Monday, May 16, 2011

Review: Skin Food Choco Eyeline Jam #1 Choco Dip Black

Another cheap but great product from Skin Food. Available in FIVE colors~ I bought shade 1 choco dip black and shade 2 choco dip mocca, But for now, I'll be reviewing shade 1. Actually, I've never seen the other two shades (4 and 5) when I went to SF's counter. I don't know wether it was out of stock or discontinued, but well, Shade 4/4 Green and purple? is the type of e/l  color that I definitely won't use.

choco satin khaki
choco satin violet
Fans of colored circle lenses outhere might like it, I think~ But I personally think that even black e/l sometimes look 'too much' haha... what you will get is just a cutey little glass pot without even a box, and sadly u won't get it along with the brushes. I wanted to buy Etude House eyeliner brush but it was out of stockTT^TT  I'm desperately looking for a nice e/l brush now.

skin food choco dip black compared with Mac fluidline blactrack

 Skinfood choco eyeline jam in choco dip black swatches:

WATERPROOFNESS OK! After I tried to wash it off with water.

it comes off - etude house make up remover

My verdict:
I like this eyeliner gel! looking at package makes me think that it has a smell of 'chocolate' too, but of course no. You may want to buy this in place of other high-end brand e/l gel like Mac or Bobbi Brown. It has 'almost' the same quality. Though, that's what I think.

Texture: creamy, and non-gelly like compared to mac.
Swatches: Matte
Packaging: glass pot, with painted and printed metal cap (not plastic)
Pigmentation: pretty good, deep black (even deeper than mac!)
Waterproof & Smudgeproof: YES! No need for eyemake check up and make-up redo~
Staying power: I'll give it 100% score. 

Mac has a little brownish undertone, while skinfood choco dip black has more intense black undertone. And its texture is a lil bit drier than Mac.

What I don't like:
Brush not includedヽ(`Д´)ノ
Packaging. I have to take extra care for storing cuz it would dry up easily.

What I like:
Cheapie~ yay for $ 6.80 for each jar.
Good pigmentation. Intense black with a little blue-brown undertone.
Nice texture, creamy and easy to be applied.
It has a good staying power, even better than MAC!  
Smudgeproofness is just ok, for those who has an oily lids, this e/l gel would be your best choice.

Staying power:Photobucket
Waterproofness & smudgeproofness:  Photobucket

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