Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Skincare Tips for Healthy & Glowing Skin

Hello, everyone!
I hope you're enjoying your summer and hope you are making the most of the season! We all recognize that summer is a time for under-the-sun activities,  but in addition to the effects of heat, personal comfort and health are strongly affected by the humidity. Today I'm going to share some beauty tips for you, how to keep your skin healthy and pretty during summer!

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1. Shaving
Sundresses and shorts could only mean more frequent shaving! Find a good razor because it's time to show off your bare skin. Shave only when you've been in the shower for a few minutes and don't forget to use shaving cream (you can also use hair conditioner as a substitute). Shaving will dry out your skin so moisturize immedietaly afterward.

2. Exfoliate ~Achieve radiant complexion!
Get rid of dull complexion by exfoliate your skins every two days. You can use any kind of exfoliator, brush type, gel type, or peel type, whatever suits you best. Want to do it in natural way? Slough the dead skin cells off with LOOFAH.

3. Switch to summer skincare ~Listen to your skins!
Your facial skins, and your body will likely become oilier or sweating more than usual. Switch your skincare product to a lightweight one. This means you won't be using any heavy emulsion or moisturizer. The product used may vary during day or night, especially if you're sleeping in air-conditioned room. Listen to your skin and observe them, for example, if your skin tends to be oily during the day, you may use a toner and spritz a face spray instead of a cream.

4. Healthy Diet 
Drink plenty of fluids and replace lost electrolytes (potassium, sodium, chloride, etc.) with foods or supplements. Eat "light" foods such as fruit and vegetables and avoid heavy foods such as proteins which increase body heat.

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5. Wear loose-fitting clothing
High temps and humidity may mean heat rash, especially if you’re overdressed or prone to sweating a lot. Keep your tighties aside and pull your sundresses from the cupboard. To prevent irritation, wear a cotton underwear. Cotton will absorb excess sweat and breathes well.

♥Before you hit the beach♥
SPF: Be sure to wear A LOT (yes a lot) of sunscreen and lotion with SPF 30~50 (PA+++), and reapply them often.
Wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses :)
Preload Sunscreen: "Before a beach vacation, I wear sunscreen on my body every night. I do it for two to three weeks ahead so the sunscreen builds up in my stratum corneum, and it makes my skin less likely to burn," says Jeannette Graf, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City.

Constantly using sunscreen product is a great idea to do in summer. That way, you can maximize the the effect of sunscreen and builds up an even better defense againts sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. So that's all about the summer skincare tips and I hope you will find this information useful!

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