Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review: Vassen Hana SPC Platinum Brown Lens + FOTD

So here's the review of Vassen Hana SPC platinum brown lens from LoveShoppingholics which I mentioned on my previous post. This month, I shall bombard you with more and more circle lens review, so please bear with me, hehe :3

Hana SPC brown transparent pattern

 Photo taken indoor under natural daylight, no flash.

For more information about the product, visit Loveshopphingholics site, Vassen Hana SPC Platinum Brown. (Promotion price: USD $ 18.99). By the way, this lens is also known as a beuberry series.

Pattern & Color:Photobucket
Naaah... I have tons of word to be , well, ranted. Actually, I was very very pleased with the pattern and color because it resembles NEO Dali Brown a lot (it was one of my favorite lenses back then). I kept it unopened for weeks, yet I assured myself that this will be one of my holy grail. But after I tried the lenses, I noticed something that irks me! The lens is too transparent. So if you check on the photo, you'll know what I mean. Especially under strong daylight, it will be almost a total see through. But under indoor lighting, the transparency won't be too visible. So it's pretty hard for me to evaluate my ratings for the pattern and color. I just hope the lens were more opaque and that's all!
About the color, it's a pretty and natural dark brown color. Matches my natural eye perfectly, though, it's a tad bit too dark to my current liking. But I still love how it gives a natural look. Mostly people will like, "You're NOT wearing any lenses,  are ya?"

My first time trying Vassen. It doesn't feel comfy at first, but I tried to wear it again the other day and it felt quite comfortable.  it felt a bit drying but it's okay, I can live with it. Nothing to complain about. It seems that my eyes are being tolerable with any brand of lenses lately.

Natural enlargement, lol. But that's the best possible word I could think about. It doesn't give any freaky alienish look even without eye make-up.

Overall:Photobucket I should rate this. Oh lmao... I love how it gives me a natural enlarging effect and color etc. I  love this lens but I only love it when I wear it indoor. But under daylight, it's a big NO. The only -and only- downfall (which I regret a lot) is the transparency TT^TT Other than that, this type of lens is actually my favorite.


FOTD time~! Here's my full face photos wearing Vassen Hana SPC platinum brown. I tried different make-up and hair style.

Just in case you are wondering, I'm wearing Revlon colorstay superlustrous almost nude which I've previously reviewed. And a peach blusher too. Know what, this is my first time in a year with a blusher. I kid you not! I'm still looking for a good cream/mousse blusher, if you have any suggestion please-please share :3 Thank you so much for reading & I'll be back next week ^-^~

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Review: G&G BT/DUEBA Kira Kira Brown Lens

Few weeks ago, I received two pairs of lenses from LoveShoppingholics for review purpose. (Thank you LoveShoppingholics!). And this morning, *while drinking orang squash~ I'll be reviewing the lens from G&G BT/DUEBA Kira Kira Brown. Here ya go~

 I looove how they stuffed the vials into these cute boxes. Really, you can still use the box afterwards.

 G&G BT/Dueba Kira Kira Brown - Pattern
Photo taken under natural light, no flash.

For more information about the lens, visit LoveShoppingholics site, G&G BT Kira Kira Brown.

Not too pixelated, that's my first thought. The print is really sharp too, thanks goodness. Cuz I won't like it if the pattern were too obvious. You can definitely see the actual pattern upclose. But afar, and under natural light, you won't even notice the pattern, everything blends well naturally with my natural eye color. 

Nah, on the lens, the inner part of the lens has a tiny yellowish dots, but once worn... it turns out to be more brownish, kinda ashy in my opinion. At first (as usual) I was hesitating about whether it will look good on me or no. You know that I'm a big fan of natural brown lenses ^-^.  I remember that I didn't have much love for this lens and keep convincing myself to love the way it look from afar, and by time, I grow to truly like it.

Huraaaah for G&G BT! You might have remember that I've been raving about G&G BT comfortness like hundred times already! Nothing to complain about. I love G&G BT already in term of comfortness. However, compared to my old G&G BT dolly black, this lens is not as comfortable as the predecessor. Idk why ;^; but still, I'd find G&G BT to be on top of the list, King of comfyness!

