Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sponsored Review: Neo DALI Brown Black/Sweet Chocolate Circle Lens

These lenses were sent to me by KoreaBigEyes for review purpose (thank yoou!). They offer a wide selection of circle lenses with affordable product. and now KoreaBigEyes is having a promo on August (10% discount). So you might not want to miss it (*°∀°) Plus, their site is so pink, lacey, and cute

Lens information:
Dali BROWN enlarges the iris naturally. The effect is prettily subtle. Recommend this lens as it's very natural and the comfort level is superb.
Product name: Neo DALI Brown/Sweet Chocolate
Price: $ 25.00
Base curve: 8.6
DIA: 14.2mm
Water Content: 45%
Power: 0.00 to -10.0 (Poly2-HEMA)
Disposable: 1 year (Yearly)

My Comment:
So, most of us have heard about this famous neo DALI Brown... or DALI Sweet Chocolate (Japanese version) rite? Thanks to KoreaBigEyes, they recommend me to choose this pair of lenses.

DesignPhotobucketVery simple, just an ordinary pixelated brown lenses. But I love love love it! The only thing I'm gonna complaint about the design is the lack of solid limbal ring on the outer part. (referring to DALI EXTRA BROWN! ehehe)

Color:Photobucket Gives off a natural dark brown, or yes, a sweet chocolate~♥ the brown is really a pretty choco brown and it successfully changed my mind about non-black circle lenses (I've been a FANATIC fan of black lenses). Now I'm not an anti-non-black lenses anymore. nyahaha.. The color matches my natural eyes color perfectly.

Enlargement:Photobucketit doesn't make a distinct dolly eye look. I barely notice the difference after I put these on. 14.2 mm might look good and big on me, but that's only work if the lenses were black. lulz. I remember that 14.00 GEO lenses gives off more enlargement to my eyes. But thanks for this, it won't give you a freaky alienish look on your eyes!

Comfort: PhotobucketCompared to G&G circle lenses that I tried recently, I'd just give three out of five ratings. I had it on for 3 hours and experienced blurred vision and *HALO*. aweee... I took it off and it need sometime 'till my eyes get back to normal state. It doesn't give me irritation nonetheless. I wonder! I read a lot of review marked this lenses as a comfortable lenses though. But I can feel it on my eye, it gives me a thick slick sensation. Yes, my eyes dislikes it cuz they're sensitive

Naturalness: Photobucket
Gooosh...this is the thing that I LOOOOVED from these lenses, the naturalness! on pic above, can you notice that I put the lenses on? This is probably the most natural circle lenses ever though, it looks more like ordinary soft lenses than 'circle' lenses. However, it still gives a shiny/glossy look to my eyes.

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I'd recommend this if you're looking for natural circle lenses that gives a 'lil bit twinkle and sparkle on your eyes. It's perfect for everyday use though, e.g  schools, etc, people won't notice it!
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Okay. enough for the review (・∀・)I'd show off some selcas from a week ago.

crappy selcas taken with my stupid cellphone. lol
Okaaay. hope u like the review. And oh, this week I got quite a lot of skincare product to be reviewed too (BRTC, Baviphat, NOPS) I'm a big fan of vit C serum/ampoule now! khehehe... (*°∀°)=3 See ya soon!

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