Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Old Japanese Portrait

I'll be writing an 'antique' post about old japanese portrait. and have I told you that I'm a BIIIIG BIG fan of JAPANESE CULTURE? I love Japanese culture and everything!
T. Enami is my favorite japanese photographer, and his works really inspires me <3

Well, this is really interesting (for me) looking myself in antique photo style >.< 
I ask my BF (01.00 a.m): "look old enough yet? (pointing at pic no.2)"
my BF: "it looks like a cut-scene from a horror vid"
Me: (look at my own pic and..running to my bed with goosebumps!) L O L

my friend said that it looks like something were to appear from the left side of the photos.

my other besties said my pic looks like an old piece photos from FATAL FRAME 2  O___O

Here's the pic. enjoy~
old japanese style portrait 1
yes a bit blurred, I'm using 3 kind of image editor 'till I feel satisfied enough with the result. I can't do better than this for now because the quality of its original pic is super super poor. (taken with Canon digicam). And here's another 'new' version:
old japanese style portrait 2
Can you feel that something were to appear from the left side of this pic? awwwwwwwwwks.....*run*
so which one is scarier? first pic or second one?

and here's my bf in his tsumugi kimono and hakama:
I'm wearing a blue-grayish kimono with white-pinkish sakura pattern (haru haru time~ it's spring time~) one of my fave collection of komon kimono with chirimen fabric. The obi I'm wearing is actually a  REISOU, RYAKUSHIKI obi (with no back layer). It has a thick fabric that similar to hanhaba obi, but ryakushiki obi is a more formal type. I tied it in taiko musubi style =)
and yeaah, this obi is one of my favorite obi collection, it has a beautiful embroidery of a strok made with silver threads.

that would be all xD~
and DO I LOOK SCARY? hehehe...

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