Maaan, the site says that it's a 14.00 mm lenses could you believe that? I mean, it enlarges so much that I think it was 14.5ish mm lenses, gawd.

Not my daily type circle lens. I'd prefer something more natural, like GEO BC-101 (which I'm going to review pretty soon^-^) or mimi capuccino brown. But I still like the design/color nevertheless.

And oh, I want to show you one picture of ulzzang, I forgot her name ;^; but she's wearing Kira Kira Brown too on this photo. This might be one of the reason that convinced me to open my heart for more light toned lenses~

by time, I began to LOVE this baby more and more, believe me, it looks really good on photos, and I like how it gives a fresh nudy look to my eyes. I LOOOOVE the design of this lens, everything!

Updated love rating:Photobucket 

There's still three unreviewed lens on my stash, so expect for it ^-^ I'll be back pretty soon with more review. Thanks for reading and have a blissful Monday~

Friday, November 23, 2012

Review: GEO Color Nine DEEP RED Circle Lens

Hey girls, first I want to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING! a late one I know, but yeah... hope you find some fun ways to make the most of your weekend thanksgiving time, heheh. Hurrah for Black friday~♥
And now, here's my review of GEO Color Nine in deep red sent by mukuCHU. (thank you ^-^)

Yeah it's a red lens! I initially think on giving up on the lenses because of its color. I've never been a fan of unnatural colored lens before. You know how I like my circle lens, naturalness is the first thing I look. Once, I tried to wear pink lenses and it turned out weird on me.

But, this very lenses changed my mind!!! I didn't even expect myself to fall in love with this baby. I was like, "dang it's red!" but once I put it on, the first thing that comes up to my mind was, "OMG the color is so vivid and beautiful!" Kinda anime-ish imo, reminds me a lot to Enma ai from Jigoku Shoujo (back then I have her hime hair cut too) Mwahaha... nevertheless, this lens is superb!

 I got this hippo lens case from another shop, cute isn't it? ^-^

GEO color nine ~ Deep Red pattern
POWER/PRESCRIPTION: 0.00 (Plano) to -8.00
AN-A41, 3, 7 and 9 are plano ONLY.
B.C.: 8.6mm
DIAMETER: 14.20mm


So yeah, just like I said, I've fallen head over heels with this red circle lens! Though, the only downside I can think of is I can't wear it for daily occasion. Ok...I actually can, but c'mon man it's a red lenses! hahaha, you know what I mean. But other than that, I truly LOOOOOVE this pair of lenses! The red is so opaque and vivid, so opaque that the color will stay flashy even on dark eyes. I have dark brown eyes btw, and the red is showed up well. There's nothing special with the pattern, simple but I like it. It haz this sparsed limbal ring on the edge that re-defines the iris. The pupil is big and kinda blunt, don't you think? Yet it blends naturally with my dark iris. Doesn't enlarge much (14.2 mm), but this is the right size to my liking (I don't want a RED alienish look, lol). For the comfort, despite being a GEO, I have nothing to complain about. I was actually quite astonished by its comfortness. Never think that GEO would be all comfy like this. The old GEO was super drying on me, idk =/ But I love the way GEO upgrade their lenses, eventhough the water content is 38%. All in all, good lenses, particularly for cosplay purpose.

UPDATE: Now that you guys mention it, it does look like Bella's eye from Breaking Down. I'm not a big fan of twilight series, but yeah... The red looks pretty natural, not-too-fake. Now I'm totally in love with this baby! Red lens FTW!♥♥♥

Now for the half face shoot, a bit eerie one for ya!

