Monday, May 6, 2013

CUBOX: Korean Beauty & Lifestyle Box~!

Hey hey darlings! I hope you've been doing well! And so I'm here to make an introduction of CUBOX, which stands for CURATOR BOX. To make it simple, CUBOX is a monthly subscription box containing the best Korean fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products, hand-picked by top Korean celebrity stylists. And yeah, it's not an ordinary beauty box, it's a beauty x fashion and lifestyle BOX! So if you're a beauty box addict I'm super sure you're gonna love this baby box ♥

What's CUBOX?
Cubox is a new cutting-edge concept of online shopping where you can only find Top Curated (hand-picked) Korean Products from our Selective Curators expertise in their respective industry. They carry and curate for Women & Men Fashion|Beauty|Lifestyle filling Today's individual’s need who simply seek for BETTER things in Life. Cubox is based at Korea, but recently they're planning to expand the service to South East Asia countries.

What's so special about CUBOX?
It's no ordinary beauty box, Cubox is rather special, if I may say~ They offer THREE different kind of boxes with TWO different price-range for each of the box, so there's a total of six box/month that you can choose accordingly to your needs and budget.

So they have:
FASHION/BEAUTY box for women: you'll get skincare, make-up, clothing, accessories and such.
STYLE/GROOMING for men: Men do wear simplest make-up! and you'll get a bunch of other masculine product. Would be kind of perfect as a gift, no?
LIFESTYLE/INTERIOR: You'll find products of interior apparels, deco, and anything you'd like to use for your home sweet home ♥ cute isn't it?

Bear in mind that the products you get is not a sample size, you'll get a FULL SIZE product! That's really really special (unlike most of beauty box that only gives you a sample size product)~~ you'll get more benefit with CUBOX.

 a quick look to what you'll get inside a Cubox BOX~

Another thing that I love, and what makes CUBOX special is, EVERY each of the product inside the beauty/fashion/lifestyle box is carefully selected by KOREA'S TOP CELEBRITY STYLIST! I bet you'll open each of the box you get with gratifying and pleasant personal feelings!

So now, let me introduce you who's our lovely CURATORS are ~ They're a pro on their fields, so I'm quite sure they'll choose the best product only for you guys!

Tey're not all, other curators are Seon Ah (professional furniture designer) and Ham Yejin (professional interior designer) for lifestyle/interior box.

DEFINITELY! You have lots of reason to subscribe, let me tell you:
- FREE SHIPPING, this is on the top because international shipping prices are sometimes dead pricey, but worries not :)
- You'll get what you pay, it's worth buying, you won't receive those sample size products, but the full sized one. and lots of them! Plus it's personally picked by Korean top beauty stylist.

Price range:   IDR 540.000 (USD $ 54.00) for standar box & IDR 900.000 (USD $ 90.00) for VIP Box.

- There would be a GIVEAWAY, which I'll post REAL SOON~~ And the prize is *hold your breath* 

A FREE TRIP TO KOREA!!!! (for lucky subscribers!)
 and have a happy  shopping experience with the curators by buying Cubox in May

What could be better? This is one of the craziest and biggest prize you rarely get~!!! Please do stay tuned for my upcoming cubox giveaway post, you're gonna love it! I swear~

For more information about CUBOX, please visit:
CUBOX official site:
CUBOX official facebook page:

So that's all about our Curator Box ♥. I hope you enjoyed the post and I'll be posting the GIVEAWAY pretty soon! (which will help you get a chance to win a FREE TRIP TO KOREA~) Hehehe, stay tuned!

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