Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review: The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit

Brush cleaning kit is essential for me, and I have to say that I'm really really happy when I finally received THE BRUSH GUARD Cleaning Kit from awanawan.com (thank you!♥). Brush cleaning process has become so much easier with this kit, I swear!


In The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit, you'll find:
- Squeaky clean brush shampoo
- Washing cup (greeny mint)
- Drying vase (dark grey)
- Eco blotting cloth
- THE BRUSH GUARD variety pack (5 pcs)

LOL~ I pretty much loving its funny packaging design! Bet u're gonna like it too~♥

Here's the squeaky clean brush shampoo, it has a subtle scent and is free from additional coloring agent. Texture of the liquid is thick. If you check on the ingredients list, it has some funny ingredients like panthenol, which is purposely added to give 'shine' on hairy object, lots of herbal extract, and also tocopherol (Vit E)! Haha! This brush shampoo is very mild, and despite having a sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, it doesn't foam too much, so you may need more than a pea sized amount of it for each cleaning session. I like this shampoo as it cleans and also disinfect my brushes, no more gross ickies on my big brush family, hehe ☻

THE BRUSH GUARD variety pack
Brush guard is also essential for me! This little stretchy thing keeps the brush in its original shape as well as acts as a 'container' for each of the brush. There are many types of brush guard available in the market. This one has a thick webbing fibers and aren't too stretchy. Actually I'd prefer one that is thinner and more elastic, I literally got some of those, need to buy more later though~ My BGs are currently guarding some of my fave natural brushes like one from Shu Uemura dan Bare Essentials.

Make-up brush cleansing instruction :)

The cleansing process!^o^ At first I want to make a demo picture by using some of my favorite brushes, but I got so lazy and initially grabbed on my MAKE UP FOR YOU 24 pcs pink brush set as I really NEED to clean them! Will be reviewing this set later (cuz I got some request), though, this is definitely won't be on my favorite brushes list! LoL~

 sudsing surface of the washing cup

Just pour an ample amount of the liquid shampoo into washing cup, then swirl the already wet brushes on the bottom surface of the washing cup for a while. For bigger brush like foundie brush or other face brush, I usually cleanse them individually (and twice if needed!).

Blot the excess water with a blotting cloth, this blotting cloth is VERY SOFT and absorb really well  too :) Love it! Reshape the brush and let them dry.

Ideally, according to proffesional MUA's tips (read: Lisa Eldridge, Robert Jones, Wayne Goss), the correct way is to lay them flat on top of towel and let them dry naturally.

 But this is what I did lol! Sorry, brushes > . <~

Drying process as written on the instruction card, put a brush guard on and put it on drying vase, bristle down. I didn't try this process though, putting on the brush guard on drying process my be a good idea to keep them in shape, but it will slow down the drying process so I think I'll just lay them (read: favorite brushes) flat over a towel next time.

For more information about THE BRUSH GUARD Cleaning Kit, visit awanawan.com
Tel: 08999477777
BB: 2657436C
E-mail: order@awanawan.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/awanawanshop

By the way, on awanawan.com, you can find lots of ready stock high end product from wide range of brands like CHANEL, Shu Uemura, Guerlain, Bobbi Brown, GA, NARS, MAC, to drugstore brands, and even Japanese brands :) check out their store~

Disclaimer: Review is solely based on my honest opinion. Sponsored by awanawan.com

BRUSH CLEANING TIPS (as also mentioned by Shu Uemura and Bobbi Brown:)
Never dampen the bottom of hair (area that is attached to ferule) as it may damage the brush! Even the most expensive brush will slowly shed if you do this. So if your expensive luxurious brush is shedding, the problem might not be the brush itself, it might be because of the way you cleanse them.

Take a good care of your make-up brushes ladies, as they're one of the most important tool in make-up artistry ^-^
Now, care to share how you cleanse your brushes? and what is your favorite brush shampoo? Have you tried using baby shampoo as a brush cleanser? Give me your opinion ^-^! Thanks for reading and See ya on my next post!♥

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Review: THE FACE SHOP Face it Radiance Concealer Dual Veil

I bought this early in January because I saw it on Jae-ah's blog, she listed it as one of her favorite make-up. Not only that, THE FACE SHOP face it radiance concealer dual veil is also one of the best concealer in Korea, 2012. It's available in two shades, I got mine in NB21, the lightest one (which is way too dark for me, boo!)

