Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Review: OST Original Pure Vitamin C 20 Serum

Ladies, today I will be reviewing one skincare product that has become a HOLY GRAIL of mine~ Hohooo... You might already know that I'm absolutely obsessed with Vit C ampoule! I LOVE how vit C gives a bright and radiant complexion to skin, as well as reducing any pigmentation and discoloration. (Read my BRTC Vitalizer C ampoule? You'll know how much I've hooked with Vit C!)

So I've recently revamped my skincare routine (well, it's not that recently :3), It has become much more simpler now, unlike in the past when I could spend up to 30minutes doing my skincare routine. Anyway, I got this little baby from WISHTREND, my favorite Korean beauty online store ♥

OST 오리지날 퓨어 비타민 C20세럼

+ Includes pure Vitamin-C 20%
+ Whitening /Recovering trouble scars
+ Removing blackheads
+ Ranked the best selling item in Singapore No.1 commerce. (2012)

Brand : OST
Volume : 30ml
All Skin Type
Made in Korea

Packaging of OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum, everything are written in Korean. The outer packaging is sleek and so high class, I like it~

Vit C serum - Photo taken with byul, my cellphone~
First time opening the package, there's a separate pipette in a plastic and the bottle cap was sealed. Rest assured that we're getting a very fresh product! :3

OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum

30ml of Pure Vitamin C serum with a lot of benefits for your skin~♥ Definitely a staple in every skincare regime ^-^ The bottle is made from an amber glass, the good thing about amber glass is, it preserves the true benefit of Vitamin C (note that Vitamin C could loose its benefit and get oxidized very quickly). The colored glass prevents UV rays from entering the bottle.

OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum pippete

The pipette! What can I say? I LOOOVE every ampoule type skincare product! You know already, lol! I love the feeling when I squeeze the the rubber cap to get an ample amount of the product to my hand.

The nicest thing about ampoule type serum is, they're super hygienic (as long as the pipette doesn't come into contact with any surface), just make sure not to touch the pipette to avoid a contamination.

Now, I'm going to show you the result of the APPLE TEST of OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum I did yesterday :)

What I have said about FREE RADICALS & Vitamin C:
In the very simplest of terms, free radicals are various forms of free oxygen molecules that are floating in and out of your skin tissues. Yes, Oxygen is vital for your living tissues but only if the oxygen atoms are attached to red blood cells and that happens in your lungs. You see free oxygen anywhere is highly CORROSIVE.
In case of the apple, the oxygen has “destroyed outer cells” and turned them all brown.
Oxygen is also what causes steel to rust and if it can destroy steel, it surely can destroy your living skin cells.

Vitamin C has lots of benefits for skin. Ask Google and you'll find tons of useful site with complete information about how does Vitamin C benefit skin.
  • Vitamin C to Enhance Radiant Skin
  • Vitamin C is not only necessary for collagen production and maintenance, but it is also a potent antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals in the skin.
  • Reduce discoloration and pigmentation
  • Wound healing (very good if you're acne prone and want to heal acne scars)

 one drop of OST Original Pure Vitamin C 20 Serum

The Vitamin C serum is absorbed quickly and doesn't leave any sticky or greasy feeling on the surface. Perfecto~  Unlike my old love BRTC Vitalizer C ampoule, I don't need to do 'face palming' to heat up my skin, though, I believe face palming method is very good (read about it tons of times already on Japanese magz), and I still do it occasionally.

My Comments:
I'm not gonna brag! I swear~~I LOVE this red bottle, HOLY GRAIL! Kicked BRTC out of my heart! You've seen the apple test result and you know it's good for skin! Hehe... Anyhoo, This red bottle was a best selling skincare product in Singapore (2012) and won SURE BEAUTY AWARDS in Korea. It was a total HIT!♥

I've been using this serum for a month now, the result is quite significant. Holy smokes, before I start using it, I had a problem with lots of small bumps on my face (I wrote about this on my previous previous post), and almost terrible acne issues which really-really drives me nuts! They Snail cream  from Secrey Key practically didn't work for me, I threw it away and start using this magical red bottle.

Now, the condition of my skin has become sooo much better, no TONS of small bumps anymore! Just a few of them here and there but issokaiii~~~ I still have two or three (or sometimes four!) zits on my cheek. But the scars fade quite quickly, thanks to O.S.T Vit C20 serum! (I'm telling you the truth). I'm NOT getting paid to say this and I tried not to sound like a beauty advisor, HAHA!

Back to the product, it has a stingy citrus-like smell and the liquid is rather thick. Its lightweight liqid spreads easily and absorbed fast, leaving no track of stickiness, greasiness, or whatsoever. However, on the first application, I felt a little bit of tingling sensation on my face upon application. But that's just OK, it indicates that the Vitamin C serum is still working at its best. (remember you'll also experience tingling sensation when you drop citrus/lemon extract to your face).

