Friday, October 26, 2012

Review: H&M Duo Nail Polish & Liquid Eyeliner

I've had this items for quite a looong time, H&M Duo Nail polish in 'Vivid Nails' and 'Golden Nails', and also H&M liquid pen eyeliner. I got these along with many other goodies as a giveaway prize from Lippi, hehe... thanks girl~♥ The pen eyeliner could always be found in my make up pouch, but I left this two glorious bottle in a box, nearly forgotten.

I'm glad to have this nail polishes because 'yes!' this is my first HIGH QUALITY (but still affordable~♥) nail polish I've ever had. I used to buy cheap 'pocari' nail polishes >.< , hehe... I rarely wear nail polish though, When I make this post I realize that I've been neglecting my hands and nails way too loong! Zomg!!! I have a bad habit of biting my nails, it makes my nails look ugly.

Aside from that, my fingers looks so 'masculine', you know what I mean.

Motorbiking►Exposed to sun►Uneven skin tone, wrinky fingers (I WILL buy gloves for sure TT^TT)
Biting nails►Short nails (No matter how good the nail polish is, it will look bad on my nails)

I don't even dare to take a fullshoot of my fingers and hand. Bwahaha... So I need to cropped the swatches off, here it goes:

Yeah, messy paints... dry cuticles.... etc etc >.< And Okay, I MUST stop boring you with my finger nails story, hohoho....

Golden Nails: My favorite shade is the gold one, it composed of very fines glitters and it sparkles a lot! It has a silverish undertone, leaning towards cool color. The purple is a very dark purple, almost blackish if you look it afar. I also like the purple because it makes my uneven toned fingers look fairer.
Vivid Nails: I love the pink shade! I often pair it with black cuz pink and black is one of my favortie color combo. The pink, or I'd rather say 'fuschia' looks more intense and vivid in real life, hence the name. This pink is so neon ♥. As for the red, is a carmine tomato orangish red.

The quality is very good! It glides smoothly without any hassle. Good brush, easy to apply on. Dries fast, like 2-3 minutes. And it doesn't leave any ugly yellow stain too. Usually, I need three layers for a perfect opaque color, the pigmentation is still good nonetheless. However, it will start chipping off a bit within a few days, that might be because I didn't wear any top coat and base coat. But well, it's always easy to cover the chips.

That's all for the nails polishes, I love 'em and will start wearing nail polish more regularly now, hope it will stop me from biting my nails. lol...

Now for the eyeliner~~~

Nah... I had a lot of experience with this little pen eyeliner. From bad one to a nice one, heheh... I put this eyeliner in my make-up pouch and bring it together with me, though, t's not like this eyeliner is listed as favorite. I just find it handy and travel-friendly.

However, this eyeliner is not a waterproof type, and by wearing it, I learnt that 'wheather' has a profound effect to make-up. To make it short, this eyeliner is good for those who lives in cool place, or for those without oily eyelids. I wore it during my trip to lembang (which is rather cool) and it was all okay, smudged and a little amount transfered to my undereye area though, but it was only a little. But when I was in Jakarta, I tried to wear it and within an hour, it was already all over my eye area!!! Makes me look like a sick panda zomg.

My lids tends to be more oilier in hot places, so before wearing this eyeliner, I will always apply face powder beforehand. That helps! I used to wear this eyeliner daily when I was still a graphic designer in my previous company, I didn't worry too much about the smudge because the room was so cold.

And yeah, I'm still looking for a good quality non-waterproof liquid eyeliner (prefferably pen) Hehe... if you don't mind to share, please leave a comment ^-^/

Thanks for reading and I'll see you real soon~

Friday, October 19, 2012

Review: LIOELE Multi Seaweed Gel

Hello my dear readers! Remember my previous review of Lioele Seaweed 90 Trouble Care Mist? Tonight I'm going to review another Lioele product from the same line, Lioele Multi Seaweed Gel~!

Product Name: Multi Seaweed Gel
Origin: South Korea
Volume: 100gr
Price:  USD $ 18~20.00

Ingredients....~ Ouch! There's paraben, dipropylene glycol, and fragrance! But oh well, this gel got my favorite CHLORELLA in it, so yeah... ^-^

What Lioele says:

This is a multi functional product that can act as a toner, moisturizer or sleeping mask all in one. Contains 90% concentrated seaweed and other marine extracts, this gel is bursting with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, that help to boost skin resilience, hydration and protect skin from environmental damages and pollutants. With added benefits of CoQ10, collagen and aloe vera, this gel can also help to firm skin, enhance cell regeneration and soothe sensitive skin. That is why it is called ‘youth in a bottle’.

