Thursday, June 28, 2012

Korean Ulzzang Gradient Lips Tutorial ~립 그라데이션 테크닉

Sealed by a kiss~! Gradient lips has become a trend especially in Asia, and this style are often done in many korean dramas, and very very popular among ulzzangs. You might have seen this too somewhere ^-^, I personally like this lips make-up because it gives innocent look to girls, and gives youthful look to grown up woman. I have several versions of gradient lip look and the version I'm doing today is the more intense one, I call it a CHERRY POPSICLE lips ^^

Cherry popsicle lips~♥
It makes me look like I had just been eating a CherryBerry popsicle, I did this many times when I was a child! So let's check the tutorial, shall we? (It's going to be a rather long post with lots of pictures of my lips, so bear with it~!)

Since the pictures I made doesn't go into much details, I'm going to explain the step by step tutorial of achieving the Cherry Popsicle gradient lips style here. Technically, the lighter shade is applied on the outer edges and the darker shade is applied on the innderside of your lips.

♥TIPS♥ Lip Preparation: you'll be layering tons of product on your lips and you don't want the products to clung onto every lines on your lips, resulting a clumpy look. >_< Make sure to apply a lipbalm the night before and exfoliate in the morning, the product used will glides on smoother on your soft lips~♥

Lip Gloss Gradient Lips~How to:
1. After exfoliate, apply a layer of lipbalm. You may also use a clear non-glossy lip primer.
2. Apply any milky tint you have (I'm using Etude House Fresh Cherry tint peach) to your WHOLE lips evenly, upper, lower, innderside, and outerside. With this, you now have a pair of lips with good and pretty undertone.
3. Now, this is the most important thing, apply lip concealer (you may substitute it with BB cream or foundation) only on the outer edge of your lower lips, and apply it thinly on your upper lips. The concealer will even out any unwanted dark pigmentation on your outer edge of lips, makes them appear smaller.

4. Now, you will need a very pigmented lip tint (I use TONY MOLY lip tint in cherry pink), Dab the color accross the center of your lower lips, starting from inside. Blend it will your finger/brush. (using lip tint wth watery consistency is recommended.)
5. To make the gradient looks better, swipe a light colored lip tint around the rim of the darker color you've applied before, it will creates a perfect gradient. Then apply it on upper lips lightly. Be sure not to apply the concealed area.

♥TIPS♥ I know that we often tempted to smack our lips after each application, if you want to smack your lips together, do it lightly :)

Now I'll be using a lip gloss to give a finishing touch! You'll need two shades, one should be darker than your natural lips, and one should be very nude.
6. Take your darker lip gloss and dab the color on the innerside of your lips, starting from inside. Again, remember not to let the darker gloss goes onto outeredge area of your lips.
7. Take your nude lip gloss, and swipe a little bit of the color on the outer edge of your lips. Blend well with the tip or lip brush. DONE~!

Here's the finished look of Cherry Popsicle Glossy Gradient!

My camera is exaggerating the color. >.<  The color looks vivider and makes me a lil bit vampy, but actually it looks more natural in real life.
(Products used: Luview Glossy Kiss, Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in peach, Etude House Color Me Nude, Tony Moly lip tint in cherry pink, The Face Shop lovely me:ex tint.)

And now, for those who want to skip all the hassle, you can still achieve this look easily, here's how I do it:

Easy Gradient Lips ~ How to:
1. Undertone is a key, undertone your whole lips first with any milky tint you have and apply a concealer on the outeredge of your lips. Blend in with your finger.
2. Dab a little bit of pigmented lip tint (watery consistency) to the innerside of your lips, starting from the inside. Be sure you're not overdoing it. Use your finger to blend the color.

DONE! if you want 3D finished look, you can apply a clear lip gloss afterwards. ^-^ (I use B&C Makemania Curvy Lip Silicone) However, this version looks more natural irl. (Product used: Tony Moly lip tint in cherry pink, Etude House color me nude lip concealer, Etude House fresh cherry tint in peach.)

