Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Etude House~Wanna Be Sweet Festival & Sandara Park

Etude House is having an event called "Wanna be sweet festival" with Sandara Park as Miss Tangerine~!
As we all knew, she has been chosen as a model for Etude House's new arrival "Tangerine" since early 2011, and I can't wait for upcoming pictures of her!
and there's something soooo lovely I want to share about, it was their merchandise! a bunny plush with polkadot pattern <3 gooosh, I want the pink one >____<~~~  and umbrellas~ with polka pattern too.

enjoy [VIDEO] & images: Dara for Etude wanna be sweet festival:

Here,s the zoom up for the bunnies~ bear the cuteness <3

credit naver.com

Etude finally released two new promotional pictures of her for ALOHA, they even got a limited edition palette~! (grab it fast for those who loved e/s palettes! u'd love it for sure)
I love her new hairstyle (I don't like her hairstyle on festival pic, it's a wig? short and all curly, it's a grammy style >.<) But oh well, she looks absolutely beautiful and gorgeus this time!

I really adore her Tropical Beach look, mostly because of her nude lips =p
and here we go for Etude House LIMITED EDITION Palettes
credit  naver.com
credit naver.com
left click to enlarge
And now I can't wait for Etude House and Dara's next teaser! And oh, I've been reading new Etude house e-book, it'd great to share the content with you princess! stay tuned ok. And I'm really sorry that I haven't post up a 'review' of fake etude house product >.< I'll see if I got any spare time tonight to blog it up, well..stay tuned  <3

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