Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blog renewal ♥ Haul: Dolly Wink, Korea Cosmetic, Daiso USAPANDA~

Hello dollies~ I came up with the decision to eliminate the excessive pink on my blog. It's something I've been thinking for quite a while now. I recall the very first skin I've ever made was also in peach. lolz, excessive pink all year round. NG  >ㅁ< and so I had been asked about the previous template, yes I design my own templates. Every little thing of it, Every-each one of them. Also the divider, header, icon, etc (unless otherwhise stated). I've always use basecode made by official blogspot designer.

So yeah, here's the new look of my blog. Nothing special tho (^・ω・^=)~ all white, with a soft touch of pink. Reason? I'm getting bored with my old layout, so this super simple layout will be here until an unspecified time, I might go back to my old layout, like in a week, month, or so.

And so, I made this lacey banner to welcome all of you ^-^ And oh, I also changed my name to a nickname, Rindodo... HAHAHA omg, a lousy sounding nickname, but OH whatever! lolz. I'm all puffed out now >ㅅ<

So besides the renewal, I want to share a little haul with you girls.

So this is what arrived in mail yesterday! my very first Dolly Wink product~  mwahaha... I got myself dolly wink eyelashes No.1 and pencil eyeliner in brown.I know I'm super late! Okay I know that gyaru style won't suit me. But I feel like I start loving the style now, cuz I Tsubasa Masuwaka cuteness is definitely irresistible, omg ♥♥(o→ܫ←o)♫. I love this brand now.

Also received my fourth bottle of face mist from THE FACE SHOP. I currently have four bottle of face mist on my stash. The other two bottle is a toner and emulstion from NUDECOS sent to me by Korea Cosmetic cuz I won their giveaway. Happy happy nya nyaaa~♡

 Last week, I went to daiso with my BF and bought these. Straight lower eyelashes (I'm going to use this with dolly wink eyelashes), sharpener (for pencil eyeliner), polkadot cool&eco cooling bandana, which can be used as a scarf. I will show you the pic of me wearing the bandana very soon ^^ and 'GASP!' killer USAPANDA bath puff! Kyaaaaah I love love LOVE this cute panda puff! super CUTE omg~ nyahahah >ㅅ<

Say hello to usapanda!

So that's for the little update. I'll get back to you soon. Thanks for reading, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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