 THE FACE SHOP Face it Radiance Concealer Dual Veil
 cover stick concealer & liquid concealer

 description is written in english


More of the packagings:

 stick concealer for fuller coverage

 wand type liquid concealer-gives sheerest coverage

THE FACE SHOP Face it Radiance Concealer Dual Veil swatches

I'm going to make a quick review since I don't really have much time > . < I still have a work to be done.
Well. I just have to say that this concealer doesn't live up to my expectation, though, this isn't as bad, it's just that I had high hopes for this concealer (considering it as a best seller concealer in Korea).
But yeah you'll get what you pay, I paid this for US $11.00.
For reference, my past skin condition is worser than now, angry blemishes shows up almost everywhere on my cheek. For a skin condition that needs extra coverage like mine, wand type liquid concealer is definitely not enough. So I thought I could pull off extra coverage by wearing the stick one. but sadly (though it's still much much better than the body shop tea tree concealer), this is just a so-so stick concealer for me.

Liquid concealer (wand): gives off sheerest coverage, has a semi-thick consistency but kind of 'runny' as it glides along which makes it kinda difficult to work. I used the wand to only pick-up the liquid, and start to work on spots using small concealer brushes. The coverage isn't that buildable, the only thing it does is reducing the appearance of dark spots/blemishes a little, not hides them (as of course). This liquid concealer is lacking of pigment, which forced me to use more product, and that's bad, using too much liquidy product could lead to cakey-ness (LOL is that even a word?). Staying powder is literally bad, like only for a couple of hours. Those with minor imperfection might loves this because it offers a natural coverage. I'd still use this one on low maintenance day-look.

Stick concealer: supposed to give fuller coverage. Well, this one does give a fuller coverage, but not the fullest. I dislike the shape of the stick, it's huge and bulky. It's even larger than Lioele Jumbo stick concealer, ewww...making the application much more difficult. The color is a bit darker than the liquid one, and both of them is TOO DARK for me :(, making every zits and blemishes on my face became more visible. Also, this is kinda dry, so it will sit and stays on your dry patches, accentuating them (esp. on acne and zits) It won't cover them! Other thing that I hate is the blotchy result. Also, even over a good primer, it has zero staying power, zero pigment, like when you kind of swipe it a little, it will be gone.
I won't be using it anymore on my fez. Lately I even start to use it as a lip concealer (since it's too dark anyway, LOL) it's better for that purpose.

NB21 which is the lightest shade available is way way too dark for and too orangey for me ;^; 
Also, it's really hard to work with this concealer, like you'll need lots of extra time just to conceal everything. That won't happen if I were to use one from BOBBI BROWN (as of course LOL) or even the cheaper version, LIOELE Photogenic mix concealer.

all in all this is just a so-so concealer for me, still better than those drugstore concealer though (compared to Revlon/Maybelline this one is slightly better). But as for concealer, I'd better pay MORE to gain MORE. Cuz concealer plays an important role in my make-up routine.

Some of concealer that works REALLY WELL on me:

 BOBBI BROWN creamy concealer kit

 LIOELE Photogenic Mix Concealer

Yes I love creamy concealer so much! would be extremely difficult for me to go without these~♥

LOL! It seems that I wrote quite a long review in the end, Hahaha... Well then, have a nice weekend ladies! Take care and be pretty as always ^o^

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Event Report: Lioele Beauty Class

So here's what I did while being MIA for weeks~

Lioele beauty class in Jakarta (July 13, 2013)
As you've known, I worked together with LIOELE to host a beauty class ^-^
Selca and rakugaki, arrived in Jakarta much earlier than expected. So I have to wait like 3 hours before the event starts. Got some free time to fool around, lol. and I was being super drowsy cuz I didn't get a sleep the night before. boo....!

 dozed off~

Here's our room. (Pavillion Apartment Club House)

 Preparation :)

 Lioele vanity box ~

Skincare section

photo taken by : Mba empong from Lioele ♥
Here's Christin! My bestie!!! GAWWWD! Actually I was super excited that day because finally I got a time to meet her! We haven't met for many many years ;^; nuuu...

With participants :)
Volunteer models, they're soooo pretty and have a nice feature. Thanks for being a model :)

Next, Make-up and skincare interactive class in Bandung on June 20, 2013
Rented a room at GALERI Ciumbuleuit Hotel & Apartment.