Very easy to accomplish!

This is how it looks with indoor lighting, more natural isnt it?

And for the products... basically you can use any type of lip tint, lip gloss, or even a lip stick. But I prefer to use lip tint because it stays longer.

♥KEYPOINT♥ The perfect gradient could only be achieved by using products with a same undertone. Pink to peach is still acceptable. For example, red to pink is good, but red to peach won't make a good gradation.

Click the link to read my reviews for each products ^^
Luview Glossy Kiss, Etude House Color Me Nude lip concealer, Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint, THE FACE SHOP Lovely Me:ex tint, TONY MOLY lip tint.

So that would be all! You can create your own version of gradient lips ^-^ In general, the less intense the color is, the more natural it would be. So this is my intense and vivid version of 'CHERRY POPSICLE' gradient lips.

♥LAST NOTE♥ If you find this too intense for you, you can reduce the amount of pigmented tint used.

I hope you girls enjoyed this tutorial and I'd be happy if you find it helpful. ^-^ And if you like the tutorial, you can follow my blog too~ it would be greatly appreaciated! Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon~

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You can read my article too on their news feed ^-^

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Review: ETUDE HOUSE Drawing Eye Brow Pencil #05 Grey

Hi dollies, I want to share my latest Holy Grail found which is the Etude House Drawing Eyebrow AD in grey~ Actually I bought this because I lost my old skinfood black bean eyebrow pencil the other day, and that was my very first and the only one eyebrow pencil I've ever had, lolz.

 sealed cap~

the retractable pencil side has a triangular shape, perfect for filling in the brows.

You can control the thickness of the line because of its unique shape.

It's a basic retractable eye brow pencil, the cheapest one among Etude House's eyebrow line collection (USD $ 2.9), super cheap yet works like charm on me. Easy to use, no need to sharpen, and the shade matches my eyebrows color perfectly. Actually it's a dual sided pencil, you can find a mini spoolie brush on the other side of the pencil, Boo me I forgot to take the picture >.< Sorry~~ I'll just leave this picture from Etude House site for you.

Product Description from Etude House:
Silky smooth eyebrow pencil fills in, defines and shapes brows to perfection. Ultra-fine tip lightly deposits pigments, mimicking actual brow hair for a natural look that highlights the sparkle of your eyes. For natural looking brows, apply liner with precise and short strokes, following the natural growth of your brows.

Comes in 6 shades, I choose grey because I believe this is the lightest shade of all. I have a broad and flat eyebrows, so I need shade that is not too pigmented and close to my natural naked eyebrows. And yea my eyebrows... they're just~ GREY! I wasn't satisfied with the black or brown thing for my eyebrows as they're too pigmented and -if I didn't apply it carefully- would make my eyebrows look like a fat black caterpillar. *yuuuuck*... So yea, Grey is the right shade and puuuurfect for me! You know my everyday signature look, the 'no make-up' make up. Anyhow, I'm still keeping my natural hair locks too... so yea GREY is the perfect shade for my eyebrows, Grey is perfect, grey is just puuuurfect~ I love it!

The pigmentation is just right, and I've never had a hardtime doing my brows with EH drawing eyebrow AD. The attached spoolie brush works like a miracle too, it will wash away any excess color, makes the shade even more natural. If you're heavy handed then I'd recommend this baby for you, the line bar is not waxy and the color comes off very natural. Just remember to use a feather-like stroke :)

Staying power is good, no need to retouch. ^-^

What I like:
Cheap yet works like charm!
The shade matches my eyebrows perfectly.
No need to sharpen.
Stays the whole day without retouch.
Comes with a brush. <-- a must!
Convenient and travel friendly.

What I don't like:
Nothing! I love it to bits!

Love Rating:Photobucket

few pictures of me wearing EH drawing eyebrow in grey. It looks so natural from afar and even upclose.

