Sunday, November 6, 2011

Get Smaller Nose with NOSE UP + Dariya Hair Pad

Quick post before I sleep. So what I have here is NOSE UP, with this little clip you can make your nose smaller, thinner, and pointier (same like nose magic though). I bought it from my friend with super cheap price, $ 1.5 harhar...

Product Description:

Our nose plays a big part in our facial profile. Embrace what you have, but yet help it look it's best. Our nose and ears are the only body part that never stops growing. The Nose up just 10 minutes a day will help reshape our nose so it can grow in the right places and enhance our overall profile.
This nose up is suitable to small to medium size nose. Slide the nose up from top down to the tip. This will help graph your nose with a pointier tip.

Experience: I kept using it (everyday) for two weeks, 15-20 minutes/day (supposed to be 10~15mins/day though) But so far, I haven't notice any big difference yet. I was skeptical at first, really, who wouldn't? but the explanation from Dr. Erik J. Lexgarde (on nose magic site) makes me believe that this little clip can do miracle.

cartilage is almost 90% water. It is a highly moldable tissue, if bones could be straigthen using skeletal tractions, if spine could be fixed using braces and if a deformed foot could be re aligned using medical boots how much more our cartilage? In ancient China, women wore small shoes to make their feet smaller and the bones in the feet is not even a cartilage. If we can mold a bone how much more a cartilage?

Well, I do notice a big difference just right after I use the product, but it's only temporary. in five minutes or so, my nose will gradually return to normal mode. hahaha... But I think I have to be more patient and if I see any better result with this Nose up clip, I'll get back here :D

And, I want to show you my favorite hair pads (because it's super cheap) hohoho... well known Dariya Hair Pads~

I got my first pair of Dariya hair pads from Nic Nic (thanks again~) well, I'm not going to review anything cuz I'm pretty sure you can get this pads easily bcuz it's super cheap like ok I bought the blue dariya pads for USD $ 0.5/pack! Zomg super super SUPER cheapv( ̄Д ̄)v. Yay for cheapie product (I'm super stingy btw ;p) The only thing I don't like is the shape! it's super boring =/ I'd prefer lioele hair pads, cuter in ribbon shape lolz. Thanks for reading and I'll see you 'very' soon. I'm off to sleep now, bubbye~

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