)ノミ what could be better? hehehe...

And here's my first set of make up brushes, first, I was just planning to buy an eyeliner brush 'only'. But it was out of stock at almost every stores. wtf, so I decided to buy the whole set and use the eyeliner gel. I'm not really into face powder, blushes, base, foundie, shadow, etc. So I think I'll just keep the rest of my brushes in my drawer >.<

and here's the items I want to review on upcoming postъ(`ー゜)
I got addicted to eyeliner gel lately, I got 4 jars this month (minus 1, cuz I knew that my Etude House eyeliner is a fake~crap!)
Stay tuned for upcoming review princess (σ・∀・)σ 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Etude House 66 Big Eye LINE CHARM

Nah, time to review my old cosme ღ Etude House66 Big Eye Line Charm ღ  Meh, what a mouthful (゜◇゜).
I bought it to replace my pink Koji Eyetalk, since this Etude House eye glue is so much cheaper than Koji. I used it to fix my right eyelid. Crap that I'm having a noticeable different size of eyelid (right and left eye). So that I have to FIX it with this thing again and again.

Oh, and I have a natural double eyelid, on both of my eyes, but it's just like over-hooded and puffy on my right eye, so eye glue is a lifesaver for me. (I don't like eyelid tape) * ̄o ̄*)>
I never put it on my left eyelid though =p

Comes with a bright pink fork. I think I don't have to post up about how to use it since there are a lot of them on google (^▽^)  Here's the fork, smaller than Koji eyetalk's fork.
I keep on using my Koji fork because it's more flexible and never hurts my eye. 

the glue itself is transparent and easy to be removed. And it's not waterproof =)
ღ Pros:
Cheap! super cheap!'ll get three tube of this in a same price for one tube of Koji eyetalk~
ღ Cons:
I don't like the fork, it's too stiff and not comfortable to be used. The glue comes off a bit too easily, and this one isn't as sticky as pink koji eyetalk. sometimes I have to reapply it to make the lid stays.

Repurchase? Maybe, I'm torn between  Etude House 66 Big Eye LINE CHARM and Koji Eyetalk. But this one is just a super cheap version of green koji with slightly lower quality. awww (。・x・)ゞ
Rating: 3 out of 5

One Week After FAM Removal Surgery

Heeeya~ I'm finally back! Missed my lovely bloggie and buddies so much
Well, how've u all been doing? I went through the hardest week in my life right after the surgery.
and to make it clear, FAM is not the same as breast cancer. it's similar, but has a slightly different symptoms. And Fam is less dangerous.
buuut, it's better for us-girls- to keep ourself health, so don't forget to do your breast  -self examination- regularly.

Actually I want to post up my pic during hospitalization. But I haven't got a chance to transfer it from my BF cellphone. Maybe later.
Well, since this is my first experience of surgery, I feel afraid at first... But I feel comfortable cuz I knew that everything will be okay after I woke up (which is not definitely 'all okay' cuz I have to suffer all the pain).

My surgery starts on 10.00 AM , I got up at 11.00 AM and going home at 13.00. 
craaaaazy! I've to tell you, I eat a lot on my normal days. and when the doc said that I have to go through total 15 hours of fasting time before and after my surgery. that's a reaaaal hard task! I can't eat and drink anything even untill I woke up. I got a pretty-pretty-pretty bad stomachache soon after.

I kept vomiting for likely 30minutes during my recovery time, and I experienced a very bad nausea feeling for 4-5 days later because the side effect of the drugs. I felt pain all over my body, I can't even walk, hardly talk, I peeing in a pee pot, my head is all dizzy, and everytime I tried to stand up, it was just like experiencing an earthquake. lol. it was a real pain. real real real pain and the hardest week I've gone through.
I thanked my super kind BF because he was always there for me, before my surgery, during my surgery, and after my surgery. Thanked my gramma because she cook a lot for me.

But thanks God, I'm all okay now. The surgery went smoothly and nothing wrong with my breast now, I'll have my regular check up tomorrow and I reckon they will unstitch the thread. 

and well. now for you...
time to do your self breast examination, you'll never want it to become big like mine (my fam diamtr is more than 3cm). 

left click to enlarge

A Thank You Giveaway ♡ from Nic Nic

My pretty blogger buddy, Nic Nic is having a super lovely giveaway~!
and this is my first ever post about a giveaway, cuz it's just too cute (full of pink!)
for Nic-Nic sorry that post was postponed (due to fam removal surgery) But I'm okay now =)
So yeah, here's the link:

 A Thank You Giveaway ♡ from Nic Nic

and for the prizes? I've been dying to get it >.< hahaha...
♡ Champ de Herb makeup bag / heart mirror
♡5 x Mixed Berry My Beauty Diary Masks
♡Happy Rose Day Rose Enrich Hand Cream + mini lip balm
♡Dariya Hair Velcro
♡ Rilakkuma Strawberry Milk Lip balm phone strap
♡Sakura Sleeping Sheep Aroma Phone Strap
♡A mini box (of 2 pieces ) My Beauty Diary Mask Bird's Nest flavour
There will be one winner and will end on 1st May Japan time (by:Nic-Nic)
Don't miss it ~ ^^

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Old Japanese Portrait

I'll be writing an 'antique' post about old japanese portrait. and have I told you that I'm a BIIIIG BIG fan of JAPANESE CULTURE? I love Japanese culture and everything!
T. Enami is my favorite japanese photographer, and his works really inspires me <3

