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Review: Fanipia Mask, Luview Lemon Balm Bubble Cleansing Foam, GIVEAWAY!

Today I'll be reviewing two mask pack I received for Korea Cosmetic weeks ago (thank you), and bubble cleansing foam from Luview. I received the mask together with NUDECOS skincare set, which I haven't tried yet >.< cuz I decided to finish off my snail cream first.

First I want to introduce you to the brand, FANIPIA, this mask produced by Fanipinkorea. Co., Ltd. Actually, this is my first time experience with fanipia's beauty product ^^ Well, I received two type of mask. Collagen and Aloe vera mask pack. It contains pure aloe vera extract and collagen, they also has green tea extract and lotus flower extract. I tried the Aloe Vera first, I recall I use it the day before my graduation to make sure that my skin is supple and ready for big event on the next day, and yeah it works well!

The unique part is the (world 1st) double layered concept. I wasn't aware of this plastic at first, so I quickly removed it without paying any attentions, which is...wrong! (lucky me I got two pack!  lolz) The tissue mask is doubled with a thin plastic sheet. I did a little research about face mask and this plastic sheet things? it does makes sense. It retains the moisture and warmth during the usage, allowing the serum penetrates deep into your skin.

Experience: I immediately smelled a subtle scent when I opened the mask, the tissue pack was well drenched and there was a LOT of serum. You can massage the excessive serum to other body part later. (I swab the tissue to my neck, hands, and legs) The pack itself is a bit bigger than my face, and there was not enough cutting so I have to fold it here and there so it could stays on my face nicely.

I didn't feel and suffocating sensation or tightness after more than 20 minutes, I removed it and massage the remaining serum to my face. It leaves my skin softer and plumper. No irritation, despite it gives a gunk on my face, it doesn't break me out. Other than that, this mask has been working fine ^-^

What I like: There was a lot of serum, very moisturizing, no overwhelming scent.
The bad: This product is hard to find outside the Korea, it's not a paraben-free product.

That's for the Fanipia mask, now on to the next one~!

Sorry for my porous skin! hur hur...
Achieve smaller pores, and say no to shiny skin

 lighten skin pigmentation immediately!

Price: $ 9.12
Where to buy:
Benefit:   Refreshing foam cleans, Moisturizing, rebalancing skin Skin types  All Formula  Cream
Containing mild lemon balm hub ingredients enables fresh feeling deep into the pore with plentiful bubbles
1. Hub complex
Lavender, Peppermint and Eucalyptus extracts keeps skin clean
2. Mild cleansing
Skin friendly olive oil completely remove makeup remnant and impurities in the skin by gentle touch
3. Deep moisturizing
Trehalos from mushroom delivers excellent moisturizing effect to the skin by combination of protein and hydrogen on the surface of the skin cells

This is my first bubble cleanser, for over 4 years, I've never ever applied any cleanser with 'soapy' and 'foamy' formula. I was absolutely into lotion cleanser. As for the product itself, It has a mild ~and sweet scent with rich and creamy formula. The cream looks shimmery and shiny, but I believe it contains no shimmering particles. The texture is light and soft, feels like a mix of mousse and cream. Very cute!

I was horrified to see the bigger version of my skin just right after I woke up (BEFORE pic), Oh my God... pardon my oily and porous skin. It has been ridiculously hot and humid here (☉`ェ´☉)ジ look what the wheater had done to my skin. Hur hur... but the good part is that I've never had any problem with black heads on my nose. I usually wash my face as soon as I woke up, and here we go with the 'before-after' pic. So as you can see, this lemon bubble cleansing foam (I like the name, it sounds cute~) succesfully tightens my pores and makes it appear smaller.

This cleanser has been working super fine and I love this product.

What I like: make pores on my face look smaller/tighten pores, brightening, lighten acne scars or skin pigmentation, natural extract formula.
What I don't like: nothing :D

NOTE: I don't feel super confident about posting my MEGA upclose oily and porous 'just woke up' skin here, pigmentation here and therem,  but OH WELL...! lolz... I just want you to know that my skin is not flawless aaand... I have a lot of problem with my skin too >ㅁ<

and nooow, time for another GIVEAWAY, you can win full make up set from LUVIEW! this time, there will be three winners~~~♥


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동양의 色(), 동양의 美(아름다움)
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