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Review: Baviphat Peach All-in-one Peeling Gel

Hello my lovey lovey readers. ヾ(‘ロ‘) woah I post beauty review more often now. So I'll be doing a detailed review of Baviphat peach all-in-one peeling gel. Just because the packaging is too adorable, I ended up taking too much pic, I'm not going to post all of 'em here though. Okaaay... this product is kindly provided by INTENSHOP for review purpose. Inteshop is online store that sells ready stock and pre-ordered korean & japanese beauty products. I recommend this shop for those who don't like paying high prices.

super adorable packaging♥

Cutie mini spoon! ♥♥♥

Product description:
바비펫~ 피치 올인원 필링젤
Netto 용량     100g
원산지     Made in Korea

Feel a shiny baby skin!
A multi-functional skin treatment exfoliates dead skin cells, minimizes pore size and brightens complexion with a single application. Peeling gel is packed with vitamin C rich peach extracts to whiten and brighten skin. Apply gel on dry face and then gently massage on until it starts to ball up. Rinse well and then pat skin dry.
Exfoliation + Pore Care + Brightening with peach extracts. Removes dead skin cells to improve cell renewal rate which helps better absorption of skincare products.

Recommended if you: Have white dead skin cells?want to care your skin soft and clean?   
Main ingredients and functions: Peach Extract : Caring dead skin cells and wastes.

upclose, not really gel-alike

Baviphat super cute mini spoon!

Peach Peeling Gel~step by step application

This peeling gel really works!
My verdict:
Packaging: The peach-like packaging is just OH SO ADORABLE! I love love LOVE it!!! (´ω`人) and I couldn't even put into words how much I love the packaging I'm not going to complaint about the jarred form since it comes with a cute little spoon to scoop away the gel. 
Texture: not really a gel-like in my opinion. it's watery, very moisturizing.
Scent: Overwhelming sweet peach scent, sweet and ah I'm pretty sure you guys will love the scent!  I have to admit that I love this kind of scent. But in skincare product? obviously a big NO.

I've been trying this product for the past two weeks, use it sparingly once or twice per week, skipped my aspirin mask routine. The results? My skin likes it! I can feel my skin become fairier and smoother. Anyshoots, I have normal to oily skin, plus I've been  seriously taking care of my skin, so I don't have problem with dry and flaky skin to begin with.

I've read many reviews of this peeling gel before, saying that this product is kind of hoax. Okaay. I absolutely knew that we are all having our own personal thoughts about each product and are supposed to write honest review about it. But I really really suggest that those-who said this product is suck-at least know how to use it properly. Most people (on blogspot) stopped at step 3 and said "ah this product is clumpy and they're already balled up before I rub them on!" and they're expecting DIRT-like clump (grayish-brownish in color), \(> o <)/WROOOONG. And I was OBVIOUSLY WON'T get that dirty BROWNISH/ GRAYISH clump if your face/skin is ALL CLEAN before you start rub them off!

You have to patiently rub the gel until it starts to ball up, bear in mind that 'until it starts to ball up' is like what you see in pic 4.  And the dead skin cells are not always dirt like or brown/gray in color.

Peeling or exfoalting product is a must in my skincare routine. Dead skin cells clogged pores and they're one of acne culprits. Keep your face exfoliated and clean helps you achieve cleaner and clearer complexion. Eventhough this is not the best peeling product outhere, I still love it.

What I like: Cheap, super cheap for 100gr (last for 6~12months), packaging is super adorable,
Not so loves: I noticed 황색 4호, that's a coloring agent. And this product is fragranced =/

Price: Photobucket
Scent: N/A
Overall Rating:Photobucket

Ok that would be all. Oh, I was a bit bored yesterday so I decided to tweak my blog header. heheh... hope you guys like it. Big thanks to INTENSHOP for providing this lovely baby ♥ Yo guys, don't forget to visit the shop :3 I'll be back soon, so stay tuned... and have a nice day! Thanks for reading ヾ( ´ー`)

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