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Review: LUVIEW One-Touch Brush Sun Powder

Hello dear readers, here's another one of my overdue review~ Luview One Touch Brush Sun Powder. Basically a micro-fine loose powder with SPF 50 and PA+++ so if you are looking for a good skin saver for summer, look no more~!

Well then, onto the review!

glam and elegant packaging~

Product Description:

Benefit : SPF 50 PA+++, Built in brush, Oil control
Skin types : Oily, Combination skin
Formula : Micro-fine powder
Volume : 9g
Coverage : ◆◆◇◇◇
US$ 24.60/1,230
Powder type sun block protects skin from UV/A and UV/B damage

1. One-touch brush: The built-in natural brush enables convenient use anywhere, anytime.
2. LUVIEW's sebum control powder. Loose, lightweight texture is right for every type of skin and skin friendly pigments keeps make up clean all day.
3. Ultra fine sun powder enables its use at the last stage of make up and skin-hugging formula delivers a reliably flawless finish.
4. SPF50+ / PA+++: KFDA certified.

Built in brush~

 Micro-fine loose powder

What I like:
♥ SPF 50 PA+++
♥ Doesn't cake
♥ Good oil control
♥ Makes skin look poreless and smooth!
♥ Sophisticated packaging as always~
♥ Gives natural and semi matte finish
♥ Micro-fine powders > feels light on skins

My comment:
Eventhough I've had this for quite a long time, I just started to use it recently. I rarely set my base make-up (which is only BB cream, lol) with any kind of face powder, and for reference, my skintype is...OILY! I love how my skin looks all dewy and glowy on not-too-humid day with only a layer of BB cream. But recently, I noticed that my skin has become incredibly oilier! *grimacing face* o(`ω´*)o I think it's time to start wearing loose powder. And yea I'd prefer to wear loose powder than compact one because loose powder gives more natural finish and it feels light on my skin.

Okay, now I'll start to talk about the product! Teehee~ first off, the packaging! it looks sophisticated and glam, with red and gold color which is SO Luview~! It has a built in *FLAT KABUKI* brush that attached to the cap. Bristles are soft, and not even one hair has fallen out of the brush♥♥. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ However, the length of the brush is somewhat short, so yea, it couldn't reach defined areas really well (like around your nose, eyes, nouth) but still ideal for all application on large and flats area of the face such as temples, cheeks, and forehead. During application you need to re-close, shake, and re-open the cap several times to get the powder come out.

What makes me fall head over heel in love with this baby is its magical power to make my skin look poreless, flawless, and ultra smooth! And with all of that good things, it still feels light on skins, doesn't cake, and at the same time, maintain the natural look. I'm no longer an avid fans of dewy finish, I'm all good with semi matte now. I believe that the final finish may look different depend on the type of one's skin. As for me, it makes my skin has a semi matte looks. 1 hour after application my face will start to 'dew' a little (because of the excess sebum),  that's why I would say it gives me 'semi' matte finish. 

However, I want to reassure you that this loose powder has a good oil control properties. And with SPF 50 and PA +++, this baby will be one of my favorite make up during the summer~

It keeps my skin look fresh and brighter!

Oil control:Photobucket
Lasting power:Photobucket

I have no major problem with the coverage though, because I always put on BB cream before buffing the powder. 

Selca time~ I'm wearing Luview perfect cover BB cream + One touch brush sun powder and crystal mineral pact here ^-^

So yeaaa! thank you for reading~! and oh~ before I go, I want to tell you that I'll be hosting a NEW GIVEAWAY soon! (June 18th~♥♥) Please remember the date~Teehehehe. Luview Korea just launched a new product, TRIPLE BAKED EYESHADOW! And I'm pretty sure you will love their new produt too~! So be sure to join because the giveaway will be hosted by Luview power angels and of course, open internationally~ Stay tuned ladies!

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