Friday, December 16, 2011

Review: KOJI Dolly Wink Eyelashes No.1 Dolly Sweet

Hellooow, it's Saturday and I hope everyone is having a great weekend~ I'm still in the office now (In case you are wondering, I'm working as a graphic designer in a shopping mall),  it's time to go home though, but one review wouldn't hurt ^-^ This review is sponsored by ARTIE STYLE, you might be aware that couple weeks ago, ARTIE sent me a Dolly Wink package. And Today, I'll be reviewing the -very- famous Dolly Wink false/fake eyelashes. Sorry for the lateness though >.<~~~

Since everyone is raving about it already, I won't bother introducing it again. Please check ARTIE, if you're planning to buy Dolly Wink (or other japanese beauty or skincare product).
Price: USD $ 17.99
Quantity: 2 pairs.

Extra zoomed in~!
Dolly Wink Falses No.1
Daiso lower lashes No.5
Mac fluidline eyeliner gel in blacktrack.

My comment:
It does live up to the hype! 1_02.gif (19×19)
Gives dramatic dolly look, I'd say dramatic because this falsies is much much longer than any falsies I've ever tried before. However, it looks more natural from afar, but upclose? SUPER EXTRA dramatic (because of its thickness, combined with my natural eyes feature), so that when my friend saw me with this falsies on, she was like "OMG What happened to your eyes!" LOLZ... I tried it on briefly, and it's so lightweight, like I didn't put anything on. The elastic band is super JELLY~~~~ it doesn't prick or hurt me on the eyelids.

Now for the downside, it's a little bit pricey, though, you pay for the quality3_09.gif (19×19), I can assure you that Dolly Wink is one of the best falsies in the world (no exaggerating here=p) And upclose, the clear band is visible although I'm wearing black eyeliner. (note: sorry for the messy photo, I took in in the office, lulz), but perhaps I'm applying it poorly anyway~~it's only my fourth time applying falsies1_48.gif (19×19), hurhurhur...

This is a very delicate eyelashes, just be sure to take a good care of them and they will serve you well, with its amazing durability it can be reused for more than 5 times (according to DW site). So yea, it's worth the price!

- High durability, can be reused 5 times or even more.
- Lightweight, and comfortable to wear.
- Pretty and unique shape.
- Easy to apply.
- Glue included (it's the best falsies glue ever! imo)

- Pricey
- Visible clear band.

It looks pretty natural from afar :3~ 1_02.gif (19×19)
And sooo... I've been wanting to try new Dolly Wink product, Otona Kawaii, a little bit confused with the tagline though, otona kawaii, I mean... how can 'Otona' be so 'kawaii'? haha... Everyone is raving about it~!
Last note, I can't help myself tweaking the layout again LOLOLZ. I knew that I can't live with the pinkyness !!! Mwahaha... See ya, I'll be back pretty soon~

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