Friday, May 31, 2013

Review/Comparison: MUA Undressed + Undress Me Too Palette

Finally! One of the most requested post, review and comparison between MUA Undressed palette and MUA undress me too palette. As some of you may know, these are the 'shameless' dupe of Urban Decay NAKED Basic and Urban Decay Naked 2. I haven't really tried the actual UD NAKED palette... yet, so I won't make a comparison between the original naked palette and the MUA's take on UD's Naked. I hope this post will be useful for those who are unsure about getting the palettes.

MUA undressed palette VS MUA undress me too palette

I had a high hopes for these palettes because everybody is talking about them, reviewing them, and many also said that these are one good palette. Considering the price (£4) yes, these are good (for your wallet!). I bought like four of them on a whim just because I think I'm gonna love it, lol. MUA undressed and undressed me too, they've been hyped up like crazy, so that time I just think "I MUST TRY IT!"

Before jumping into the review, I will show you the comparison swatches and photos between MUA undressed and MUA undress me too.

 MUA undress me too eyeshadow palette (dupe naked 2)

MUA undressed palette (UD Naked Basic dupe)

 MUA undress me too swatches (upper row), photo taken under natural light

  MUA undress me too swatches (lower row)

  MUA undressed swatches (upper row), photo taken under natural light, window lighting

   MUA undressed swatches (lower row)

MUA undressed swatches - upclose (upper row)
MUA undressed swatches - upclose (lower row)

Note that I didn't apply any primer for the swatches. Also, all of them are heavily swatched. I won't bother to show you the upclose swatch of MUA undress me too because they're a total let down for me :( 
Okay now, onto the review!

a TOTAL LET DOWN! I tell you, at first I thought it was a good palette and I really had a high hope for this baby! But as soon as I tried it, I was dissapointed. The pigmentation is really really poor. I tried to HEAVILY swatch the shades to my hand but the result would always be like that ^ take a look at the photo of MUA Undress me too swatches above. Even after multiple layers of swatches, the colors barely show up. It's so annoying that you have to use LOTS of them on eyes. Primer helps the color to show up a bit, but still, I despise every eyeshadows that relying too much on primer!

About the eyeshadow itself, there are three matte shade, the other shades are shimmery and almost metallicy. On the eyes, I can't really distinguish some of colors one to another. Staying power is not really good (because the colors barely show up anyway), you definitely need a primer to go together with this palette.

I know I've read quite a lot of good reviews about MUA undress me too, but I just... can't! In fact I'm bewildered by all of the good review! BUT, I also found numbers of BAD reviews about this palette, I'm on their side anyhow! Having tried other higher-end brands, I'd say this palette is a total so-so. And except for the price, there's almost nothing good about this palette. I'm not trying to compare it with high-end branded palette, but a dirt cheap drugstore palette that comes at par with high-end brand does exist! Let's say some NYX palettes~

All in all, I won't bother to repurchase MUA undress me too. Now I know why most bloggers choose MUA undressed over MUA undress me too. 

Rating: photo rat15.png

Unlike its sister, this one is a pretty decent palette. You'll find two matte shade (the firt is a beautiful taupe-ish brown and the second being the darker version of the taupe), both of the matte shades make a good eyeshadow base, and are good to contour the socket. And there's two light/whitish shimmery shade to highlight. The colors show up well even without a primer and staying power is also better. Overall, it has a BETTER quality compared to MUA undress me too.

Other good thing about this palette is, no fall out during application, the texture might get a bit powdery, not as rich and creamy, but still worth to use. As you can see on the swatches above, they look very pretty upclose!

This might not be the best palette, but again, with £4 price tag there's nothing to lose. I recommend this for those who loves earth-toned eyeshadow. With 12 colors of nude color collection, you can create TONS of eye make-up style. Whether it's a smokey look or a nude look, you choose!

Rating: photo rating4.png

So which one?
I'd definitely choose MUA undressed palette, and I know I'm going to love this palette more than its sister. First, the color range is wider (while you'll only get mostly warm toned shade on MUA undress me too). Second, and the most important thing, is the pigmentation. MUA undress me too is just a total trash imo! Again, eyeshadow that is relying on primer is not good! With primer, MUA undress me too definitely makes another game, they look pretty good and stay intact. But the shades won't surpass MUA undressed palette in combo with primer. Pigmentation is the thing that you actually look in eyeshadow, true? MUA undressed palette is far much better.

