Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Skin Care Regime

I've been asked several times to write a post about my skin care routine, so I decided to tell you what product I use to take care of my skin (daily and occasionally). To be frank,  I'm a type of person that cling on one HG product that suits my skin, usually a natural product which is free from dangerous ingredients (parfume, paraben, coloring agent, etc).

But well, eventhough I said that, my skin care regime might change on monthly/yearly basis, depends on my skin condition. And sometimes, I love to to buy new skincare products (usually one that has been overly hyped =P) and ended up giving them away to my housemaid, like what I did to my newly bought Olay face cream which is too greasy to my liking.

I've been using products from Beautyzen/Beautycode for 5years now. (Beautyzen Soft Cleansing Lotion, Beautyzen Refreshing Toner, and O2xy Face Cream). It contain no artificial color, artificial fragrance, and is free from preservatives.

Basically, this is how I usually take care of my skin:
Cleanser--> Toner--> Moisturizer/Ampouple (on lazy days)
Cleanser--> Toner--> Ampoule/Serum->  Moisturizer-->Eye Cream (on not so lazy days~)
Cleanser--> Exfoliate--> Mask--> Ampoule--> Moisturizer--> Eye Cream (Once a week, usually at weekend)

Daily Skin Care Routine I:
- Ceanse my face with Beautyzen soft cleansing lotion, and rinse it with lukewarm water.
- Tone (beautyzen refreshing toner).
- I usually wait for 1 minutes before proceeding to the next step. --> Moisturize I used to love Kristine Ko-Kool refreshing cream, but it's a bit expensive, so I switched to Mizon All in one-Snail Healing Cream. I'm nearly finished a jar and I think I might go back to Kristine Ko-Kool.

Daily Skin Care Routine II (when I notice dullness on my face)
- Cleanse (beautyzen soft cleansing lotion)
- Tone (BRTC Vitalizer Fluid)
- When I want some radiance to appear on my skin, I usually tap an ample amount of BRTC Vitalizer C-10 Ampoule on my face and do the facepalm to help the absorption of Vitamin C.
- Moisturize, I use BRTC Vitalizer Cream.

Weekend Skin Care Routine:
-I love to pamper myself on weekend! I usually use a sleeping mask (LIOELE multi seaweed gel) and put on any random mask like tissue mask, aspirin mask, natural homemade mask, etc on daytime. And the most important thing is to exfoliate my old skin cells! I use Baviphat Peach all in one Peeling Gel.

And this is what I use to combat acne and keep my skin as clear as possible! I do have acne issues OMAAAW~~~(っ╥﹏╥)っ" I'll prolly make a review for FANCL Clear Control AC. It's a consumeable tablet with a lot of vitamins and other nutritious ingredients to keep your skin clear.

For acne spot treatment, I've been using Clean & Clear Acne Clearing Gel for two years, I love how it smells! But it doesn't work well on clearing acne so I think I'll switch to Etude House pink powser spot soon. As for the Clean & Clear Deep Action Daily Pore Cleanser, I use it to completely remove BB Cream residue. It works great as a cleanser, but I won't use it too often.

Skincare FAQ (Formspring)

"How to choose the right skin care products?"
Well, I'm not an aesthetic, lolz. But I have a little tips that might help, First you need to know your skin type, your skin condition (is it atopic or not?)~I'm atopic type btw. So it's better for me to stick around with natural and eco products. Second, have a patience, skin care product is not a magic stuff that can clear your skin probs in just one night. It's important to review your skin changes and adjust accordingly with your current prob/condition.

"How long is my daily skincare routine?"
15-20 minutes. The facepalming took me at least 10minutes.

"Any tips to get clear skin?"
NEVER ever touch your face with your 'dirty' finger! Nawww!

So that's all about my current skin care routine~ Thank you for reading~!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Review: GEO Flower Series Lotus Gray + ES Natural criss cross falsies

Hee...Lovelies, I'm back <3 with an overdue review!! I received this lenses from mukuCHU, Brisbane based store in Aussie. Thanks mukuCHU~
Don't mind me :P I just love doing this to my pic! hahaha♥♥

Product Name: GEO FLOWER SERIES ~ Lotus Gray/Grey
POWER/PRESCRIPTION: 0.00 (Plano) only
B.C.: 8.6mm
DIAMETER: 15.00mm
Description: The Lotus circle lens focuses on a dark rim to enlarge the eye and create more of a “cartoon” character round eye effect. The floral design within the lenses creates a subtle but noticable sparkle to the eye.

Design/Pattern: PhotobucketI was kinda skeptical when I first saw it. Will it look good on me? cuz by seeing the pattern I know it won't give a natural look, and usually, I look somewhat weird with unnatural pattern, this--->(✪ܫ✪) LOL. But once worn, I'm quite satisfied with the look. And I'm just getting started to love the design when I notice an anime-ish feel on it, lolz. Looking at my first selca, it reminds me to mangaish style irises. Anyhow, the patterns is composed of overlapped lotus petals, anyone noticed it?

