Friday, March 8, 2013

Wishtrend Giveaway Winners + Random

Hullo~! I just got back from a job interview in the hot central Jakarta, guess who's super exhausted!! Hoh~~~ But I feel happy nonetheless ^-^ And so, today, I will announce the three lucky winners who are lucky enough to get free fullsize Rojukiss BB Cream from Wishtrend! Hehe :)

Anyhoo, here's the result! The winners are:


*Please check your mail box and confirm by replying my mail. If the winner fail to confirm my mail within 3x24 hours, new winners will be picked from the list.

For those who already participated but haven't got a chance to win, don't be sad, and no worries, because I'll be hosting a NEW COSMETICS giveaway pretty soon! So be sure to watch out ^-^

By the way...
I'm soooo happy to read all your constructive comments on my post HERE. Maaan, you've been a BIG help. I do really really appreciate every each of the comment and I enjoy reading it!

The most requested post is: Make-up tutorial/inspi (ulljang style). As you might already now, I'm a selft taught... well, in terms of make-up artistry! I do like make-up artistry a lot but I haven't had a proper chance to really enroll myself to a Make-up School, so maybe later, ahahaha... So yeah, I wouldn't really make an awesome tutorial or whatsoever. You know, I'm not an expert, but I will try my best, I promise ^-^

Thanks for mentioning things that you like and what you dislike from my blog. I've been getting a number of request to enlarge the font (set to 11px trebuchet atm) and I have to tell you this, I have a BIIIG addiction to smoothed-clear type 11px trebuchet ms on 1024x768 screen O______O. It's a LOVE!♥ been thinking to switch it to Verdana, or Pt sans, but well... TT^TT I need time to revamp.

And then, got a number of req. to post about HAUL too. So yeah, HAUL! There's one simple reason why I rarely write and share about it (maybe like one or two post in a year? LOL ^^;;) That's simply bcuz I'm being a slacker! LOL~!*slap* Just kiddin', don't hit me. The true reason: I rarely buy make-up stuff (could you believe me?). Often times, I received one or several items from certain company, but that's just it. You know me (friends irl) I rarely wear make-up on my daily basis. Nyah Nyah... But things will changed, now as I have a new addiction in make-up artistry, I hope I can get a decent job and spend some of my earned coins to buy high end make-up. I've been eyeing Make-up forever as for now ^-^ So yeah...

Nah, about cosplay. I'm no longer a cosplayer, but I do LOVE Lolita style! esp. gosurori and classic lolita. So I will make a post about it just sometimes. And game? I only play DotA as for now ^-^

Dang, it's 03.02am now, and I haven't slept for 2 days! Anyhoo, I NEED to write this post, NOW, because I want to be more dedicated to my readers! Ehehe, without you my blog is nothing.

So yeaaaah, that's all for the rambling, I won't bore you anymore with my random rambling, LOL.
kk~ I'll be back with MORE GIVEAWAY (a cosmetic+circle lens giveaway) soon! See you dearies and good nyt! I'll leave you with a sweet cotton candy to make your day~ BAI

Cotton candy~

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