Thursday, July 19, 2012

Review: Re Cell Serum, Tera Eco BnB Cream, Sunblock & Cleansing Gel

Today I'll be reviewing four items (in sample size) that I recently received from Korea Cosmetics. I'm really excited because it's my first time trying product from Tera Eco, eventhough it's only in sample size but I got quite a lot so I can write a decent review, hopefully... lulz.

Tera Eco was established in 2006 in Korea and won the award of Excellence in Korea Female Business Contest, So yea... if you're interested to know more about Korean skincare and cosmetics brand, feel free to visit TeraEco official site.

First, let me show you the fullsize product of Recell Serum~

And these are the samples size product, I received 8 sachets of the serums (4 each), I only need two or three drops each use so one sachet can last for two or even three days.

Re Cell Serum I:
This amazing serum gives your skin an younger-looking glow and leaves it feeling incredibly silky. Collagen Fluid care serum is the refreshing. Phytogel type of essence E.G.F in ReCell which is made from pure and natural extracts. It keeps your skin fresh and clear. Collagen Fluid Care Serum highly concentrated levels of active and nutritional to your skin, seals in the maximum daily required as well as strengthen the skin by naturally stimulating collagen production. This helps repair skin imperfections like fine lines and wrinkles while protecting the skin from the aging effects of the environment. Non-irritating. Great for all skin types
Re Cell Serum II:
This amazing serum is pure and natural fruit extract. E.G.F in ReCell that contains fruit acid to help protect and against damaging your skin from UV. Vitamin Fluid Care Serum prevents premature signs of aging and helps stimulate your skin's metabolism. Highly recommended to improve your skin's clarity and radiance. Non-irritating. Great for all skin types.

My Quick Verdict:
I've been using this serum for one week only, so I can't really notice the effect to my skins. Basically, it's a two step skincare serum in gel form. This thing is rather special because it contains EGF or Epidermal Growth Factor, hence the name Re Cell! Nah, as for the EGF things, I've been using serum with EGF in it for nearly a month now, and I will make a post about that one later on. The gel is absorbed fast into skin and does not leave a sticky feel. Despite being gel, it has a good moisturizing properties.

TeraEco BnB Cream~sample size

 TeraEco Sunblock Cream SPF 50

Tera Eco BnB Special Cream:
Cover dark circles under eyes and instantly lift your look with this innovative pairing of concealer and coordinating power. Provides a smooth, long-wearing invisible coverage for all skin blemishes. Water-resistant, fragrance-free and non-acnegenic.
Contains Portulaca extract, Green Tea Extracts, Vitamin A.E, Matricaria Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Gel.

My Quick verdict:
I'm liking the BnB Cream so much! I wore this BnB Cream for the good 6 hour last night and I know that I'm going to like it since the very first time I tried it. I'm not trying to sound like an advertisement, I will definitely purchase the full size once I finished the other BB cream in my stash! Hehe, it gives me a matte finish at first and it will start to dew a little after several hours. I notice it has a good oil control properties too because the oiliness on my skin seems to be much more under control. Coverage is good, finally I can use lesser amount of concealer with the BnB cream on ^-^. Great product!

Tera Eco SunBlock SPF 50 PA+++ :
It helps protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays that age and damage the skin. This incredible cream helps fight off free radicals, reduces discolorations, and prevents new ones from forming. It is clinically proven to not only protect the skin against sun damage and the environment, but also to protect the skin from fine lines and dark spots.

My Quick Verdict:
I've never really worn a stand alone sunblock cream on my face before, haha. Usually I'd prefer to wear BB cream with SPF in it. What I like the most of this cream is its pleasing and subtle scent, it reminds me to a chamomile flower. ^-^ Other than that, you would find this cream just the same as any other run of the mill sunblock cream. Creamy consistency, no coverage, and no sticky feeling afterwards.

And this one is a rice cleansing gel from Tera Eco. It contains Rice Extract/ Herb Extract/ Hyarulonic Acid/ Fruit Acid/ Human Oligopeptide. It works well to clean any traces of BB cream on my skin and it also has a scrub like things in the gel. 

That's all about the beauty prodcut from Tera Eco! Hehe, hopefully you'll find one or more products that will suit your skin from this brand~! I'll see you soon on my next post, Bubbye~ :3

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