 R. Magnolia
 First session, so many ppls > . <

 Lioele Make-up products for sale ♥

Personally, I've fallen in love with some of Lioele products and I know I WILL soon make a huge order, Nyehehe... here's the list for you:
♥ Lioele under eye dark circle concealer (better than my old skinfood salmon darkcircle concealer, it doesn't sit on fine lines.)
♥ Lioele Blooming pearl base ( I already have two minisize tube, but I'll get the fullsize one soon)
♥ Lioele SECRET PORE RICH BALM ( Goodness gracious, this is a MUST HAVE! Makes my fine lines become less-less visible, resulting a velvety skin finish. I own the small 5ml jar and I will also get myself a fullsize one!!! I Swear!)
♥ Lioele Mix concealer (Tried it briefly while waiting~♥*  Finally a korean concealer that match my skin tone! yeaay! TFS NB21 is too dark for me :( )
♥ Lioele POP TINT in orange shade. (a perfect dupe for Benefit CHA CHA TINT)

 Had dinner together with Lioele staff & Ester ^o^

 full moon
 city at night

Just a random pic from my instagram, Lolz. went to Takigawa with a friend today. The fullmoon was so BEAUTIFUL that I had to take a pic with byul my cellphone, hehe...

Starting tomorrow, I will slowly working on new reviews (still got jobs to be done). Hmmm, I think next week I'll also make a haul post♥ Yohoohoo~ told ya I can't stop buying online :(( But issokai, though, I need to totally revamp my traincase (I even bought a new one, it's bigger.)

See you then!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Review: SECRET KEY SNAIL+EGF Repairing Gel Cream

Yo girls, I'm back with another skincare review :) Well, actually I feel reluctant to make a review of Sectret Key SNAIL + EGF repairing gel cream because I even stopped using it (switched back to my second jar of MIZON snail repair cream). But I got lots of request from lovelies from facebook group, so yeah... here goes:

 SECRET KEY SNAIL+EGF Repairing Gel Cream

 double lid jar

 SECRET KEY SNAIL+EGF Repairing Gel Cream

Volume : 50g

Main Contents

Snail extract, EGF, Witch hazel extract, Aloe Vera leaf extract, B-Glucan, Lemon extract

Product Description
Moisture cooling effect UP and oiliness DOWN.
Natural preservatives used.
Prevents skin from drying and keeps moisture for long hours.
Gel cream that improves troubled skin

About the product:
Just another SNAIL repairing cream that's being hyped up lately. Everybody's talking about Secret Key right after I made my first purchase and I initially thought  my skin will like this gel cream, cuz it's oil-free and contain snail mucus. Another ingredients that I like is BETA GLUCAN, I've been using skincare products with Beta Glucan as the main ingredients for more than 5 years already and I like it. (fyi, Mizon snail cream also has B-Glucan in it). And about EGF, EGF stands for Epidermal Growth Factor. Basically, this EGF is a growth factor that stimulates cell growth, and this EGF also stimulating our Stem Cell to grow even more and replace others broken cell or tissue on our skins.

Read my favorite STEMCELLO EGF Vitamin C serum HERE.

First off, I had high hopes for this gel cream, really :( but all in all this is just a so-so product for me, though I've read so many good review about this cream out there. Sadly my skin doesn't seem to like it. It doesn't give significant result like MIZON all in one snail repair cream did. And to be frank, it doesn't give any result at all. I purchased this cream early in January and I stopped using it after two months.

Sounds like I really hate this product, eh? lmao. actually no, the fact is, I've tried another snail cream that works in a MUCH BETTER WAY than this (you know what product I rave about, yes it's mizon!^-^). The first thing I hate about SECRET KEY repairing gel cream is the SMELL! Yuck! It's so perfumey. I immediately smell its annoying strong floralish scent on a moment I open the inner lid. and I was like " ewwww.... I don't need parfume in my skincare product!"

Second, and just like I've said, I didn't see any result. But I can't really blame this poor gel cream all over because, you know, my skin was in its worst condition back in January. Lots of blemishes, scars, and pigmentation. Urghhh. (though, my skin has improved quite a bit now).

On the brighter side~~~ well, I do have few things that I like from SECRET KEY SNAIL+EGF Repairing Gel Cream. lesse... I LOVE its gel consistency! It's oil-free and doesn't leave any sticky feeling on my skin. It moisturizes quite well and I find that my skin has become less oilier too.

I've read somewhere on naver that this could also be used as a sleeping mask due to its gel consistency. I've never tried that before but I think it will do the job better that way, perhaps? But heck I won't stand the flowery smell it haz >.< so I definitely won't try it.

About the packaging, I don't mind jarred skincare products, I actually like it. I can use up all the product til the last drop, yay! I always disinfect my fingers thoroughly before I dare to touch my face. If you hate to dip your fingers in, just buy a spatula because it doesn't come together with the spatula.

Anyhow, though I said that this gel cream doesn't work on my acne-prone skin. Surprisingly, a friend of mine told me that this gel works nicely and improved her troubled skin a lot! Good to hear that~

Remember that result can be different from person to person, and this review is based on my personal experience.

Will I repurchase? Definitely no. I will stick to MIZON snail cream for the time being :)


Hope you find these reviews helpful, and see you next post! Au Revoir! ♥ .