Sunday, October 23, 2011

Graduation, Lace Dress, LOOKBOOK ♥

Hey Girls~ First, I want to say THANK YOU to my readers for keep commenting and visiting my blog, I like reading comments and I will always reply to your comment, I luv you girls <3 Nah, I'm here to tell you that I graduated from uni yesterday, whee :D

With my fren from Japanese Class

Actually~~~~ 5_12.gif (19×19)my graduation was super super postponed like for 1 year? bcuz of the SURGERY things!(☉`ェ´☉)ジ I didn't wear much make up that day, and I did nothing to my hair. Hahah, seriously I was too lazy to visit hairdresser. And big NO to salon's heavy make-up. The last time I visit a salon, I ended up looking like a shemale!!!(bcuz of super heavy make up) WTF tsk tsk tsk...o(`ω´*)o


canteen facade~graduation day <3

So crowded! it would be extremely hot without AC, so thanks to the air conditioner! hahahah..bcuz there was over 1300ppl in the hall. I was annoyed by the BIG academic hat, it's bigger than my head size and it kept fall off bcuz I forgot to bring hairpin. The procession itself lasted for 3 hours (I was so bored!) My beloved granny, and my BF was in the hall too. Anyshoot, yesterday is also our anniversary days4_13.gif (19×19) (4 years). Btw, I was supposed to be MEGA happy yesterday, but I felt SUPER miserable and cried a lot in the morning.1_04.gif (19×19)

BF's T-Bone Steak

Okay, so we had a steak, it was yummy but I hate it since the portion was super small. I eat a LOT yaknow, hahahah....I think I need 5 portions of this tenderloin to make me full, and 7 portions to make me button-popping full.

Anyshoots, I went to my favorite fashion mall on Friday, I didn't plan to buy anything though, but I was super duper shocked and EXTREMELY happy when I spotted a TULLE skirt!1_10.gif (19×19) OVERJOYED mode on!  just exactly like what I've been craving for (sechuna ballet skirt) I bought the skirt without second thought! hohohoh.... it's a pale pink skirt, I'll post my look on LOOKBOOK later. Plus, I also bought a cute laced T-shirt and beautiful lace collar gathered dress. I'm so in love with this dress 1_05.gif (19×19)

Hype if you like ^^
Lace collar gathered waist~long sleeve dress 
Multiple element necklace from PIXICS
NEVADA sweet pink ribbon wedges

This is my favorite one piece dress for now~♥ I wore the tulle skirt as innerskirt, works well to volumize the dress. And I'll leave you with a lil bit of camwhoring with my BF. hohohoh... Okay, thanks for reading, and have a lovely day girls. I'll see you soon (^・ω・^=)~

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