I'm happy to tell you that this is my most recent HG eyebrow pencil~! ^-^
That's all for now, I'll be back with more review and make-up tutorial, thanks for reading and have a nice monday everyone!

Friday, June 22, 2012

My Beauty Diary Mask: Chocolate Truffle + Earl Grey Tea & Macaron

Thanks to Stephanie, I was able to try two sheets of beauty diary mask, chocolate truffle mask and earl grey tea & macaron mask. And yea, I'm here to write a quick review of the yummiest mask ever!

chocolate truffle ingredients

ChocolateTruffle Mask Description:
My Beauty Diary Chocolate Truffle Sheet Mask moisturizes and softens the face in 20 minutes.
The mask is made of carefully selected, quality cocoa bean extract from the southern part of Caribbean Sea and very precious truffle extract from the northern part of Italy. Cocoa beans give miraculously moisturizing and defending power while truffle provides deep nourishment and hydration. The combination makes skin feel very watery, silky and alluring.
Beta-Glucan, extracted from the endosperm of oat, together with rice protein, sinks deep into dry skin and continuously moisturizes. In addition, milk protein soothes and moisturizes excellently. The mask quenches the thirst of skin, leaving skin very comfortable, watery and elastic to the touch.
Suitable for normal skin, it is recommended for skin that tends to be dehydrated and skin with poor elasticity.

My comment:
Remember my old post about DIY Cacao Mask? If you want to skip all the hassle in making DIY cacao mask then buying My beauty diary Chocolate Truffle mask would be a great idea. It still contains all the benefit of cacao bean. It has a very tasty and yummy smell, imagine the rich smell of freshly baked chocolate muffin!

I absolutely love its sweet smell, which always entice me to lick the mask, lolz. But no I'd never do that of course, sweet smell bitter taste. =P~ But aside from the smell, I don't really like the result. The essence is too thick and it stays on the surface of my skin and absorbs very very slowly, leaving a sticky sensation on my face. aweee~ Bear in mind that I have an oily skin. I have to re-wash my face with water after use, though, once washed, I can feel my skin is hydrated, plumper, and softer. So yea, recommended for dry/normal skin, if you have oily skin type like me, just skip this mask. ('◇')ゞ


 So much serum! it keeps dripping~

Thin, but strong tissue.

Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Description:
My Beauty Diary Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask illuminates and clarifies the face in 20 minutes.
The combination of black tea ferment and bergamot essential oil gives a miraculously brightening effect. It brightens dull and yellowish skin tone, leaving skin briskly clear, fair and flawless.
Sweet almond protein and sugar cane extract are mixed to leave skin glittering and translucent, smooth and delicate. The fruit extracts of rosa canina, blueberry and acerola leave skin fair and perfectly clear, enhancing the skin’s translucency and ability to defend.
Suitable for normal skin, it is recommended for dull skin without lustre.

My Comment:
I personally like the name because it sounds cute! Earl grey tea and macaron, okay, feel like eating macarons now( ̄(エ) ̄)y. While writing this post I'm actually craving for chocolate muffins, macarons, and a cup of tea~ daaarn. Okay, the smell of this mask isn't as rich and sweet as the chocolate truffle's. Smell like a sweet tea with a drop of lemony juice in it.

Greatest combo: Macarons X tea!
This mask is supposed to give you a brighter radiance (it contains arbutin), and after I let the mask stay on my face for about 30minutes, I noticed that my face complexion has become slightly brighter. But still, I need to re-wash my face with water becase the essence is too thick to be absorbed, dang my oily skin!
Chocolate Truffle Rating:Photobucket
Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Rating:Photobucket

All in all, I think beauty diary masks line are a little bit too fancy for those who are serious about skincare. They added too many fragrances (even though it smells like heaven lolz)  and additives substances (like butylene glicol, etc) Oh well, you can find butylene/propylene glycol in many skincare products, but yeaaa.....ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ One or two masks from My Beauty Diary won't hurt~ ^-^

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