Comfort:Photobucket It's actually thinner than other GEO lenses I've tried so far!(*°∀°)=3 believe me or not, but it's comfortable enough to be worn for several hours, and I began to change my opinion of GEO lenses (I had bad experience with GEO ck-107 last year). I'm not gonna give 4 though, it's just better, but not the most comfortable lens :P

Enlargement: Photobucketit does enlarge your eyes for being 15mm circle lens (though, I thougt it was 14.5mm circle lens lolz!) Thanks to its dark rim on the outer edge~!

Color: Photobucketa subtle gray color, and yes I do agree when they say that it adds sparkles to your eyes. Mostly because of the pattern I assume. I'd prefer it to be a little darker though.

p.s: Don't forget to visit Mukuchu facebook, official site, and Twitter!

Next, I'm going to review a pack of fake eyelashes that I received from KKCENTERHK for review purpose, it's a suuuuper delayed review,omg I'm super sorry.
Product Name: ES 10 Pairs Natural Short Cross Black False Eyelashes 

You only need to grab USD $ 8.00 out of your pocket to buy a pack of criss cross falsies from KKcenterHK, which is, very cheap in my opinion. Plus you will get 10 pairs of them. The price is too good to be true, especially for its quantity I say.

Well, compared to other criss cross falsies, this one looks more natural. I love it bcuz the strands are a lil bit messy, thick, and not neatly separated. I love it~! Plus, the elastic band is black and more elastic...if I could compared to my older kkcenterhk falsies. But however, it's still a lil bit too dramatic to me (I'd never go out with falsies that is too visible, unless to attend an event.) I'd classify it as an 'for event' falsies.

So yea, that would be all for today
Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend gurlz~~~! LOVE ya~~(*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆

Geo Flower series~lotus gray
Dolly wink pencil eyeliner in brown
ES natural criss cross falsies
O2skin Eyeshadow in brown and white
The Skin Food salmon dark circle concealer

Luview Aqua essence BB cream
Luview one touch brush sun powder
The body shop tea tree concealer

Etude House color me nude lip concealer
Etude House fresh cherry tint in peach

Friday, March 16, 2012

Cyworld~ Korean Photo Editor Download

With so many question and request about Cyworld Photo On~the famous korean photo editor among uljjang lover, I decided to 'once again' make a lil post about it. And just like I promised, this time, with a download link. So if anyone interested to try the photo editor, feel free to click the link below and download the file (^ε^)♪

time for cutey J-cheese~♥!

1. How can I use Cyworld photo editor?
I wrote a mini guide here:

2. What photo editor program you usually use?
Adobe photoshop, though, in fact I rarely use PhotoOn editor.

3. What can I do with the editor?
Add cute templates to your selca, digitally put a frame, emoji, and make an animated gif as well.

So readers, I hope you will have a great time editing your pics ( ・∀・) 
I'll be back with a better post ^-^ Ciaoooo~

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review: Tony Moly Cherry Tint

Yoohoo ladies! omg I was a bit shocked when I realize that I only write one post in February! this blog is sure need a bit of sparks~! So yea... I think I'll be posting a review of 'old' Tony Moly chery tint, this one in cherry pink [1]. I got it from a friend, like... one year ago~lulz. and sure it's been hyped a lot, you can find tons of other review, but...~ one extra review from me wouldn't hurt I suppose :)
lolz. one year old lip tint~
Despite its being old, it sells like crazy. Many of my friend loved this product too. The only downside, in my opinion, is that the color is a bit too intense. (Still, my HG tint is fresh cherry tint from Etude House). Texture is watery, very very watery and they can go light or thick, depends on how many layers you put on. Some site said that it can also be used as a blushers, but I'm not sure, since I haven't read any official description from TonyMoly. Better be safe!

Oh btw, this baby is also available in mini size, comes in a cute lil bottle, just like a potion.
a CherryBomb!

 My Verdict:
This is the swatches. And yes I did swipe a lip balm before applying anything on my lips, it's soften my cracky lips (lolz, it's true) so the tint can spread more evenly  :) I tried to apply the tints on my inner side of  my lower lips, and spread one or two drops of it onto my upper lips. I love the results~ it becomes more natural. Once, I worn it fully on my whole lips, my friend laughed at me and shouted, "WTH IS WRONG WITH YOUR LIPS!?" LOL~~~~

Anyhow, it stays well on my lips, for several hours in a party without any retouch. Pretty much like other water type tints, which definitely has better staying power. (compared to lipstick or milky tints).
Nah, about repurchase, I won't do it! this product is not the 'best', I would say, averagely good not bad.
I just want to try other *famous* tint, that I've yet to try, like Skinfood jelly tint, and such! tehee~

Downside: the bottle is also leaking (a bit)... but it's leaking! o: and the color is a lil bit too intense (in my opinion), photo doesn't do justice, it's waaay much intense irl --> fuschia pink. I'd prefer something more peachy :D

Overall Rating:Photobucket

So yea. that would be all for the review today! Thank you for reading and have a nice day everyone! *Wishing you a good luck whatever you are up to~*