Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hime Cut and Gill Bottom Natural Wig

Hey girls, today I'm going to post a very overdue review of Gill Bottom natural wig that I received from KKcenterHk months ago >.< Boo me! I've had the pic taken with my lovely canon cam in July, woooot.
You might have seen this picture before. I've been using it as a profile pic on blogger and facebook for quite a while now ^-^
So yeah, this is the wig that I received from KKcenterHk, a gill bottom natural wig in brown.
For more info about the product you can click HERE. The price is just right, $ 20.73 (USD), pretty cheap and affordable for a synthetic wig.

Comparison of my hair and the wig. Look how shiny the wig is xD Or it's my hair that is way too dull? Haha...
It has a fake scalp, one of the first thing that I look from a wig. The scalp looks pretty natural from afar. And without a flash photoshoot, it looks all okay and really natural. The color of the fibers are just right too, the fibers strand is actually multi colored, ranged from dark brown to light brown.
I like its big wave style, totally my favorite! And also the side bangs, because I can never set my bangs to be like this unless I use a flat iron or iron tongs >.<

And this is me, wearing the wig.

My first impression was actually a good one. The wig is made from a high quality synthetic fibers (unlike the shizuka wig that I bought last year), the fibers are soft and well made, very smooth that it doesn't get tangled or frizzy at the end. That makes the maintenance/combing become really easy. The thickness is also really good, it gives a right amount of volume. :)

I think the shinyness is what really kills the entire look of the wig. I can understand because it's a synthetic fibers and I can't expect it to be more natural like kanekalon or human hair wig >.<. But still, everytime I wear it, I feel like I'm having a hair with too much leave-on hair conditioner on it. The shine also reminds me to my old cheap barbie doll, lmao. It might look well on the photo, but in real, you can notice the 'fakeness', and it looks super unflattering with a flash shoot.

It's been a while since the last time I post a doodled goofy face of mine, harharhar.... Actually, I looove this wig a lot, the color, style, and everything (except the shine). I wish I can make it less shiny.

I don't really know if the wig really suits me or not, when I look at my selca with the wig on, I was like, "It's not me...." hahaha... my face looks chubbier though ='=. I think it's because the medium length of the wig.

Speaking of hairstyle,
I've always wanted to try Japanese hime cut, or princess style which inspired by a japanese court woman from Heian Jidai/Heian period. I like this old style a lot! Esp because the straight cheeck length sidelocks, it matches my forever straight and frontal bangs perfectly, hehe.... :)
So I cut my side hair, yeaaa I did it myself, haha....

I'll leave you with an edited pic of mine (to match Heian period), hohoho.... See ya soon!

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