Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review: Tony Moly Cherry Tint

Yoohoo ladies! omg I was a bit shocked when I realize that I only write one post in February! this blog is sure need a bit of sparks~! So yea... I think I'll be posting a review of 'old' Tony Moly chery tint, this one in cherry pink [1]. I got it from a friend, like... one year ago~lulz. and sure it's been hyped a lot, you can find tons of other review, but...~ one extra review from me wouldn't hurt I suppose :)
lolz. one year old lip tint~
Despite its being old, it sells like crazy. Many of my friend loved this product too. The only downside, in my opinion, is that the color is a bit too intense. (Still, my HG tint is fresh cherry tint from Etude House). Texture is watery, very very watery and they can go light or thick, depends on how many layers you put on. Some site said that it can also be used as a blushers, but I'm not sure, since I haven't read any official description from TonyMoly. Better be safe!

Oh btw, this baby is also available in mini size, comes in a cute lil bottle, just like a potion.
a CherryBomb!

 My Verdict:
This is the swatches. And yes I did swipe a lip balm before applying anything on my lips, it's soften my cracky lips (lolz, it's true) so the tint can spread more evenly  :) I tried to apply the tints on my inner side of  my lower lips, and spread one or two drops of it onto my upper lips. I love the results~ it becomes more natural. Once, I worn it fully on my whole lips, my friend laughed at me and shouted, "WTH IS WRONG WITH YOUR LIPS!?" LOL~~~~

Anyhow, it stays well on my lips, for several hours in a party without any retouch. Pretty much like other water type tints, which definitely has better staying power. (compared to lipstick or milky tints).
Nah, about repurchase, I won't do it! this product is not the 'best', I would say, averagely good not bad.
I just want to try other *famous* tint, that I've yet to try, like Skinfood jelly tint, and such! tehee~

Downside: the bottle is also leaking (a bit)... but it's leaking! o: and the color is a lil bit too intense (in my opinion), photo doesn't do justice, it's waaay much intense irl --> fuschia pink. I'd prefer something more peachy :D

Overall Rating:Photobucket

So yea. that would be all for the review today! Thank you for reading and have a nice day everyone! *Wishing you a good luck whatever you are up to~*

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