I hope my comparison post could be helpful for you :) Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon darlings!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Review: EOS Yuna Brown & GEO Xtra Bella Green

This would be my last circle lens review in May! I'm gonna merged up the review of EOS Yuna Brown and GEO Xtra Bella Green into one post~ I received these babies from SOFTLENS SHOP for review purpose, thanks so much!!~♥
Softlens Shop is an online shopping store based in Jakarta, they sell circle lenses from various brands and the good thing is, they SHIP WORLDWIDE ^-^


 GEO WBS 203 - GEO Xtra Bella Green

 GEO Xtra Bella Green upclose

Color  & Design:  photo rat4.pngI LOVE it! Never thought I'd have a heart for a green lens before, but I do like this one. It has a pretty touch of emerald green on the center, with a thick and bold black outer edges. Unlike my first pair of green lens. This one is not as vivid. The dominant color for this pair is the black. The green, however, won't be too visible unless you look at it upclose or under direct sunlight. Sometimes, peoples mistook it as a blue! Haha. It blends well with medium to dark brown eyes, too. :D

Enlargement:  photo rat4x.png is what you would typically expect from 15mm lenses, big! :D I love (and need) big lenses, so this does the job. By this, don't get me wrong, it's not like I hate smaller lenses, it's just depends on my mood and my eye make-up :) Bigger lens makes me look younger, idk if it's only me, but that's what I think.

Comfort:  photo rat4.pngI can wear them for several hours without any problem. Sometimes I even forget I'm wearing them. No blurry vision too, I love it~♥

The second lens being EOS Yuna Brown, onto the review!

 EOS Yuna Brown - tri tone

 EOS Yuna Brown - upclose 

photo taken indoor

Color & Design:  photo rat2.png The color and design reminds me a lot to NEO cosmo tri tone and GEO berry holic that I received a while back. I've been dealing with ochrey tri tone lens like this a lot and I know I'd never like it. Korean tri-tone lenses, they're so typical. I'm okay with the other color, but idk why, the brown (they said brown) but it looks more ochre to me. I loathe it mainly because the design. If you take a look on the center, there's a visible pixelated dots around the pupil hole, they're very visible and looks weird. The print is super pixelated too. This lens is definitely out of my comfort zone.

Enlargement:  photo rat1.pngbarely has any enlargement. And you know how I like my lenses, right? :) just a bit enlargement is just OK, but with its light color, I feel like my eyes look even smaller.

Comfort:  photo rat15.pngcomfort is so-so. They’re not as comfortable as I expected them to be. It hurts me when I first push it on my eyes that I need to tug it out fastly, my eyes got red and irritated soon after =( The second attempt wasn't that bad though, but still, I can constantly feel them in my eyes! When I wear these, it feels like there are pebbles stuck in my eyes, or like there's thick plastic suffocating them and worst of all is blurry vision ~__~

Phone: +628176966070

Nah, from now on. I'll be focusing more on make-up review! Recently, I've been buying lots of make-up product. tehee, I will show you some of the stuff that I recently bought later on :) Stay tuned for a haul post~
Thanks for reading and see 'ya~!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Review: Miomi Lace Gray Circle Lens + random

Heey~ overdue review post! Been busy with real life stuff (work, and a new project of mine is coming up! Hehe...) Anyway, will be reviewing MIOMI Lace Gray Circle Lens which I got from Tomato Online Shop.

PRICE: IDR 165.000

Color:  photo rat3x.pngThe color is just OK, a subtle gray & black gradation that still looks pretty natural afar. I would like it more if the gray were much darker~ However the color of Miomi grey lace is still in my comfort zone.

Design:  photo rat2x.pngExtraordinary unique and edgy, never seen something like this before, lol... tbh I'm not confident enough to wear this lens and go outside! Hahaha so I just tried them at home. One thing that irks me is the lacey outer edge. Upclose, they're very visible and other people will definitely notice and definitely weirded out. Anyhoo, things that I like from the design is the sharp print, they're not as pixelated. Very very sharp and detailed. Actually I LOVE everything lacey + it looks so gothic to me o: I know I love the design, but being worn? maybe not for now > . < Hope I can really pull off a look with this lens ;^;

Enlargement:  photo rat4x.pngThey're HUGE, big, and dolly! 14.5mm is so deceiving! For me they look like a 15 mm lenses!

Comfort:  photo rat4.pngLove it~ I have no problems with Miomi lenses, my first Miomi lens was so good and I like it too :) The lens is super thin, I can barely feel them on.

