Sunday, August 28, 2011

Random: Recent Haul♡

Hey guys, quick post before I go to sleep. 2.29 AM now..I washed my hair at midnight and they haven't dry up until now. Irrshh..feel to lazy to use hair dryer, I hate its sound, it annoys the hell outa me(☉`ェ´☉)ジ. So here's quick update of my recent haul... OMG I'm super sleepy! TT^TT

Luview~BB cream, lip gloss, pact, cleanser, etc

Another Luview Haul!~ hohohohoh.... check their shop here: LUVIEW~KOREA COSMETIC. What I got is Luview Crystal Cover BB cream (which is too dark on my skin=/)+ Mini crystal pact, they're both packed in travelling set together with the free mini transparent pouch, so handy! More, glossy kiss lip gloss, luview shiny eyes eyeshadow (super shimmer!), Lemon balm bubble cleanser, and Luview Real Skin Primer BB cream. Naah...added all of 'em to my upcoming review backlog.
Btw, I've already reviewed Luview Mascara (my HG-fiber!), Luview whitening capsule BB cream, and Luview Crystal Minral Pact.

and here's three types of RELIAN MASCARA, can be bought HERE. And I already did a review for the phanter series. More review coming soon I promise. And then....

Received two pair of circle lenses (Candy doll gray and EOS Candy eye pink) my first gray and pink circle lenses ever, gosh I think I've fallen in love with the pink one! so anime-ish. these from SPECIALLENS. And next~

Say hello to 5 steps skincare routine♥(o→ܫ←o)~My super super favorite Korean skincare brand, BRTC. Holy Sh** I love love LOVE these babies! I've been trying the Vit C ampoule for err..likely 3 weeks or so lah. and my skin loves it! I'm ready to do a big post, mwahaha... and OH! I got the BRTC WHITENING VITALIZER SET too (BRTC whitening and repairing BB cream 60gr, and two freebies of BRTC vitalizer fluid and cream).

Buy BRTC skincare product HERE.

And hey hooo...I'm such a happy Geek...I received the package from PIXICS just two days ago! I decided to order some cutie accessories, aye aye(*°∀°), necklaces, scarf, and the simple yet so cute chantilly lace tank. And know whaaat, I was friggin' shocked when I saw this cutie long necklace, the pinkish pendant is made from ROSE QUARTZ. I tot it was made from plastic or something like that lah. I lost my lovely rose quartz necklace last year, and this one perfectly replace it ♡ I'm going to update bout these cutie apparels later :3

So yeaaa....I'm going to sleep now. MUST~SLEEP~NOW (lll´Д`)
thanks for reading and bubbye, I'll be back very soon~

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