Sunday, June 19, 2011

Review: Etude House Magic Tint Balm #2 Magic Pink

Heeeey, say hello to holiday!( ・∀・)Just yesterday,I've totally finished my book design and Balinese artwork project (I was super super super exhausted, I didn't even have a sleep for -almost- TWO days), tired like hell, went to campuss without a single nap, gave a very formal presentation about my work, settled all the payment, went back to my BF house and I finally fell asleep (thx to my hubby, he's always there for me through thick and thin)
Actually, errrh... I should have been graduated last year! >_< it's all bcuz the surgery things. awe... well, no prob. I've finally finished my work and I'm gonna show you my Balinese artwork on upcoming post!

Today I'm going to review my favorite lipbalm, Etude House Magic Tint Balm in shade no. 02 (magic pink) 에뛰드 하우스 매직 틴트밤. I bought this almost one year ago (better late than never, eh?)('◇')ゞ

Comes in four shades, mine is shade #2, magic pink. But shade #3 which has a peach undertone is prolly my favorite!( ・∀・) I'm gonna get my hand on this.
package swatch-without flash
package swatch-with flash
I've had this tinted balm for quite a long time (August 2010) 'till now. I've always put this tint in my make up pouch and this is how it looks after almost a year:

Well, as I've said before, this is my most favorite lipbalm atm! it can be paired with other lippies as well. While run of the mills lip tint just gives you a tinted lips, Etude House magic tint balm hydrates and relieves chapped lips, pluuus it's tinting your lips at the same time. a tinted lipbalm with healing properties, what could be better? ♡

Packaging: Plastic Jar... meh! since I'm really a germaphobia I hate this! But I admit that all jarred lipbalm is indeed CUTE! much cuter than those in stick. But, the quality of the print (on top of the cap) is just suck. It faded away easily, and mine is just a plain red cap now (´;ω;`) 

Texture: Although it's been mentioned as a lip BALM, it's neither a lipbalm nor a lip goss. It gives you a bit of glassy finish. It feels more like a lip plumper with thicker consistency. This is definitely a GEL type balm with sheer glossy finish.

Color: subtle pink which I like so much, and no.2 has a a nice pink with magenta undertone. (*゜▽゜*)ノミPuuurfect!

Moisture properties: Good enough, it can be used in a place of ordinary lipbalm.

Scent: Juicylicous! with berry sweets flavour.

Packaging: Photobucket
Moisture properties:Photobucket

What I don't like:
Short time wear~ the color fades away after two hours.
The packaging~cheapie plastic!
swatches on lips:
one swipe over my bare lips
Since I don't really like my pigmented lips, I used it over etude house color me nude lip concealer. And the result is much much paler. but I like it, Nude color rocks!
with Etude house color me nude
paired with etude house fresh cherry tint #3 peach

Okay, that would be all for the review. I'm going to buy EH magic tint balm in shade 3 bcuz I'm sooo in love with this lip blam (or plumper?) :3 and this baby is super cheap! I bought it for USD $ 6.00~ just another cheap but great product >=3


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