Sunday, October 2, 2011

Package from Lippi and Award ♡

Guess what arrived in mail yesterday? a super cute decorated package sent by Lippi! (Thank you sweetheart!)Yeah I won a giveaway from this cute girl, OMG I'm super excited  ♥(o→ܫ←o) don't forget to visit her cute blog HERE~

I absolutely love the pen eyeliner!♥


My favorite hadanomy face mist

Each of the product is carefully wrapped with cute (yeah the wrapper is really cute!) pink thin paper with polkadot pattern. I'd kill for the paper only!  HAHA..! Some of the product wrapped in transparent plastic with cute bunny printed on it. Kyaa Lippi where did you get all of this cute wrapper things~~~? So lovely!

So here's the product that I won, ADDED this to my upcoming review backlog:
PhotobucketPETIT BIJOU Body Lotion (Etude House) 300ml
PhotobucketHADANOMY limited edition lemon collagen mist
Photobucket4 pack of cute korean mini cakes
PhotobucketH&M Liquid eyeliner
Photobucket2 H&M Dual Nail Polish
PhotobucketRilakkuma pencil case, pencils and a ballpoint pen
PhotobucketKutusita Nyanko memo pad
PhotobucketThe Face Shop Flebote 3D moisture gift set
PhotobucketEtude House "Yogurt Peel Super Berry Mix" Cleansing Foam

I'm loving the H&M liquid eyeliner so mucch! and also the Petit Bijou body lotion. omg I swear I've been craving for this product for ages and now I won it! I absolutely love this soft body lotion. Super super SUPER happy Next, the HADANOMY face mist. Recently I've been obsessing over face mist/facial spray, this collagen mist finally quench my desire. I'm going to review all of this product I promise, so stay tune
Now for the award...Still from my cute friend Lippi, she tagged me in the "THE BEST BLOG" award that she received a while back, Thank you once again~ *Bear Hug*

- Link back the post to the person who gave you the award.
- Share 7 random things about yourself.
- Answer the "favorite" questions.
- Award 7 bloggers

So with the random 7 things about me....Actually I've posted something similar back then,  it's about 10 things I love and Random things about me. So should I post 'bout things I hate now? heheh..No lah. I think I'll just write whatever comes in my mind. Don't get bored

1★ I recently used my savings and bought my very first DSLR, CANON EOS 60D ~Hurraaah ^0^~ Well... I'm not proffesionally got into photography, though, now I feel like I want to be a pro. I said 'I want to' cuz I know I'm still a newbie. Lol! so here's my Canon 60D, and also my 'old' photos that I took 3years ago?
Here's some pics I took back then in 2003, the peacock is taken with only a digital camera. Canon ixus i7 zoom that I used to take product pic for almost pics on my blog. And the crystal globe is taken with Canon EOS 400D that I borrowed from my friend.
Taken with digicam only. Canon ixus i7
Canon EOS 400D-long shutter speed with bulb lighting technique
2★ I spend more than 12 hours in front of my PC each day. NG! Not recommended,lol

3★ I'll soon become a fresh graduate on this very october, I wanted to take master case I got a schollarship, let's just hope.
4★ I am petulant, atrocious. And I love GORE manga, much!
5★ Been wanting to play HITORI KAKURENBO [ひとりかくれんぼ]. I think I'm going to post bout this 'funny' game later.
6★ I run a hanbok shop. Hey ho!
7★ As you might already know, I LOVE drawing manga, sketching, painting, CGing, such things lah... You can check some of my artwork on my facebook or deviantart. My deviant is kind of dead though >.<

NAME YOUR FAVORITE SONG: There's a lot. But my current fave is LOVE [Mc Hansai]
NAME YOUR FAVORITE DESSERT: Anything with vanilla and chocolate.
WHAT IS ANNOYING YOU: Freaking PMS pimples!
WHEN YOU ARE UPSET, YOU...Sing, out loud!
YOUR BIGGEST FEAR: Loosing someone I loved.
MY BEST FEATURE: dunno, so relative, eh?
EVERYDAY ATTITUDE: Lazily cattish.
GUILTY PLEASURE: Canned green tea, biting nails >.<

I would like to give the following bloggers the BEST BLOG AWARD: Amyboo, Sasa, Diane, Penelope, Fern, Andhie, Popblush.

UPDATE!! I accidentally DELETED the content of this post right after I published it TT^TT Holyshit! now I have to rewrite all the things. OMG omg omg...! What a waste of time grrrr....

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