GEO Color Nine series available in nine different color. Deep blue, Violet, Kiwi green, Choco brown, Moon grey, Pure hazel, Light red, Aqua blue, and Deep red. So girls, if you're interested to buy the lenses, please visit mukuCHU (Australian based OS). They're having a promo and you might not want to miss it~

That's for the review, now I'm going to finish my late dinner and curl myself on bed >.<
I'll be seeing you on my next post pretty soon. Thanks for reading and bye~bye!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

PRINCESS ETOINETTE: Etude House 2012 Princess Project

Morning princess! I went to Etude House official site yesterday and found something that 'automatically' ensnared my heart! Just because I love this line soooooo very much, I think I'll just post pictures and share it to all of you princesse. Practically, it's new princessy line from Etude House, which enraptured my heart so much with its sophisticated design. You know I'm a big sucker for this kind of things, all peachy and princessy.  *Nuuh, while writing this, I accidentaly hit the publish button, sorry for the blunder >.<* I'm gonna spam you with pictures, so be ready princesse ~~

 에튀아네뜨 러블리 퍼퓸 캔들-perfumed candle
 에튀아네뜨 버블 배쓰 바-bubble bath bar

 에튀아네뜨 크리스탈 파우더-Etoinette Crystal powder

 에튀아네뜨 하트 블러셔-heart blush

 에튀아네뜨 크리스탈 샤인 립스
Etoinette Crystal Shine lips
 에튀아네뜨 반짝 눈물라이너 세트-Etoinette shiny tears eyeliner

에튀아네뜨 로즈 브러쉬-Etoinette rose brush

So basically, what we got here is a basic set of make-up including highlighter, blushers, crystal powder, eyeliner, lipsticks, nail polishes. Not only that, you can also find a cute heart shaped soap bar, make-up brush with VERY unique design (I mean YES! unique!) plus cute too! hehehe....four types of brush and three of them are long handled (comes with a VERY cute and vintage princessy pouch).And yea, perfumed candle, cute pink comb, and mirror.

All in all, their main concept for PRINCESS ETOINETTE is: basic range of make up to make you be a princesse~~~ at day, night, at home, and everywhere! Now my heart is all spellbinded by the charm of Princess Etoinette *love love~

I'm loving the beauty accessories from Princess Etoinette already TT^TT Kinda makes me sad cuz that means I need to rob my own self buying ALL the products? Hell yeah, I hope, but I know I won't do that! Hehehe... Hello Miss. Stingy~ Blah... I haaate this excruciating pain of holding back *sob

Now let's take a look at more details of some of the item of PRINCESS ETOINETTE ♥

This is the blushers, my most favorite product of the line. Let's just call it floating heart blushers? I'll buy this for the packaging onleh. Maaaaan it's so frickin CUTE isn't it?!? When I first saw it I said to myself that I HAD to buy it!

 촉촉한 사용감과 은은하게 빛나는 쉬머한 펄감의 립스틱
And lipsticks, the Etoinette Crystal shine lips~  I might buy one for myself. Not really a sucker for lipstick but yeah (think of the packaging) Mwahaha.... I might get POR201 or POR202 for myself since that two are coralish. It claims to be very moisturizing and shimmery.

 반짝임이 가득한 눈물라이너와 선명한 컬러의 아이라이너로 구성된 세트
And this is the Etoinette double eyeliner, the pearly one works like Etude house line nuance duo or eyeglow pencil I assume, kinda reminds me to Etude House tear drop eyeliners with more vivid colors.

매끈하고 화사한 피부를 만들어 주는 루스 파우더
Princess Etoinette Crystal Powder, claims to brighten and smoothen skins. It contains silica, gawd~ My favorite ingredients! Why? cuz I feel that silica coating is the BEST way to minimize the oil secretion, at least that works for me (experienced the mighty of silica by trying AVENE au thermal spray). So I might get a hand on this loose powder too ^-^

에튀아네뜨 하트 하이라이터, 베이크드 타입의 하이라이터
A baked highlighter, I don't think I'm going to buy this one since I think Etude House face brightener is much more effective doing the job? idk. But yeah, the packaging.... *teary eyes~~*

Also, if you check on the site, it has a little story about a girl that meets a pink santa :) Here's some screenshoots.

I'm sorry for spamming you with pictures, I can't stop myself from posting it >.< Nuuuh~ This is waaaaaaaaay too cute to not be blogged! Okay now I think I should stop boring you with my babbling. So that's it for now~! By the way, if you don't mind, please share what do you think of PRINCESS ETOINETTE line from Etude House. I want to know what you guys think about this line, are they cute? or might be kinda useless perhaps? And  I want to know what product do you like most too from this line. Hope you don't mind^-^, Thank you~♥ 핑크산타, 응원 부탁해요!

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