Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hello everyone, It's December already, wheee... time passes more rapidly every year! and that means LUVIEW MEGA GIVEAWAY has officially been opened! ^^  you might already know 'bout the brand since I've been raving about it often ^-^ Just in case you want to ready my review, please follow this link: LUVIEW Cosmetic Reviews

First, I want to thank Mr. Bryan Han, the director of sales and marketing at luview for choosing me as one of the POWER ANGEL, I'm a representative for Indonesia. As for the giveaway, Luview will be giving away 100 (YES A HUNDRED!) products, plus 50 Angel T-shirt!

There will be FIVE (5) lucky WINNER! Winners will be chosen at random (by me). For outside Bandung-Jakarta area, winners will have to pay the delivery cost. For Indonesian residence, please participate the event here on my blog. And for other, please participate in accordance with your country:

Global: Nic Nic
Korea: Yujin
Japan: Monica Ai
Philippines: Shimmerjjang Andhie
Indonesia: Lina Kim
Spain: Aikoneko
Russia: Elena
Taiwan: Lois
Germany: CutieLippi
USA: Jin
Malaysia: Tan Kim
Finland: Carita

Winners may choose two products from Luview online shop, and get one angel T-shirt (available size S-M)

1. in order to participate in this event, you MUST hit the 'LIKE' button on luview official fan page, just click on the link below.
2. COMMENT ON LUVIEW MEGA GIVEAWAY PAGE, write your nationality and the reason why you like luview.
3. COMMENT ON THIS POST (write the url of your comment on luview facebook page, if you do the additional entries, please use the format below)

To increase your chance on winning, do this entries. This is optional, you may/may not do it:
- Following my blog (+5)
- Blog about this giveaway. Be sure to link me back and post my picture BANNER  [+5]
- Have my giveaway banner on your blog SIDEBAR (use the first pic and resize it) + link back [+3]
- Adding me ( to your BLOG ROLL [+3]
- Follow SparkleApple on twitter and tweet about this giveaway on twitter. [+1]

Please use this format in your comment! Note: Fill it out properly or else additional entries will be invalid

Additional Entries:
1. Following my blog? (YES/NO). GFC NAME:
2. Make a blog post about the giveaway? (YES/NO). Link to your post:
3. Put the banner on your sidebar? (YES/NO)
4. Add SparkleApple to your BLOG ROLL? (YES/NO). your blog link:
5. Folowing me on twitter and TWEET about the giveaway? (YES/NO). Link to your twitter post:

Total POINTS:... (maximum of 17 points/person)

Note: You may have already seen this giveaway being hosted on other blog. Since this is a sponsored giveaway, and fully hosted by me (I'll be choosing the winners myself) there might be a slight difference between MY rule and other luview power blogger's rule.

Thank you for joining and good luck

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