Sunday, June 26, 2011

Review: Skinfood Black Bean Eyebrow Pencil #3

Okay, another 'super late' review(´∀`)
My review list is piling up, you can check it on 'upcoming review' section. I have a lot of time now,  so before I started a fulltime job I want to set myself fully into blogger =) yay!
So now (it's super late, 5.26 am and I was supposed to be sleep) I'm gonna reviewing my old skinfood black bean eyebrow pencil that I bought in 2010. This is my first eyebrow pencil I've ever bought.

My friend help me pick the color, cuz I really have no idea what color I should buy ((*。_。) I'm torn between black brown or gray brown, ended up buying it in shade 3 black brown. What I like most is this eyebrow pencil comes with a brush too! This is really convenient, I don't have to use separate eyebrow brushes, I use it to even-out and blend the color for more natural look.

the casing itself is so vintage, with non-refillable catridge that can be tuned in and out (the stick length is 2.4 cm). Now for the swatch:

the harsh color blends naturally after a few stroke with the brush. It's really helpfull and makes all the eyebrow shaping process becomes incredibly easier.

Color: Perfect shade for me and lucky me I don't have to roaming from brand to brand and shade to shade in order to find the color that matched  (^▽^) the color blends naturally on my eyebrows.
Texture: a hard crayon like texture
Waterproof: yes

Overall Rating: 4/5

What I don't like: Nothing! I'm not going to complain about anything here, I like the product

sorry for my wide ass face! and the swatches looks ugly on my sparse eyebrows, I haven't shaved my eyebrows for one week and this is how they look after I swiped them (softly) with the pencil. Well, I don't really know how to shape and shave my eyebrows properly, is there anyone here want to help me shaping my eyebrows? (≧∇≦)/

Speaking about my eyebrows....
I have a broad, sparse, super STRAIGHT, and FLAT eyebrows line. And what I want is a full but natural looking, I DON'T want to shape it to be more curvy with tapered arch at the end. But my problem is, as you can see here, I'm not that skilled in making such a FULL straight eyebrows. I've never been able to draw a perfectly shaped eyebrows in my life, and everytime I tried to apply more swipe... it would end up giving me very harsh and unnatural & FUNNY look, just like I'm having a caterpillar sticked above my eyes! totally stupid looking >.<

So what a newbie like me did is gently fill the empty sparsed space with gradual and soft sweep. Hm...maybe I should try to shave it and draw it to be more tapered and fine at the end? awee.... NG! !(;`Д´)≡⊃
I have to learn and watch eyebrows-shaping vids a lot!

Well, that would be all, thanks for reading and I'm really going to sleep now! acck.. 6.41 in the morning! Bubbye~


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