Overall, I LOVE this product and it's official now, this product is a MUST for me and I feel very pleased with the result. (the result is not a total perfect, but it helps me get a radiant complexion and lessen the small bumps) ^-^
I'll definitely going to buy this superb red bottle once I have finished my first bottle.

Who might like it?
-Korean skincare product lover.
-Those who want a radiant complexion.
-People with acne scars.
-People with uneven skin tone / those with pigmentation
-Suits all type of skin and works good on oily skin (like me)

For more information (and before after photo of OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum, please visit WISHTREND-[OST] Vitamin C20 Serum.
OST 오리지날 퓨어 비타민 C20세럼


That's all for now, it's like 4.15AM now here (gyaaaaa~) I gotta sleep and wake-up earlier in the morning >.< Thanks for reading and I'll be back soon with another review (either a bb cream review or CC cream!), Bai~!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pink Locomote Black Ribbon Shoes & Giveaway announcement

Hi guys~~! How've you been? I hope you're all doing well as always ^-^
Today, I'm going to show you guys my newest pair of shoes which I got from Pink Locomote.  My first new pair of shoes in 2013, lol! I rarely buy and wear shoes, pretty much a flip-flop girl irl~

Classic style black shoes ~ with ribbon <3 p="">

Well, errr.... tbh my feet are quite big and not so feminine. I'm not a big fan of shoes, reason being is because I often ride a motorcycle. Wearing a nice looking shoes while motorbiking will only ruin them. *sadface*
But honestly, I do love flat shoes and want to wear them as often as I can, they're so versatile, suits almost every occassion, every style, and the most important thing are... they're super COMFY and user friendly! Flat shoes FTW ♥

 Flat black ribbon shoes~

 Another way of tying the ribbon, cute & simple :)

I ordered the shoes bcuz I think it will look great in pair with my gosurori/gothic lolita dress. However, I think they will suit a classic style better, lol (I ordered one more pair of 'real' gothic lolita laced shoes this month).  Kk~ about the design, what can I say? It actually pretty simple, just a basic black flat shoes with a loose ribbon attached. So classic! I've always wanted to have one pair of shoes with a loose ribbon on it so that I can arrange and tie it just the way I like it <3 p="">

Be sure to check on Pink Locomote (0857-3051-6116), an online shop based in Surabaya, Ind. they have a huge shoes collection~ The nicest thing is, you can personalized your shoes, choosing your preferable fabric, etc.

Last but not least, I'd like to thank you guys for being a very very good reader of my blog, by joining a giveaway, commenting, following, etc. I appreciate it a lot and if I could I want to thank each one of you personally! :3
And yeppp... The EYECANDY'S GIVEAWAY has officially ended~ Let me announce the winner now.


Irina Dubinskaya G.

That's all for now and I'll see you soon :3

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to Fix/Repair Broken Eyeshadow Palette

Hi all! Today I'll be posting a quick DIY, how to fix broken eyeshadow. I bought three MUA palettes and unfortunately, two of the pan was broken. Last night, I tried to fix it and voilaa, it worked~ ^-^

What you need:
- Spatula, paperclip, mini stick, or anything clean to break up the eyeshadow into a loose powder form.
- Rubbing alcohol.
- Cleaned coin, or anything with round and flat surface on it (Match the size with the pan)
- Kleenex, or clean fabric.

Here's my MUA undressed palette. Shade 1 was previously fixed, the seller said. But when it arrived at mail, I noticed a crack on the surface and it starts to crumble. So I think I need to re-fix it.


How to fix/repair broken eyeshadow:
1. Crush and break up the eyeshadow evenly
2. Add few drops of alcohol, be sure not too use too much alcohol (a few drops is enough), if it's too watery then you can't press it up later on and it will crack once it dries.
3. Mix it up until the eyeshadow turns into a very thick paste.
4. Put a kleenex over the paste and gently press it with a coin, or anyhing with flat surface. (if you use a coin make sure you wash it first).
5. Remove the kleenex and let it dry for an hour or more.

It looks better, though, it makes me super sad because shade 1 is one of my favorite shade TT^TT and now I only have less than half :(( but it's okay lah.... (self console, lol)

Now, I'll post another tutorial how to repair/fix broken eyeshadow. I'll be using MUA undressed me too palette as a model, this one is badly damaged. *cry*
The step by step is the same, I just want to show you more photos.

 Broken mua undress me too palette. The naked shade is totally scattered into pieces and they were all over the palette!

