Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review: Etude House Secret Beam Powder Pact

Hero ☆ hero. I'm finally back v( ̄Д ̄)v with another review from Etude House~secret beam powder pact #1. Was supposed to do my 'homework' review actually, but oh well...~onto the product!

aweee so princessy!

Secret Beam Powder Pact adds a healthy sparkle to skin tone with high luster satin pearl look. It has superior oil shine control with little glitterings after apply. Looks fresh with pearl highlighting coverage and silky finish.

My Verdict:
Let's talk about packaging first~!♥♥♥ I think this one is one of the cutest packaging that Etude ever have! With silvery purplish, and swirly art noveau design, omooo...I'm just so that onto the packaging!  If you have seen other EH powder pact range, I'm sure this one resembles EH dream on pact. That one is just a girlier or pinkier version.

'bout the product itself, well, since I'm not really a 'powder' person. I'd say that it's just another run of the mills compact powder. Though, actually my dermatolog prohibited me to put on powder, any kind of powder, and also she told that powder (especially compact one) is very dangerous to our skin. Meh...  not really a bother cuz me myself don't really like powder pact in real! Hohohoh... Oil control is fine, and it goes a long way.

Comes with a thin puff that looked crumbly. As for the coverage, it's super super sheer and shiny, hence I woudn't recommend this one if you're looking for a pact with a good coverage. It has a fine shimmer that add sparkle and gives a silky finish, a bit more to dewy rather than matte.

☆ Packaging: Photobucket
☆ Oil Control:Photobucket
☆ Coverage:Photobucket
☆ Lasting Power:Photobucket
☆ Scent:Photobucket

This pack would give you more than setting your BB cream and foundie, it adds sparkle and shine! it would dissapear and blend naturally with natural skin tone. But because of its transculency, I couldn't swatch it properly >.<
Applied heavily-not blended
Sparkle Sparkle!
You can barely see the shimmer once you applied it on your face, but I do believe that is the shimmering things that give a sparkle and shiny-dewy finish to your look
it's waaay better than my old Palgantong loose powder with its overdosis shimmers! My bestie gave me her palgantong cuz she didn't like the product, so neither do me. lol... (^_^; )

Sorry no proper FOTD on this post, so for the substitute:
LOL!☆☆☆desperate looking! mwahaha..

More Haul  

So yeah, I'll show you what arrived on post this week (almost together with my Luview Haul) I'm going to review them ASAP I promise nuuu.... ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ Yaaay, more tints! I got:
B&C make mania Curvy Lip silicone (smack2, a lip silicone)
☆Etude House ALOHA two two kiss in shade 3 (I saw this on new etudeblog vid and I LOVE it already!)
☆Beauty Angel Turn-up Long Mascara
☆Evome Mask (this one contain living micro-organism! O__O)
☆Dali Sweet Brown in Plano.

and nawww...don't forget. I'm going to host a mini ★★★GIVEAWAY (ETUDE HOUSE)★★★ soon, probably next week. Yeah a 'MINI' giveaway, so don't expect too much ok, huhuhu... (・∀・) The prize will be one of Etude House ALOHA series.
See you soon lovelies~

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