Well, this is really interesting (for me) looking myself in antique photo style >.< 
I ask my BF (01.00 a.m): "look old enough yet? (pointing at pic no.2)"
my BF: "it looks like a cut-scene from a horror vid"
Me: (look at my own pic and..running to my bed with goosebumps!) L O L

my friend said that it looks like something were to appear from the left side of the photos.

my other besties said my pic looks like an old piece photos from FATAL FRAME 2  O___O

Here's the pic. enjoy~
old japanese style portrait 1
yes a bit blurred, I'm using 3 kind of image editor 'till I feel satisfied enough with the result. I can't do better than this for now because the quality of its original pic is super super poor. (taken with Canon digicam). And here's another 'new' version:
old japanese style portrait 2
Can you feel that something were to appear from the left side of this pic? awwwwwwwwwks.....*run*
so which one is scarier? first pic or second one?

and here's my bf in his tsumugi kimono and hakama:
I'm wearing a blue-grayish kimono with white-pinkish sakura pattern (haru haru time~ it's spring time~) one of my fave collection of komon kimono with chirimen fabric. The obi I'm wearing is actually a  REISOU, RYAKUSHIKI obi (with no back layer). It has a thick fabric that similar to hanhaba obi, but ryakushiki obi is a more formal type. I tied it in taiko musubi style =)
and yeaah, this obi is one of my favorite obi collection, it has a beautiful embroidery of a strok made with silver threads.

that would be all xD~
and DO I LOOK SCARY? hehehe...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Identifying FAKE MAC fluidline eyeliner gel

Because I -accidentally- bought a fake product for Etude House (eyeliner gel) I'm going to buy MAC fluidline and this time I'll make sure that what I'm going to buy is genuine! I was browsing and find that there's still some blogger reviewing about MAC fluidline eyeliner without knowing that her eyeliner is FAKE, omg.

Please2 be careful if you're willing to buy it online, I don't recommend you to buy it from Ebay, I've seen many people selling counterfeit MAC/EH/SK/TSF/BB and any other brands on facebook and Ebay.

And alert for MAC shoppers. though that the article about fake mac product has been spread everywhere on web, I can still find make up seller in Ebay and other site that selling some of fake MAC products.
I'll gather all article about fake fake MAC Fluidline Eyeliner gel and how to identify it.

You can check genuine MAC fluidline gel eyeliner HERE
above is the GENUINE Mac Fluidline Eyeliner Gel
If you checked ALL of point below, your MAC fluidline is definitely genuine:
  • Always comes WITHOUT a BRUSH!
  • The glass jar is round in shape& slightly frosted.
  • Shade colour should be on the sticker on the box ie:Blacktrack,Dipdown,Blitz&Glitz and on underneath on the jar as shown on the photo below!
  • Most important it should have ETCHED batch code on the box and on the sticker..both should match ie B78 etc!
  • Font color for MAC logo is BLACK and always be BLACK.
  • No spelling mistakes!
  • Bar Code in form of a sticker ( fake mac has it stamped on)
  • The box has the name of the color in a sticker 
  • Genuine MAC eyeliner ALWAYS have proper names such as "BLACK TRACK" the name of the shade is clearly displayed on the bottom part of the jar.

About the FAKE MAC fluidline eyeliner:
There are MORE THAN ONE group or company that producing fake Mac cosmetics. So please be careful, It doesn't mean that "oh the jar is round and the logo is black" then you think that it's authentic. Apparently, I found some -pretty good- fake MAC fluidline eyeliner that will makes you think "it's original" at the first glance. 

Identifying FAKE MAC Fluidline Eyeline Gel:
  • Fake MAC LIQUID eyeliners  will have name such as Black 01/BK1/ orBlack. If you come across these they are definitely fake.
  • Check for spelling mistakes. If there's any mistake then it's definitely a fake. 
  • Proper shades name is not displayed on the bottom part of the jar. Some fake product just attach a sticker with number code like 1, 2, or 3. And the other fake products has a spelling mistake.
  • You buy it and get it along with mini BRUSH.
  • The jar has a square shape instead of rounded ( round jar doesn't mean it's 100% authentic anyway)
  • The eyeliner itself has low quality, It will take ages to dry! it will keep smudging.

Here's  the -counterfeit Mac- seller: Mac4cosmetics
Selling it for Retail Price: $69.60USD ===> $3.90USD
and here's another:  seller id:cosmetic1681

Pic of fake MAC fluidline:
poor logo and it's white! 100% fake

and here's another one that will makes you easilly be fooled! thanks to Ninjagirl21 for sharing this!
I tought this pic below is a genuine MAC fluidline at first, but if you look for it carefully, you'll notice there's a little spell mistakes on the bottom jar sticker. She's also said that: "It's supposed to be blitz & glitz but I can't see any gold sparkles in it." so make sure you check on the swatch too.
This COUNTERFEIT Mac fluidline eyeliner is indeed pretty good! the jar is round and frosted, with black MAC logo on the jar and nice lining. Everything looks 'authentic', right?
(pic below credit to Ninjagirl21)

Let's see this pic below, and this is the biggest clue and prove of NON-GENUINE Mac product!
The sticker on the bottom looks good except Toronto is spelled Tornto 
And one thing, if it has no spelling mistakes on the bottom, will you noticed that this is a FAKE? I can't even tell because the box looks real enough for me =(
The last thing I can do is check for the swatch and eyeliner quality.

So make sure that your MAC is genuine and please be careful if you planning to buy it online from wholesale seller or ebay.