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Review: Rojukiss ENCA AC Control BB Cream

Ladies, I'm back with another review of BB Cream from WISHTREND, ENCA AC Control BB Cream. I'm really glad to be able to try this BB Cream because this baby is specially made for troubled and oily skin. Yippie! 

ENCA AC Control BB Cream is a tri-functional cream solving at a time all the agony of whitening,wrinkle care and sun screening which sensitive skin inevitably brings up.

Brand: Rojukiss
Oily, Trouble  skin Type
Volume: 50ml
Made in Korea

Enca Acne Control BB Cream ingredients

Tube type~

Rojukiss ENCA AC Control BB Cream oil test vs CC cream oil test (The Skin Shop)

Swatch: roughly blended.

Swatch: perfectly blended. Under natural light

Enca Acne Control BB Cream, oxidized.

Been using this BB Cream for a month and I'm quite happy with my new BB cream~  It's not too pink or too yellow for me, a neutral color leaning slightly towards pink, and the shade would match NW 20 in MAC chart. The BB cream, however, oxidizes pretty fast and turned out to be slightly too dark for my skin. But that's okay since my face is more tan than my hand, so it's kind of blend well naturally with my natural skin tone. It doesn't cast a scary grayish tone and gives off a matte finish. The texture is thick! as you can see on the pic, it's thick so expect a good coverage~! (Medium to heavy coverage I'd say) but don't expect it to be as good as the actual foundation! You'll still need a separate concealer to conceal acne scars and any other imperfections.

What I like the most about this BB cream is its AWESOME OIL CONTROL properties! Maaaaan, it's super duper awesome, even better than my recent buy CC cream-that claimed to be having a good oil control with porous powder,etc (I'll review the CC cream soon~). The oil-test result on oil film is very very VERY good, just as good as luview aqua essence BB Cream. With the other BB creams and foundations that I have tried, I had to blot and touch up on powder every couple of hours, but with ENCA AC control BB cream, though, I have to blot only once or twice during the entire day. Sometimes, when it's not hot and humid, I don't even have to blot at all. 

One of the problem I have with it is that it tends to emphasizing dry patches on my face,  Another thing, since it dries pretty quick, I find it a little difficult to blend. It tends to look cakey and flaky if not applied nicely. However, if you are able to apply and blend it well, it gives a really flawless effect. I use my fingers on the day when I want to look more natural or use a foundation brush (my current favorite is Estée Lauder foundation brush!) when I want more coverage.

So yeah, if you have a problem with acne and blemishes, or if you simply have an oily skin and want to try new Korean BB cream, I definitely recommend ENCA AC control BB Cream for you :)

What I love:
★ Specially designed for troubled skin.
★ Doesn't aggravate acne.
★ Contains Zinc oxide and sulfur which are good to deliver blemish-free skin.
★ Contains arbutin (whitening properties).
★ AMAZING OIL CONTROL! I'd give 5 out of 5 for this!!!

Not so loves:
It contains talc (eventhough being an AC control product).  Well... actually talc isn't 'that' bad, but it can clog pores for some people.
★ Only one shade available, and this shade is slightly too dark for me.

Coverage: photo rat3.png
Staying power: photo rat4.png
Oil control: photo rat5.png

I'm super sorry because I didn't post up a full face photo wearing Enca AC control bb cream. I've been swamped with BAD-DAY BEAUTY probs! (that's what Bobbi Brown said about the occasional bad day when eyes look puffy, skin appears sallow, breakouts seem OVERLY OBVIOUS! BHAHAHAHA... ) you've got me! forgyff~~ I'll update as soon as I can on my future post ^-^

to check more about ENCA AC control BB cream, click HERE.


That's it! I tried my best to write a review, despite being sick ;^; sore throat + migraine + nasal congestion... count them all and that's what makes my BAD DAY BEAUTY problem become more severe, lolz. kk~ I need to sleep so that would be all for now, thanks for reading and stay tuned for my nexy review of The Skin Shop CC cream

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