You can check out these dolly lenses, as well as other very pretty EOS, GEO lenses, at:

To real life updates~~~
After a looooong time without painting, I've been wanting to revamp all my painting tools and start a new gallery (an online gallery). Next week I'm gonna buy some new painting tools (fyi, I LOVE Derwent and Pablo! But the cheapie Marie's oil tube will do)

 gonna repro-ing this lovely vintage rose painting

Nah, now  I NEED a new name for the online gallery. I've been thinking about using flowers name, I like ROSE but that's so mainstream, no? or should I just use it? Hahahaha.... but I LIKE rose already :( ... I think I'll use it anyway. Nah, to make it sounds complete, I need another word to back up the 'rose', like maybe ROSE FRISSON, ROSE 'something-something', or 'something-something' ROSE. Anything good to go along with the word ROSE. But whaaaat~~? *gonna think, and think, and think `~`
I love anything that sounds FRENCH too ♥
I know, PAINTING is my PASSION, and MY LIFE~
So yeah,  that would be all for now. Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon darling lovelies!

WISHTREND Confume Argan Oil Giveaway Winners!

Hey hey, sorry for the delay! I'm here to announce the lucky winners of CONFUME ARGAN OIL sponsored by WISHTREND :)

There 'ya go! *drumroll*
Winners are chosen randomly via rafflecopter by Please be aware that all of the winners are fairly chosen.

So yeah, congratulations!!! :3

Important: Check your WISHTREND account and fill in your address correctly, prize will be sent right to your address, please be patient.

I'll send mail to you (winners) right away, please do check and claim your prize, if the winners fail to do so within 3x24 hours, I will choose another winner :)

P.S: I also have a small announcement. The winners of my previous giveaway (Rojukiss Spotlight BB Cream), JESSIE, didn't write her shipping address on her wishtrend account so we can't send her the prize. I've sent several mails and hope her to read it and reply ASAP, if I haven't received the mail within 3 days. I'll also pick a new winner to win Rojukiss Spotlight BB cream.

update: received a mail from Jessie :) case closed~

So that's it :) thanks to all the participants and stay tuned for the upcoming giveaway~

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review: EOS Fuzzy Petal Violet WM225 Circle lens

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of post, been quite preoccupied with work and stuff + half of it was because of me being a slacker again, lolz~ but now I'm back, and I'll be posting up a review of circle lens for the next two post. Please don't get bored~ ^o^ I'll finish it as soon as I can.
Anyhow, today's post is a review of EOS fuzzy petal violet circle lens that I got from my beloved Australian based online shopping site, mukuCHU.

 EOS Fuzzy Petal Violet WM255 Circle lens

EOS Fuzzy Petal Violet WM255 Circle lens
Picture taken on natural daylight

POWER/PRESCRIPTION: -0.00 (Plano) only

B.C.: 8.8mm
DIAMETER: 14.8mm

Where to buy: mukuCHU

Color & Design: photo rat3.png
So yeah, my first violet lens! At first I was a bit afraid of wearing purple on my eye, but I think this one is not as bad. The color is not as vivid irl, you can't really tell its color from afar. It's a beautiful deep purple that blends nicely with my natural eye color. Okay, I'm not a big fan of purple but I won't mind wearing this one and go out! And the design, I like it bcuz there's a bold limbal ring-like on the outer edge. This is the first thing that I look from a light+vivid colored circle lens like this, cuz without it, it tends to make my iris look smaller and pale, which I don't like. Design and color are OK, though I'd prefer the purple to be less vivid irl, a pale violet, that is to say.

Comfort: photo rat4.png
Comfort is OK, just like any other EOS lenses in general. One day, I went out for 8 hours with this lens on (I know it's bad, lol) It started to feel a lil bit dry when I decide to take it off, but it was after a full whole day, so its definitely okay.

Enlargement: photo rat4.png
In term of enlargement, this lens is huge! Thanks to its boldy black outer ring! Hahayy~~~

So yeah, this is a lens that I would wear whenever I feel a little edgy :3 and want to change my look a bit. 

A little update about me being a recent make-up addict:
Been planning to make a post about several beauty products that I really REALLY like! Hehe... idk if it wil bore you out, but I think I'll just do it anyway. Be patient plizz~ cuz I need to finish two more reviews of circle lens ;^; + I need to try and observe the products just a little bit more.

Also, I think I have pacified my long time BB addiction, but of course with ANOTHER ADDICTION! Bwahaha... I DITCHED all of my BB Cream! I'm no longer a BB cream girl at heart! Actually I don't really care about all those BB, CC, and even the ridiculous DD cream anymore >.<. I ordered some of them out of curiousity, but I know I'll never be back in love with BB, sorry bb~~ Hehe

So that's it for today's, I'll leave you with an edited pic of mine wearing EOS Violet WM255 (I tried the LINE camera apps for android.)

Thanks for reading, 'til next time~ :3

p.s: I'll announce the GIVEAWAY WINNER (argan oil sponsored by real soon! please stay tuned!