TONER/MOISTURIZER: After cleansing, apply over clean face. Follow with sunblock or BB cream during the day.
SLEEPING MASK: Apply a thick layer of seaweed gel during bedtime and go to sleep.
BODY MOISTURIZER: Apply of dry skin as often as needed.
♔Tips: Can be chilled in fridge before usage to cool skin and tone pores.

Here's the appearance of the big plastic jar, double capped, and come with a cute little spatula. For those who dislike the jar form (because it might be unhygienic), worries not! Cuz the little spatule can help you scoop away the gel~

 So Jelly~

So this is the little spatula that I mentioned earlier, hehe... cute isn't it? And to be frank, this is my first ever GEL type moisturizer! I've never tried anyhing as jelly as this before, I meant in terms of skincare. And oh~! speaking of the packaging, apparently the jar form is not a good idea (eventhough it comes with a super cute spatula). When I first received it, the gel had leaked everywhere. The inner cap seems not to be good enough to keep the gel inside.

Anyhoooow.... let me show you the benefit of Laminaria japonica Extract/Chlorella Vulgaris Extract/Porphyra Yezoensis Extract/Caulerpa Lentillifera Extract.

Green Caviar/Caulerpa Lentillifera/Seagrapes
Anti-inflammatory, skin lightening, anti-oxidant, anti-viral, hypolipidaemic and anti-cancer properties

Chlorella Vulgaris
Improve skin firmness and tone, Circulation Improvement, Contain Vitamins, minerals, and UV/UVA protection. Read more at: Benefits of Chlorella.

Laminaria Japonica/Brown seaweed
And yes this seaweed is widely used as a 'konbu' in Japan! It also has anti-inflammatory benefit.

Porphyra Yezoensis
Extracted from seaweed, it is rich in amino acid, alginic acid, carrageenan and saccharide. The extract has the ability to retain moisture and protect your skin from dryness, thus giving you a smooth and firm skin.

That's the four seaweeds with lots of benefit for our skins! And how about the product itself? Let's see this advertorial first ^-^
What I really like about the product is the multiple function it has. I can use it as daily moisturizer, and also a sleeping mask, which I've always wanted to try! (boo me I've never bought any sleeping mask before~! hahaha... )

Before using the gel, I usually spray Lioele Seaweed 90 Trouble Care Mist to my whole face, letting it fully absorbed.

As a moisturizer: The gel works great, it really suits my skin and my current environment (which is super duper hot during days and even night!), it doesn't leave any sticky/greasy feeling afterwards, I hope I could tell you how much I LOOOVE this product as a moisturizer! I guess it's because of the gel consistency? Upon application, I can feel a cooling sensation too. Especially when I put the jar in a fridge overnight ^-^ It helps the appearance of huge pores too. It doesn't make my face become oilier too (since mine is already oily TT^TT) It's so refreshing! By the way... I've been skipping moisturizer lately, cuz it's been super hot here! > . < but if you have super dry skin, I wouldn't recommend this gel because the moisturizing properties is actually not that good, though, it suits my skin so damn well!

As sleeping mask: I'll have plumper skin in the morning everytime I use it as a sleeping mask~! I LIKE it (This is also my first sleeping mask, lolz) So I can't really compare it with other products, sorry for that! But the result is really visible, and that's why I like it ^-^ Worth the try, eventhough I need to be aware not to let my face touch anything or else the gel will be all over the pillow when I woke up.

This moisturizer is my favorite! hehe... I'd start wearing moisturizer again for the first time in a month (it was all about toner and ampoule back then. harharhar...) I'd really recommend this product for those with oily and troubled skin ^-^

Overall rating: Photobucket

- This product is for people with all kinds of skin types: skin with a lot of problems,
acne skin, dry skin, oily skin, neutral skin, and complex skin.
- People who have dry skin all year long except for the T zone area. This product will help moisturize the skin.
- Skin that is fatigued due to late night office hours and all nighters.
- Skin that has a lot of problems and gets easily flushed.
- Skin that is dry and old looking.
- Skin that is dark and dead.

So yeah, I hope you like my review and thanks so much for reading~♥ It's 1.00 a.m. now and I need some sleep~ Toodles!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Review: EOS Adela Brown

Yo girls! I'm finally back, hehe... Now I'm going to do a review of EOS Adela or EOS Adela Ciel in brown. I received the pair from TOMATO shop, online shopping shop based in Jakarta. Thanks a lot Tomato shop!