How to fix broken eyeshadow:
1-2.  Collect all the left over pieces of the eyeshadow and put it on a piece of paper, then put it back to its original pan.
3. Crush the eyeshadow with bented clean paperclip.
4. Add a few drops of alcohol, mix it up until it turns into a thick paste, put a kleenex over it and press.
5. Remove the kleenex.
6. Wait and let it dry.

 After~! fixed and cleaned eyeshadow palette

left: fixed naked pad. right: original naked eyeshadow pan

The color will turn into its normal/original color once it dries, the photo above was taken before it totally dries up, you can notice the fixed pan is slightly darker.

Unlike the first undressed palette, the naked shade of the second palette was broken into a bigger size, so it was easier for me to collect all the pieces and mess (though some of them was really scattered all over the place and it was a crazy total mess when I first opened the palette). I was a little bit horrified at first.

That's all for now, I hope you will find this tutorial useful~ :3
Thanks for reading and I'll be back soon!
Love always~

Friday, April 12, 2013

WELCOS Confume Argan Oil Review + Wishtrend Giveaway!

Hello everyone, it's Saturday and I hope you've been enjoying your weekend~ :3
Today, I'm going to review the much-talked Confume ARGAN oil! I got mine from a beloved online store, Wishtrend

As seeing is believing, I'll start by showing you the close-up HOTD which was taken about an hour ago right after using Confume Argan Oil.

Hope you like the result~ ^^

Before proceeding further, I want to write a little about Argan Oil's origin and its benefits for hair and skin~

What is Argan Oil:
Argan oil is a plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree (Argania spinosa L.), endemic to Morocco, that is valued for its nutritive, cosmetic and numerous medicinal properties. It is also known in cosmetic use as moroccan oil.

Agan kernels

Argan Oil Benefits for Hair:
  • Argan oil hydrates the hair in a natural way. It stops the curliness and roughness of hair in an efficient way.
  • Argan oil penetrates into the hair pores or shafts and enhances the elasticity of hair. It also proves to be very nourishing for the growth of hair.
  • Argan oil is an antioxidant– known as nature’s answer to botox, it is a Vitamin C and E packed oil perfect for combating free-radicals and works as an anti-aging.
  • Natural antioxidants present in Argan oil strengthen the hair by repairing the damaged cellular membrane of hair.
  • Color treatment of hair causes certain damage to hair, makes them brittle and takes away the smoothness. 
  • Rich contents of unsaturated fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 9 in Argan oil are a direct source of essential nutritional components for hair pores and roots.
  • Presence of Vitamin E in Argan oil makes it a tremendous agent for hair treatment. Many external and internal agents like heat, over styling and oxidization damage the hair. Vitamin E present in Argan oil is very useful in restoring the natural hair and renewing and repairing the damage caused by destructive agents.
  • Argan oil locks the moisture in and adds to and restores the luster and shine of hair.
Argan oil could also be applied on skin as a moisturizer, it contains Vit C and Vit E that acts as anti-aging and anti-oxidants. It can also soften dry skin/coarse elbow & heel, diminish fine lines, and reduce skins imperfections.

Now I will show you a few pictures of my hair after using Confume Argan Treatment Oil from WELCOS for a week, I have to tell you, I LOVE the result :3

Lustrous and shiny hair ♥ Confume Argan Oil

Confume Argan Oil protects my hair, and making it look shiny and lustrous. 

My Comment:
As I've mentioned earlier, I've been using Confume Argan Oil for a week, and I love the result :)
For a reference, I have a very straight hair and I DON'T use heat on my hair (it's super rare for me to use hair dryer or iron tongs/flat iron, like only less than 5x in a year I swear~ I'm just too lazy, lol), and I've only dyed my hair once. By that, it's understandable if I've never had any serious hair problem before. The only thing I don't like about my hair is that they're too straight and looks boring at times D: 
Anyhow, on my straight hair, it works like wonder! I love how it gives a shiny and lustrous glow to my hair, and people will often tell me how healthy-looking my hair is ♥ 

All the hair pics above are unedited, so the lustrous and polished look is real :)
I don't apply it to the roots, I apply the oil generously at the end and sparingly all over the hair. It moisturizes really well and give nourishment to the hair, my hair feels super soft after each application~ love LOVE it!

Here's how it looks upclose, transparent and colorless. On application, the grease helps the liquid to distribute evenly to hair, and once dried, it doesn't leave any greasy feeling at all, which is good! We don't want an oily hair, do we? :)

Oh, other thing that I love is the SMELL! It has a subtle sweet scent, not too overpowering, almost vanilla-ish ♥

For more information about the product, please check out this link:


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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Buff'd Cosmetics Mineral Make-up Review

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of post! I've been busy watching drama, lol~ Anyhow, I'm back~! :3
Today, I'll do a quick review of Buff''d Cosmetics collection in sample size which I received month ago while having my favorite cold tea, yum~♥

About Buff'd Cosmetics:
Formulated using only the purest minerals and pigments, oils and waxes, and natural preservatives and fragrances - Buff'd Cosmetics all-natural mineral makeup products are completely free of irritants and toxins that can be harmful to your skin.

