Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Love Package from Nic Nic

Hi! it arrived at my post today! a super super SUPER kawaii package from one of my favorite beauty blogger, Nic Nic , visit her blog and I'm sure you're going to love it! And I just have to say:

"Thank you so much for the package!(*^^)^*) ☆Chu!"

Both the packaging and the gift are adorable, they're all cute and so pink! a lovely pink theme is going here to match the sakura season back then in april :) mwaaaa... I'm so in love with everything! mwahaha ♡
I'm going to show you what kind of cuteness that hit me today (´ω`人) !PIC SPAM alert!
cute sticker on bubble wrap
 it is my money box on top of the package =p and what inside the bubble wrap is a cute Rilakkuma pouch, two plastic bags full of goodies + 1 lovely envelope with a cute rabbit printed on it ♥
lovely lovely rabbit letter set!
 And look how cute the packaging is! mwaaaaaaaa..... I'm so in love I'm gonna scan the plastic bag and use the lacey pattern as stock photos! hahahaha..that's what graphic designer always do. Look-scan-reuse it!

Okay, enough for the packaging things~ here here here, take a look:
in this photo:
♡ Champ de Herb makeup bag / heart mirror
♡5 x Mixed Berry My Beauty Diary Masks
♡Happy Rose Day Rose Enrich Hand Cream + mini lip balm
♡Dariya Hair Velcro
♡ Rilakkuma Strawberry Milk Lip balm phone strap
♡Sakura Sleeping Sheep Aroma Phone Strap
♡A mini box (of 2 pieces ) My Beauty Diary Mask Bird's Nest flavour
At first I have no idea about the hair velcro, mwahahaha...pardon me for being so fool >.<  I googled over and oh! this is just nice! "hold you fringe up with out leaving kink or affecting your hair style" I'll be reviewing the hair velcro and all the masks (*°∀°)=3
 Let's start with the cute Rilakkuma pouch!

Everyday feels happy Like a rainbow
And this is a bling bling Champ de herbe make up bag + heart shaped mirror

More cuteness a beauty product!
I got two KOSE cosmenience product (happy bath day series) and I'm going to review it.
Well, Nic Nic succeeded in making me like the product, and now I got all addicted to KOSE ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 

So, for the last pic, a lovely SAKURA aromatic keychain. So fricking cute♡!
I love the fragrance too. There's a lil something I would want to know bout this product so I'm going to post it up again with more detailed pic. cute cute CUTE!

more upcoming review, and to remind myself  (・∀・)
* My Beauty Diary Mask Bird's Nest flavour
* Mixed Berry My Beauty Diary Masks
* KOSE Happy Bath Day-Precious Rose Hand Cream
* KOSE Happy Bath Day-Precious Rose Lip Cream + Rilakkuma mini phone strap lipbalm

btw, added a sparkle effect on my head image. anyone noticed it?

'till next time  (・∀・)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

LOOKBOOK: Nerdy or Firm?

Recently made a lookbook account and this is my first LOOKBOOK attempt! hehe =p if you like my look, you can HYPE it Please visit my lookbook here:

hmm..what's this? I can't even find a proper title for the look! mwahaha... nerdy? firm teacher wannabe, or what? (just bought this 'normal' nerdy glasses today) and feel kinda dissapointed cuz it makes me looks  OOOOLDER >___<
what do you think? older older OLDER? *sob*

Raawwr..! I look much OLDER (especially on the last pic and my lookbook pic!)  >.< Can you guess my real age? hehe :D

Sorry for my super short and quick post ∩( ・ω・)∩,Will be back with a BIG post (I'm going to post some bokeh effect tutorial for ps)  + review on upcoming list.
ヾ( ´ー`)


Monday, May 23, 2011

Hair Accessories: Polkadot Ribbon

and yes, I know that I am supposed to do my campuss project. But a single post would be just ok ^^ and do you know that I'm still crazily addicted to ribbon? * preferably with polkadot pattern... Oh gosh, I caaan't stand the CUTENESS! >_____<
Nah, yesterday I went to my favorite shop and ended up buying one BIG bow barrette and one usamimi-ribbon headband, both in pink~ and of course with polkadot pattern =p  eer...I bought the headband while back though.