Eerie selca~ hoho
The owner of Tomato shop e-mailed me and offered a sponsorship, She also kindly asked me if I have specific lens that I want to try, she's been sooo nice! hehe... The lens case is happen to be my favorite lens case too, the piggy one ^-^

 frilly pattern <3 p="p">

Product Description:
Product Name: EOS Adela (brown)
Water content: 45%
Diameter: 14.8 mm
Base curve: 8.8 mm

Now now, can you notice the tiredness on my face? hahah, I look so much older in this photo. Actually I'd prefer to take a selca under natural sun lighting, but the sun went down so fast that day >.< So yeah... Flash photoshoot isn't that bad *hopefully*

Design and Pattern:Photobucket
I think 'Antique' is a proper word to describe the pattern. To be honest, I'm not really fond of this kind of design since it will be too obvious upclose. Like when I'm talking to people, they will stare right into my eyes, and they will start to think "Oh, she's wearing lenses!" and somehow, I feel bothered. haha...I know that it's only me, but I can't help myself thinking that way, lmao. Anyhow, this is actually a beautiful pattern,  the design is so unusual and antique, You might like it for sure ^-^

Just like any other EOS lenses, I'd give 4 out of 5 in terms of comfort. I've never had any problem with any EOS lenses before, I happened to wear the lenses for more than 6 hours and I forgot to bring the eyedropper with me, but to my surprise, it stays 'wet' and I even forgot that I'm wearing lenses. I guess it's because of the 45% water content?

This pair is huge, but not kind of huge that will give you alienish look, or at least that's what I think. The very edge of the lenses is somewhat transparent, and it still look OK even with minimum eye make-up.

If you like natural looking circle lenses with beautiful obvious pattern, I'd recommend this pair for ya! 

I just like to make this kind of pic, hahaha.... please bear with me xD
By the way, speaking about my state of health, 'I' think I'm finally getting better. Tehee... My granny said she wants to accompany me to the doctor later, so... maybe next week. I haven't made any appointment yet. My HB is still at a low level so I get tired very easily (This is one of the reason that I submitted a self-resign document to my previous company where I worked). However... I've been thinking of doing a business again, or maybe even get another full time work while thinking about an online business. So wish me luck ^-^/

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hime Cut and Gill Bottom Natural Wig

Hey girls, today I'm going to post a very overdue review of Gill Bottom natural wig that I received from KKcenterHk months ago >.< Boo me! I've had the pic taken with my lovely canon cam in July, woooot.
You might have seen this picture before. I've been using it as a profile pic on blogger and facebook for quite a while now ^-^
So yeah, this is the wig that I received from KKcenterHk, a gill bottom natural wig in brown.
For more info about the product you can click HERE. The price is just right, $ 20.73 (USD), pretty cheap and affordable for a synthetic wig.

Comparison of my hair and the wig. Look how shiny the wig is xD Or it's my hair that is way too dull? Haha...
It has a fake scalp, one of the first thing that I look from a wig. The scalp looks pretty natural from afar. And without a flash photoshoot, it looks all okay and really natural. The color of the fibers are just right too, the fibers strand is actually multi colored, ranged from dark brown to light brown.
I like its big wave style, totally my favorite! And also the side bangs, because I can never set my bangs to be like this unless I use a flat iron or iron tongs >.<

And this is me, wearing the wig.

My first impression was actually a good one. The wig is made from a high quality synthetic fibers (unlike the shizuka wig that I bought last year), the fibers are soft and well made, very smooth that it doesn't get tangled or frizzy at the end. That makes the maintenance/combing become really easy. The thickness is also really good, it gives a right amount of volume. :)

I think the shinyness is what really kills the entire look of the wig. I can understand because it's a synthetic fibers and I can't expect it to be more natural like kanekalon or human hair wig >.<. But still, everytime I wear it, I feel like I'm having a hair with too much leave-on hair conditioner on it. The shine also reminds me to my old cheap barbie doll, lmao. It might look well on the photo, but in real, you can notice the 'fakeness', and it looks super unflattering with a flash shoot.

It's been a while since the last time I post a doodled goofy face of mine, harharhar.... Actually, I looove this wig a lot, the color, style, and everything (except the shine). I wish I can make it less shiny.

I don't really know if the wig really suits me or not, when I look at my selca with the wig on, I was like, "It's not me...." hahaha... my face looks chubbier though ='=. I think it's because the medium length of the wig.

Speaking of hairstyle,
I've always wanted to try Japanese hime cut, or princess style which inspired by a japanese court woman from Heian Jidai/Heian period. I like this old style a lot! Esp because the straight cheeck length sidelocks, it matches my forever straight and frontal bangs perfectly, hehe.... :)
So I cut my side hair, yeaaa I did it myself, haha....

I'll leave you with an edited pic of mine (to match Heian period), hohoho.... See ya soon!