Monday, January 28, 2013

Wishtrend BB CREAM GIVEAWAY [closed]

Hello dearies, I'm back sooner than I expected~ hehe... so I have a good news for you. I'm collaborating with WISHTREND to host a BB CREAM GIVEAWAY. The prize is THREE Korean BB cream from Rojukiss, the award winning Spotlight BB Cream. (value USD $60.00). Wishtrend is a reliable online shop that sells Korean beauty product, they have truly good vission and mission, affordable prices, good quality product, easy payment, and yes, they ship worldwide ^-^

For more information about the product, visit WISHTREND~ROJUKISS SPOT LIGHT BB CREAM.

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3 winners. Each winners will receive one full size of Rojukiss Spotlight BB Creams. Prize will be send by WISHTREND.

From 28-01-2013 to 07-03-2013

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If anyone of you encountered any problem with rafflecopter widget, feel free to ask me by leaving a comment. Thank you so much for joining and I wish you a good luck!~ Buena suerte!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Review: MIOMI E.T. Ray Gray Circle Lens

Hi everyone~ thanks for your thoughtful comment on my previous post (my days at hospital). I really appreciate it cuz it encourages me a lot. Having a good and kindhearted readers like you touched my heart deeply ;^; I feel like giving a big virtual hug to each and every one of you!!! Thank you~
And as promised, here's the review of MIOMI circle lens review, sponsored by Tomato online shop.

Undeniably the cutest circle lens case I've ever seen O___O, they called it the NANO RABBIT accessories. zomg, I've fallen head over heels with this baby! I got mine in white (choco), so lucky! Rabbit is my chinese zodiac so I love everything that related to rabbit

Miomi is a blister packed circle lens. Yay for blister package! I don't have to go through all the hassle of opening the crazy vials, hehehe...

Circle lens case with bunny ears on the top, what could be more cuter? ;^; Comes with free mini hook, but I don't think I'll use it as an accessories anytime soon. later perhaps~~

All of the description is written in Chinese, though, it is said the lens is made in Korea. When I checked on their official site, everything is in Chinese too. so I jumped to a consclusion that Miomi is a Chinese soft contact lens that's being manufactured in Korea? lmao. whatever it is... I'm 100% sure that the lens origin is China. (Also read that Miomi is a new version of Barbie Eye contact lenses.)

Close up pattern of MIOMI E.T. Ray Gray. When not being worn, the gray color is unnoticeable. But once worn, the grayish streak will become more visible.
MIOMI E.T. Ray Gray

MIOMI E.T. Ray Gray, photo taken under natural daylight.

Design/Pattern:  photo rat4.pngSo unique! Kinda reminds me to Vassen Hana spc Platinum Brown cuz of the transparent inner edge, but this time it's different! Miomi did it VERY WELL, I LOVE how it looks from afar, and even upclose! The white conjungtiva blends in naturally with the circle lens pattern as a whole. From afar, it gives a misty and dreamy look to my eyes and I love love LOVE it already.

Color:  photo rat5.pngGives off a very natural gray hint under a brownish tone. Afar, the gray is still visible, but only on the inner edge area of the iris. So pretty!! I've never loved a gray soft lens before, but totally love this one.

Comfort:  photo rat4x.pngVery comfortable, the lens is very thin and soft. I wore them for a good 5 hours yesterday without an eyedrop and it was all okay. No dryness, iritation, or whatsoever.

Enlargement:  photo rat4.pngIt is said to be 14.5mm in size. But you know what, the mm sizing on a contact lens refers to the 'effect' it gives, not the actual size. The actual size of Miomi circle lens is really big, holy 16 mm. Anyhoo, the E.T. Ray is huge and perfect for those who likes a dolly eyes. And I like how it looks on me without eye make-up, hehehehaha....

