Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Review: TOSOWOONG Clean Pore Brush from Wishtrend

Have you ever tried any kind of pore brush or facial brush before? If you have pore related problems, like big pores, blackhead, etc... then you might like this product ^-^ TOSOWOONG Clean Pore Brush. Some girls on blogsphere claimed that this little baby is doing its job better than clarisonic. So yeah, onto the review!

 This pore brush is super popular in Korea :)
The description is written in Korean.
31 thousand bristles compact, it helps you to remove the dirt of your skin completely. With refined anti-bacterial synthetic bristle, 0.045mm in size, it allows a deeper and more effective cleanse.

And this is the product itself, it looks very similar to pore brush from The Face Shop. When dry, the bristles are so soft, super dense, and it feels so fluffy.

 Wet bristles

TOSOWOONG Clean Pore Brush
Soft and fluffy bristles ♥
Many of them, who have already tried both of Tosowoong and Clarisonic, said that this little guy here is comparable to Clarisonic and even better at doing its job. If you're a fan of clarisonic, you might love this product as well ^-^. It's a good product, considering the price, which is only $ 25.00, quite a bargain.

My comments:
Bristles: the bristles are the softest! I swear I've never found any brush as soft as this before. Thousand times softer than any brush I've tried before. If I can compare it to SIGMA make-up brushes (lol) this Tosowoong is still much much MUCH softer and denser.

Actually, I didn't think that it will do much since the bristles are super soft like this, but I was wrong. I saw a VERY good before-after pic on WISHTREND-TOSOWOONG clean pore brush page, and the result is super amazing. Go and see it yourself ^-^

Thanks to its super fine 0.045mm bristles~

It allows a deep cleanse too, I used it with Hadalabo Tamagohada cleanser and it works like magic, cleaning every bits of make up on my hand (waterproof gel eyeliner, bronzer, eyeshadow, BB cream). Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic, but here's a very good example:

But, to be honest, it's hard for me to evaluate the effectiveness of this product, because I've never had any problem with blackheads or any other pore related problem, except for one, acne, that's it. (I'm still excruciatingly strunggling to restore my clear skin, nuuuuu ;^;)

So this is my nose after using Tosowoong clean pore brush for a month. Pardon my cracky and dry skin ;^; The before pic was taken just right after I got up this morning, and I took the other one as soon as I finished washing my face with the pore brush.

I wash my face twice per day, and usually, I'd use this brush to deep clean my whole face before I go to sleep.

On the downside, this brush would always takes forever to dry that I just wish I had an automatic hand-dryer at my home, lol. This brush isn't travel friendly, putting it into airtight plastic bag would allow bacteries to grow and I don't think it's a nice idea.

All in all, this is quite a good product. I can't really say about its effectivenes in black-head removal things. But I know this product has done its job pretty well removing sebum and make-up traces.

Care suggestion: I always rinse it with mineral water after each use and put it on a dry and clean plate.

More picture from Wishtrend:

Picture credit: Wishtrend

For more information about the product, please check links below:

If you're interested in getting one of this baby to complete your skincare routine, you can order it from Wishtrend, and YES! they ship worldwide ^-^


I guess all of you are familiar with WISHTREND ^-^ a trusted online shopping site that sells a lot of Korean beauty product~! and oh, if you love make-up box, they also selling a beauty box, which they called WISHBOX, you can check them out here.

So I think that would be all for this morning~ thanks for reading and I'll see you soon on my next haul post :3 ~ ciao

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