My current 'most favorite' ribbon hair clip. But it's way too big! ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ I was shocked when I saw my pic wearing this hairclip, and kind of 'lolling' myself. hahaha... I've been searching for a big ribbon barrette though, maybe in this size. but really, what I want is a smaller version of this size =p

This is JYS  inspired BIG ribbon barrette hairstyle, all with homy and messy bun. Please excuse my tired face =( I cried a lot today. And see? it makes me look kinda AWKWARD, rite? (T▽T)  I think I'll never put this on outside... But oh, my plush 'choppy' seems to love it a lot, here's his pic with my ribbon clipped on his head

He's cute, isn't he? ohoho... a hello kitty wanna be. And here's my usamimi headband~ bought it like month ago, think pink!


I haven't got any chance to take newer pic of mine wearing this, but I think 1 or 2 months old pic will do (σ・∀・)σ  mwahaha.... so which one do you prefer? ribbon headband or oversized ribbon hair clip?


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Haunted House

Went to haunted house last week =p. it was my second time experience...<3 actually I wanted to take a lot of pic inside the haunted house, but too bad no picture taking allowed there. It was kind of creepy at first, but I thought it just because the 'sound' effect. The ghost itself is not scary at all >.<
Then we decided to join "ghost photosession"~

for those who hates 'scary' things please skip all the pic below >_______<

and oh, I just received a package from my blogger buddy, Sasa. I won her giveaway last week and finally received the package just yesterday. I will make one big post about it soon, perhaps? I hope I won't be too busy dealing with my campuss stuff =(
that would be it, I'll back with a better post XD~ see ya <3

Monday, May 16, 2011

Review: Skin Food Choco Eyeline Jam #1 Choco Dip Black

Another cheap but great product from Skin Food. Available in FIVE colors~ I bought shade 1 choco dip black and shade 2 choco dip mocca, But for now, I'll be reviewing shade 1. Actually, I've never seen the other two shades (4 and 5) when I went to SF's counter. I don't know wether it was out of stock or discontinued, but well, Shade 4/4 Green and purple? is the type of e/l  color that I definitely won't use.

choco satin khaki
choco satin violet
Fans of colored circle lenses outhere might like it, I think~ But I personally think that even black e/l sometimes look 'too much' haha... what you will get is just a cutey little glass pot without even a box, and sadly u won't get it along with the brushes. I wanted to buy Etude House eyeliner brush but it was out of stockTT^TT  I'm desperately looking for a nice e/l brush now.

skin food choco dip black compared with Mac fluidline blactrack

 Skinfood choco eyeline jam in choco dip black swatches:

WATERPROOFNESS OK! After I tried to wash it off with water.

it comes off - etude house make up remover

My verdict:
I like this eyeliner gel! looking at package makes me think that it has a smell of 'chocolate' too, but of course no. You may want to buy this in place of other high-end brand e/l gel like Mac or Bobbi Brown. It has 'almost' the same quality. Though, that's what I think.

Texture: creamy, and non-gelly like compared to mac.
Swatches: Matte
Packaging: glass pot, with painted and printed metal cap (not plastic)
Pigmentation: pretty good, deep black (even deeper than mac!)
Waterproof & Smudgeproof: YES! No need for eyemake check up and make-up redo~
Staying power: I'll give it 100% score. 

Mac has a little brownish undertone, while skinfood choco dip black has more intense black undertone. And its texture is a lil bit drier than Mac.

What I don't like:
Brush not includedヽ(`Д´)ノ
Packaging. I have to take extra care for storing cuz it would dry up easily.

What I like:
Cheapie~ yay for $ 6.80 for each jar.
Good pigmentation. Intense black with a little blue-brown undertone.
Nice texture, creamy and easy to be applied.
It has a good staying power, even better than MAC!  
Smudgeproofness is just ok, for those who has an oily lids, this e/l gel would be your best choice.

Staying power:Photobucket
Waterproofness & smudgeproofness:  Photobucket