Overall rating:  photo rat5.pngI can't believe I'd give off a max rating for this lens. lmao... cuz my first impression wasn't that good. But now I love it so much despite it being a bit unnatural (I'd only say natural to a lens that gives off a black/brown orb alienish effect LOL)

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BB pin:2692AF16
Discount code: SPARKLEAPPLE (5% off)

Me with mainstream make-up and mainstream hair style (well actually it's a brown wig!... haha) Kinda weird, I'm not used to this style...yet ;^; or never

='= This sicky style feels more like 'me':

hohoho... so that's all for now. And oh, before I go, I have a GOOD NEWS for you girls! I'll be hosting a make-up giveaway pretty pretty soon!!! The prize is BB cream and such, you know ^o^ Bet u're gonna like it. So stay tuned~! 
If you don't mind, please let me know which style suits to your liking, me with brown hair or me with sicky look and black hair >.<  I've been planning to brown-dye my hair but not sure of it. So yeah, any suggestion and feedback from you will be greatly appreciated. Thank you ^-^

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Loveshoppingholics circle lens giveaway winner!

Sorry for the delay~ ^-^ and thanks for the wait. Today I'll announce the winner of circle lens giveaway sponsored by LoveShoppingHolics.

Total entries: 306 (fairly chosen via
and the lucky winners:
1. Sabrina Tedjokusuma
2. Akirahbabe
3. Ada

Congratulations ~
Please check your mail box and confirm by replying my mail ^-^ if the winner fail to confirm my mail within 3x24 hours, new winners will be picked from the list :3

and for the Feather Clip in giveaway, the winner is Dyah Ayu Nurinda Shabrina
I hope the known issues and bad rumour about hairextensiondeal won't be happening to her >.<  I've been monitoring like about 6 blogs that is hosting a giveaway sponsored by hairextensiondeal and found 4 bloggers that was getting scammed by the company. Kinda suspicious indeed... I'll keep it updated though, so no worries. 

Coming up next: MIOMI circle lens review (very soon~today~ hopefully)
and stay tuned for my upcoming make-up giveaway too ^-^ open internationally ♥
so yeah, see ya girls~and thanks for joining the giveaway!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Days at the Hospital + Random ♥

Hello lovelies...
so yeah, I'm officially back :) (at last~~~~) I spent a whole three days at St. Borromeus hospital. It's like 3.00am here, but I feel like blogging first, I know it's bad for me but I can't wait. I hafta tell you the reason why I haven't been able to pick the giveaway winner, and reviewing any circle lens I've mentioned earlier TT^TT

After the severe gastritis caused by clindamycin, my BF told me I NEED to see a doctor (in this case, a gynaecolog) because of my super severe menorrhagia (and other things that I'm not gonna mention... yet). And 'not' surprisingly, my hemoglobin level falls below 8g/dl (7.3 exactly) and that's very very low already.

So what I need is: blood transfusion~~~  (I know right ~__~)
It felt so freaking hurt when the intravenous line entered blood vessels. I received three HUGE fresh blood in plastic bag because my HB was only 7. Holy moly the nurse said that it was so chronic that my body doesn't seem to feel pain.

^3 hours before my first transfusion. I looked kinda healthy, my BF took the pic while I was eating my super late midnight 'meal'. I felt all cozy and comfy on the bed. hohoho....

I've got to tell you that while taking the pic above, I was wincing over the excruciating pain!!! I can't even sleep on my first day at the hospital til a nurse put a layer of cotton cloth soaked in alcohol into my arm to lessen the pain. day 1st: sleep in pain.

 fresh blood~!

I had the second bag in the morning. daaang~~~ but the second isn't as bad as the first. My left arms felt super stiff and stuffy already. So yea... It was just too hurt to make even a single twitch. I can't feel anything, even the pain >.<

Harvey, My sleeping boyfriend,  heheheh... I feel bad bcuz he had to sleep on the sofa for three days in a row ;^; he didn't get enough sleep (I bet) and he's always there fo meh! Nyiaoooo.... so romantic! Just looking on him like this made me feel better ^-^

Later that evening, the most unwanted problem occurred! The blood got stucked so the nurse had to translocate the infusion pump to my right arm. Great, now I can slowly start to move my left stiff left arm but once agaaaain, I hate the weird feeling when the intravenous line enters my vessels!!! Kyaah.. the needle itself was the BIGGEST in size.

