Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One Week After FAM Removal Surgery

Heeeya~ I'm finally back! Missed my lovely bloggie and buddies so much
Well, how've u all been doing? I went through the hardest week in my life right after the surgery.
and to make it clear, FAM is not the same as breast cancer. it's similar, but has a slightly different symptoms. And Fam is less dangerous.
buuut, it's better for us-girls- to keep ourself health, so don't forget to do your breast  -self examination- regularly.

Actually I want to post up my pic during hospitalization. But I haven't got a chance to transfer it from my BF cellphone. Maybe later.
Well, since this is my first experience of surgery, I feel afraid at first... But I feel comfortable cuz I knew that everything will be okay after I woke up (which is not definitely 'all okay' cuz I have to suffer all the pain).

My surgery starts on 10.00 AM , I got up at 11.00 AM and going home at 13.00. 
craaaaazy! I've to tell you, I eat a lot on my normal days. and when the doc said that I have to go through total 15 hours of fasting time before and after my surgery. that's a reaaaal hard task! I can't eat and drink anything even untill I woke up. I got a pretty-pretty-pretty bad stomachache soon after.

I kept vomiting for likely 30minutes during my recovery time, and I experienced a very bad nausea feeling for 4-5 days later because the side effect of the drugs. I felt pain all over my body, I can't even walk, hardly talk, I peeing in a pee pot, my head is all dizzy, and everytime I tried to stand up, it was just like experiencing an earthquake. lol. it was a real pain. real real real pain and the hardest week I've gone through.
I thanked my super kind BF because he was always there for me, before my surgery, during my surgery, and after my surgery. Thanked my gramma because she cook a lot for me.

But thanks God, I'm all okay now. The surgery went smoothly and nothing wrong with my breast now, I'll have my regular check up tomorrow and I reckon they will unstitch the thread. 

and well. now for you...
time to do your self breast examination, you'll never want it to become big like mine (my fam diamtr is more than 3cm). 

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