Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine ♥ Blogger Love~

Happy Valentines day to all the cute lady out there! I hope you were enjoying your val's day much ^-^ I spent a whole day together with my bf, watching 'weird' movie, and hit the cafe together, I went to N'kleine cafe [I went there just bcuz it got the cutest name. N'kleine! way to cuuuute!] lolz. Well. it was a lovely and puuurfect day for me, too bad I didn't bring my cammie with me =(

Plaid Tralala de liz liza shortie
I have to say that this is the cutest shortie I've ever seen!
So well, I'm going to share some love that I've received from three lovely bloggers. I got a big package all the way from Australia, thanks to Saya! She sent me a package full of kawaii and wonderful stuff, Including two Liz Liza shortie (which I love love LOVE~!)

Kawaiiness overload! heheh... and thanks to her, now that saya gave me a pack of FANCL clear control AC. I might buy another pack. I take the pills one/day, idk what is the ideal dosage though. But it contains useful vitamins to keep your skin clear.

Anna Sui ribbon hair clip and plaid ribbon hair tie from Saya, which has become my favorite (σ・∀・)σ 

Next, I also received a package from Aki xD, she is a sweet blogger from Singapore, you can check her blog here.  The pandaaaaaaaaa pouch! Kyaaaa it's really really cute! heheheh... I love it! and finally! I can try eyemazing eyelashes, I'm going to review them so stay tuned girls  :3

The last package is from my friend in Jakarta, Stephanie. I didn't win any giveaway from her though, but she kindly sent a package to me! how sweet of her! ♥♥(o→ܫ←o) and she really 'know' what stuff I like. I was like... OMG Steph! u really know me! hahaha... she sent me a bottle of thermal spring water spray from Avene, which I love so much (it suits my skin so well!) and I need to restock!!! hehe..
There's also a mini Petit Bijou travel kit (my favorite!) and two pack of cutie earl grey tea and macaron mask that I've always wanted to try for ages! OMG OMG...sankyu~~~♥

Naaah, that will be it xD aside from all the gift, I also bought some bracelets from Tiffany's house. I'd like to share (just because I like them so much) =p The bracelet on the first photo is my current favorite, super simple with a ribbon shaped swarovksi attached on it. I bought the second pearly bracelet from a friend in Korean institute ^^

Pearly bracelet! I bought three pearl bracelets, and gave it to a best friend (●^―^●)
and some random photos...

han kok!

Been in love with plaid skirt.(⌒▽⌒)

 Look somewat retarded! I know I know! hahaha, pretty much my everyday look in the office =.= I looked so haggard btw TT^TT
 I like the blurred one better =/

SUPER SUPER EXPOSURED picture! hahaha..and no I am not mainstream 'kay?
And this is what I bought. a male wig! I ordered it in November though, but the shop is kinda messed up and guess what?I received this in february! crazeeeh. I believe I want it in black, yet it come to me in brown (* ̄m ̄)  Geez... but oh well, the brown isn't that bad though.

It's a kanekalon fiber wig! kinda miss my old boyish style so I bought this wig on a whim :D Will share the photos with the wig on later, hehe...

That's all for now, thanks for reading and ciaaao~♡♡