Monday, February 4, 2013

Review: GEO Princess Mimi Café Cappuccino Brown

Today, I'll be posting the review of my number one favorite circle lens, GEO Princess Mimi Café Cappuccino Brown from Geo softlens Room.

  GEO Princess Mimi Café Cappuccino Brown pattern

GEO Princess Mimi Café Cappuccino Brown ~ worn. Photo taken under natural window lighting
GEO Princess Mimi Café Cappuccino Brown (for sellers, please do NOT copy image without permission)

GEO Princess Mimi Café Cappuccino Brown (for sellers, please do NOT copy image without permission)
Design/Pattern:  photo rat4.png Very subtle and almost invisible once worn. If you like lens with obvious pattern then this one is not your choice, since some people seem to hate the 'black/brown orb effect' it gives. But naah, I'm a big fan of that big black/brown orb effect ^-^ so pattern doesn't really play a role, though, I think the pattern of geo mimi cafe cappuccino is kinda cute.

Color:  photo rat5.png Lovely natural dark brown~  This reminds me a lot to GEO BC-101 that I previously reviewed. Pretty much the perfect dark brown color that suits my liking. The color blends nicely with my natural dark eye color, giving it a slightly lighter shade on the outer rims. Very pretty and I love it already~

Comfort:  photo rat2x.png =( I don't know why but it feels hurt everytime I put the lens on TT^TT I know I accidentally dropped the lens when I tried to open the vials so I rubbed the lens with solutions for a while. My eyes felt hurt and sore in the first minute after I put the contact in, but few mins later, it began to tolerate the lens. I've tried few other lens from the same line (GEO Princess Mimi) and it was all okay, so I think that might be only because I dropped the lens and the unwanted particle was still there and contaminating the lens. Gotta buy a new solution ~_~

Enlargement:  photo rat4x.png This lens is freaking HUMONGOUS!!! I like it! the bigger the better, hehehe... This is type of lens you'd want to wear with eye make-up, cuz without, it will give you a creepy alienish, beeish, mouseish finish (whatever you'd like to call it), but, that's what I actually like. hehe...

Overall Rating:  photo rat4x.png My favorite pair! Perfect for everyday look :)

Where to buy:
And here's some selca with the Princess Mimi Café Cappuccino Brown being worn. Sorry for the creepyness, hahaha....

The last pic is the normal me, with my old hairstyle.  Looky here, my natural hair color is actually a dark brown. It looks black indoor, but outdoor or under natural lighting it haz a slight of brownish hint. My hairstyle is totally different now, I had a haircut the other day ^-^ and dyed my hair for the first time ever, will soon make a post about it~ :3

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