Spending my time watching HBO, heheh... so boring T__T 
I got LOTS of injection too + severe allergic rash caused by brown colored band aid on my left arm. daaamn I know it would take at least one month for this ugly and funny looking rash to heal. (funny cuz the shape is a perfect rectangle, just like the band aid) ~____~

Last day @hospital. before I leave, I managed to camwhore a little, no make-up, no circle lens, severe dark circles. Mwahahaha. I looked so pale and sick. But the nurse told me that my HB is OK now, it's 10 ^-^ so the doctor told me that I can leave the hospital soon.

I sleepover at my BF place on the first day after leaving the hospital cuz I need someone to be with me, just one more day ;^;

and finally, I'm home now! Unfortunately, my bed room was a total mess when I got back so I had to clean it up. Geeee.... I really need a maid to help me doing house chores! >.<

Anyhoo.... before the doctor told me to stay at the hospital, I received my long awaited December haul ^-^

Secret Key snail gel cream, face it concealer - The Face Shop, Lioele Magic Lip Treatment, Etude House drawing eyebrow AD refill, Etude House face color corset shading, NYX lip cream in antwerp, innisfree Jeju Volcanic clay mask. And three pairs of circle lens on the pic which I'm going to review soon, I promise, soon T____T

I'll leave you with a picture of my cats. hehe...
 chiko-the papa cat

 this one is NYENYE. lol...

Nyenye and bucil (read: bu-cheel) lmao!

Sorry for the crappy cellphone-cam pic T___T Now, lemme have a rest, huhuhu.. I'm going to pick the winner of "loveshoppingholics circle lens giveaway" soon, hopefully~ so yea... thanks for reading and byebye~ ^-^

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kkcenterhk GillBottom Wavy Wig

Hello! Today I'll post the overdue review of synthetic wig from kkcenterhk that I received last year. As you may already now, I got addicted to wigs lately~! Well, I'll start with the photo of me without wearing the wig.

I know, I look pale and sick and many told me I look sad, forgyff ;^; But yeah, my hair is actually a very thin type, unvolumized, super straight, and boring . This is pretty much my daily hair-look. I love to have my hair clipped on the back cuz it makes me look less haggard, hahahah...

Product Name: Gill Stunning Long Full Bang Fringe Wavy Hair
Price: USD $ 25.21

The fake scalp is barely visible, you may notice that the wig is pretty thick. (Photo under natural window lighting)

Indoor, the wig will turn out shiny. The shinyness is a bit over the top. This is the one and the ony drawback of this wig because people might notice that you're wearing a wig.

Left: window lighting | Right: indoor lighting

Finally, a decent shot of the wig, somehow the wig look more natural under soft window lighting. It doesn't look as shiny ^-^

Fibers: chinese synthetic fibers, non-heat resistant. Just like my previous GillBottom wig, I'd categorize it as a medium-end fibers. Under direct sunlight, and indoor with strong lighting, the wig will look like a clump of super shiny hair, lol. NG. But under dim indoor lighting and soft window lighting, the wig turned out to be more decent and natural. I let my bestie tried the wig to a wedding party and to my surprise, the wig looks kinda natural on her.

Compared to pinkcoco wig, this wig feels more plasticy, and it does smell like a plastic-barbie-hair. But on the brighter note, the detangling process is a whole lot easier! Even without wig essence, it will brush well without the frizzy ends.

Shape & Style: It supposed to be a wavy wig, but somehow it feels more like a curl than a wave. But I think that's just because the messyness. The wig itself is very volumized and thick.

Color: Originally a dark brown color lean toward auburn with reddish undertone. Under natural lighting, the color turns out to be much more lighter.

Wearability: Not something that I'd wear daily, preferably for special event =P

So yeah, that's it for today!
I'm going to post more about wig care later x_x as promised. Will be posting circle lens review too, pretty soon ^^ I got GEO Mimi Cafe Cappuccino, GEO Princess Mimi Apple Green, and Miomi E.T ray gray on the list, so stay tuned~