Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Etude House 66 Big Eye LINE CHARM

Nah, time to review my old cosme ღ Etude House66 Big Eye Line Charm ღ  Meh, what a mouthful (゜◇゜).
I bought it to replace my pink Koji Eyetalk, since this Etude House eye glue is so much cheaper than Koji. I used it to fix my right eyelid. Crap that I'm having a noticeable different size of eyelid (right and left eye). So that I have to FIX it with this thing again and again.

Oh, and I have a natural double eyelid, on both of my eyes, but it's just like over-hooded and puffy on my right eye, so eye glue is a lifesaver for me. (I don't like eyelid tape) * ̄o ̄*)>
I never put it on my left eyelid though =p

Comes with a bright pink fork. I think I don't have to post up about how to use it since there are a lot of them on google (^▽^)  Here's the fork, smaller than Koji eyetalk's fork.
I keep on using my Koji fork because it's more flexible and never hurts my eye. 

the glue itself is transparent and easy to be removed. And it's not waterproof =)
ღ Pros:
Cheap! super cheap!'ll get three tube of this in a same price for one tube of Koji eyetalk~
ღ Cons:
I don't like the fork, it's too stiff and not comfortable to be used. The glue comes off a bit too easily, and this one isn't as sticky as pink koji eyetalk. sometimes I have to reapply it to make the lid stays.

Repurchase? Maybe, I'm torn between  Etude House 66 Big Eye LINE CHARM and Koji Eyetalk. But this one is just a super cheap version of green koji with slightly lower quality. awww (。・x・)ゞ
Rating: 3 out of 5

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