What I got: 4 products in jar (mineral foundation, blusher, and two eyeshadows), 5 sample sized product in sachet (illuminating dust, body shimmer, foundation, and eyeshadow)

 Buff'd Satin Pearl Eyeshadow in ROLAND and SHY.

Buff'd Original Mineral Foundation in neutral-light and Blush in tricky.

The new item is sealed, so you know you're getting a fresh product~ ^^

 The inner compartment is sealed with sticker.

Mieneral Loose Powder Blush

 Inside look of the foundation jar.

sample sachet~ foundation, eyeshadow, illuminating dust, and body shimmer ♥

Now it's time for swatches and review ^^

Buff'd Mineral Foundation Swatches.

The swatches above are heavily applied and roughly blended and was taken with flash on, so it looks whiter and paler than how it originally look irl.  
The average rating of Buff'd mineral foundation on MakeupAlley is 4.2 out of 5, so overall, it's a pretty good foundation. I've never ever owned an actual foundation before, whether liquid or powder, lol. I'm more of a BB cream girl, but I know that foundation would always provide a better result and better coverage, so why not? I'm going to buy an actual foundie, soon. I MUST! >.<

The Neutral-Fair (sample size): is the palest shade of all, it's even paler than MAC NC15 imo. However, I love to use it on my nose bridge and put a highlighter over to create more definition.
Beige-light: has an obvious yellow tone (match to NC20 in MAC).
Neutral-light: A perfect shade for me, though, when applied heavily it tends to give a whitish cast on face. It has a neutral shade, not too pink nor yellow. (NW/NC20)

Using a large fluffy brush is a must when applying this foundation. If you're able to blend-in nicely, it will give a flawless matte finish. The coverage is buildable but not as good as the liquid one.  This product is not recommended for people with dry-wrinkled skin as they tend to accentuate those areas.

Illuminating dust - FLUTTER and Mineral Body Shimmer - Sun Kissed Swatches

Warm shimmering bronze.
Buff'd Mineral Shimmers are formulated using feather-light shimmering micas, adding a radiant sparkle when lightly brushed anywhere on the body.

The BODY SHIMMER is my favorite of all the product!!! It gives a radiant glow on the skin and makes it looks as catchy as ever! Absolutely perfect for party~ :) On the swatches, the 'glitter' looks obvious, but the size of glitters are smaller irl, not a big chunk of glitter though, I'd prefer to consider it as a 'big' and obvious shimmer instead of glitter, (or perhaps a finely milled glitters? lol). 
This can also be used on eyes, to create a glamorous & glittery eye look.

Creamy pink.
Gloriously sheer powders formulated with the lightest iridescent micas that give skin a radiant and luminous glow.

Reminds me to MAC colour powder! It's a perfect mate for buff'd mineral foundation, adding luminous glow and creating dewy finish to fez! Illuminating powder could also be used in place of highlighter, down the bridge of your nose, or on top of your cheekbone to add glow.

Buff'd mineral Blush and eyeshadow swatches

The Satin Pearl Blush in tricky is a peachy pink shade with pearly satin finish. Tbh the shimmer is being too over top for a blusher, we all want a subtle shimmer, no? The color pay-off isn't really good too. The pink/peach tone doesn't really show up well on swatch. The shimmer is really really obvious, makes it suitable for evening make-up only. However, I'd prefer to use it as an illuminating powder instead of blusher, because it works better that way, lol. I really want to try their MATTE blush collection too, read so many good reviews on blogsphere :3

Satin Pearl Eyeshadow - 95 shades available!

Only the finest mineral pigments go into our eye shadows allowing for great wearabilty and stunning colors that will never fade. Buff'd Mineral Eye Shadows can be applied dry for soft color or wet for a more dramatic effect!

Shy: Cool beige with soft silver shimmer
Roland: Shimmering bronzed plum
Cosmic: Dark graphite taupe

I'm loving the eyeshadow! It gives a beautiful SATIN finish~! The color pay-off is good and its soft texture makes it easy to blend. The shade shy is perfect for highlighting and could also be used as a base color because it has a neutral warm beige. Roland is good for defining the crease and coloring the lids, while Cosmic is perfect for creating a dark smoky look and can also be used as an eye-liner (applied wet).


I think Buff'd Cosmetics Mineral Make-up line is really worth to try! If you're curious about the products, you can also buy them in sampler size :)
so... Have you tried any product from Buff'd Cosmetics before? Please do share your opinion on comment below ^-^

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