Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tutorial: How to Make Easy Ribbon Hair Clip

Anyone else here a crazed ribbon craver?
Well, this is not, actually, a planned post >.< I crave for more and more ribbon pic and feel like wanted to make one 'more'. Just like this, a very simple ribbon:

Just so frickin' cute! isn't it? So yesterday I went out buying 5m of organza ribbon (polkadots and square patterned). Nyah, Organza is widely used as decoring fabric. But just look at the pic, organza just turn out to be really cute bow too. agree? it's a sheer and thin fabric similar to organdy.

Well. this is a very-very easy and simple ribbon hair clip, you won't need needles, threads, and such things.
Start with choosing 50cm of ribbon of your favour =)

And this is all material you will need:
1. Scissor 
2. Power glue, or hot glue gun as substitute.
3. Plain hair clip, you can choose any type of hair clip.
4. 40cm-50cm ribbon or fabric scraps.

First, you have to tie the ribbon and make a cute bow from it, continue to rearrange it untill you get a desired shape and pleased with it! this is the most tiring part -I think- Take your time to make a good shaped bow. (you can also tied it up on the center with a thread but it would be a different style that I'm going to blog on upcoming post)
Once you finished with your bow, you'll get something like this ↑↑↑ Make sure that u tied it just right, not too tight...but tight enough for it to keep its shape.

Adjust the length and cut off any undesired part on the tail.

Tips: before you attach it to the clip, turn the bow around and apply glue to the center part of it to make it sits.

Attach it to the clip! apply glue to upper part of the clip. If you're using power glue, give a sec before you put it up together. But if you prefer to use a hot glue gun, attach them as fast as possible cuz hot glue gun dried up easily.

And voila, say hello to your new ribbon hair clip (´ω`人)

 Enjoy your new hair clip 

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