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Sponsored Review: B&C Makemania Curvy Lip Silicone

Hello my luvly reader outhere, happy monday to all of you (*°∀°)
This product is kindly provided by Artie Beauty Cosmetics for review purpose. I'm pretty sure you've heard about Artie Beauty already, Artie Beauty is a big online store that offers a lot of beauty product and they also sells biscuit, cute candy, chocolate, and noodle! Artie Beauty staff asked me if I want to review their Dolly Wink false eyelashes or this B&C makemania curvy lip silicone. I ended up choosing B&C Makemania Curvy Lip Sicone in SWEETIE PINK. Here's a look of the product:

About the Brand:
B&C Laboratories Inc. is a cosmetic company based in Tokyo, Japan. It offers a variety of beauty products from skin care, fragrances to cosmetics. "Beauty and joys, to your skin and heart" is the misson and goal of B&C Laboratories, creating the additional value to the customers' lifestyle delicately.

About the product:
Product Name: B&C Makemania Curvy Lip Silicone (Sweetie Pink)
Price: $ 14.99
Manufacturer: B&C Laboratories
Volume: 7.5 g
Place of Origin: Japan

B&C Makemania Silicone (Sweetie Pink) is a no dripping, thick vinyl type silicone. It contains shiny particles, leaving the lip glossy and giving you a long lasting seductive look. The treatment ingredients such as Grape Seed Maxilip, Natural Soy Extract and Camomile Extract can moisturize, repair and sharpen up the lips.

Lip silicone swatch-applied over EH fresh cherry tint
My comment:
This product has created an absolute cult in Asia. So, I was curious about this lip silicone things because it's new to my eyes. I thought it was somekind of lip plumper, but I'm pretty sure this lip silicone comes with a thicker consistency. As you can see on my previous Etude house post, I have lines on my lips, but a thin coat of this lip silicone can cover up and gives off a plump and full effect to my lips. Swatches on lips reminds me to Maybelline Watershine gloss (I bought it in puppy love two years ago-I should have thrown it away I reckon) it gives your lips incredibly wet-shiny-glossy-glassy finish. More, a few people pointed out that this is a dupe for MAC lipglass.

Casing is very simple (yet so cute!) with a chubby tube. It comes with a unique spatula concept applicator! I like the concept though(´ω`人) I was weirded off at first but now I'm getting used to it. It gives more control to evenly spread the gloss over my lips.

At the very first usage, I was totally weirded out by the result. My lips was all bulky and it gives me a thick sensation like I'm having Angelina Jolie's lipsΣ(゜д゜lll). lulz. But, it was because I applied too much amount of the gloss. Now I had one or two swipe over my favorite lip tint and I feel satisfied for the result! However, once I applied it on my lips, it feels sticky and greasy, but that was not so bothersome ... I smacked my lips and after a while the stickyness will gone. just a bit sticky to make for good staying power. And I agree with someone on makeupalley who said: I would not recommend this if you are going to be kissing someone, it might be kind of gross :( lulz.

Overall, I love this product. I would recommend this for those who are looking for nice glossy lip plumper type. IMO, it would be too exaggerated for everyday use (≧o≦) I'd prefer a natural tint swipe over my lips though. But this would create a perfect beautiful lips for special occasions!♥♥

Staying Power:Photobucket
Overall rating: Photobucket

And here's some weird selcas captured with my stupid cellphone yesterday before I go to Jinsun String concert. nuuuuuuuh...I hate my BIG nose TT^TT and my face is weirdly DISTORTED on the first pic! Mwahaha!

Nyaah, that's all for the review. and~Oh yeah. Be sure to keep an eye on my next post! okaaay? I have MORE ♡♡♡GIVEAWAY♡♡♡ (INTERNATIONALLY) to be shared. Hohoho...and I'm pretty sure you're going to love the product~ See ya soon!

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